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Thread: Preemie List

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    in love with my boys!!


    Preemie's Name: Andrew Robert
    Due Date: Feb 2,207
    Actual Birthday: December 30,2006
    Born At What Gestation: 35 weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: High bllod pressure and Pre-E
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: Breathing, not wating, temp
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 5 days
    How Are They Doing Now? Just came home but doing great!

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    Preemie's Name: Noah Maximo
    Due Date: First u/s dec 25, second Jan 3
    Actual Birthday: Dec 13th
    Born At What Gestation: 37 wks
    Reason For Premature Birth: Leaking ambiotic fluid, baby's heart rate dropped, i had high blood pressure and by 2nd u/s he stopped growing at 34 wks.
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: Jaundice
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: n/a
    How Are They Doing Now? He's growing very slowly. But his health is fantastic, and we just love him up to bitsis!

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    Mommy to echidna baby Lyssa (Jan 14 2007, 34w) and welcoming tiny Abigail (May 3 2009, 29w)!
    Missing angels Andrew, Hannah, Emilie and Josette.

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    Preemie's Name: McKenna Grace
    Due Date: 03/02/07
    Actual Birthday: 01/22/07
    Born At What Gestation: 34w3d 4lbs. 11oz
    Reason For Premature Birth: Profuse bleeding due to Placenta Previa - scheduled c-section for 3 weeks later
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Endured: Normal preemie things she needed to overcome: Immature lungs so she was intubated overnight and then on CPAP for a few days followed by oxygen, feeding, under the bililights for a day or two for jaundice; other than that, nothing out of the ordinary for being early (thank goodness!)
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 12 days
    How Are They Doing Now? Wonderful! She is up almost two lbs. as of last appointment and we all adjusted well to being home.

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    home you????


    Preemie's Name: Crystal Anne Elisabeth
    Due Date: April 26th 2007
    Actual Birthday: March 6th 2007
    Born At What Gestation: 32 weeks (fertility doctor says Ovulation tests, biospys are more accurate the U/S)
    Reason For Premature Birth: Toxemia/Hellp, my pressure was over 200/100
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: maintaining body temp, reflux, jandice, transfusions, sepsis,
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: stepdown unit, total stays lasted about 2.5wks
    How Are They Doing Now? only 2weeks old so still getting thru it all
    Last edited by ~~*Missi*~~; 03-31-2008 at 03:00 PM. Reason: new information from seeing medical doctor
    Crystal 32wk 3d 3-6-2007

    VOTE VOTE VOTE (please)
    Cash for Time? Its worked for me

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    Preemie's Name:Gabriel James
    Due Date:12-15-05
    Actual Birthday:09-29-05
    Born At What Gestation:29weeks
    Reason For Premature Birthrom;placenta abrubtion;maternal fever
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured:lung disese, a and b's just regular preemie things..very healthy 29 weeker 3'5
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU:i 6 or 7 weeks
    How Are They Doing Now?he passed away due to sids or rsv...they really didn't know..he came home and passed away april 8th of 2006 he will always be missed my angel baby.


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    Preemie's Name: Joshua Jayce
    Due Date: Jan. 2, 2005
    Actual Birthday: Nov. 8, 2004
    Born At What Gestation: 32 weeks on the dot
    Reason For Premature Birth: i had polyhydramnios, other than that, it was spontaneous
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: grade 3 ivh, asd, pda, jaundice, feeding difficulties, respiratory distress, congenital sepsis, they said he had a mild case of hydrocephalus and has tissue that is too thin in the middle and back of his brain..they thought he had cerebal palsy..still havent found out about that
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 1 month to the day
    How Are They Doing Now? his pda closed up..he still is on lasix every day and has to have open heart surgery some time this year for his asd, was in physical therapy for 15 months, and is still followed by in speech therapy and working on saying a lot! he is very smart, just a little slower. he weighs 45 pounds and is over 3 feet tall! his nickname is porkchop!
    Nyka, mommy of:

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    Preemie's Name: Jack Lewis
    Due Date: 6/1/2007
    Actual Birthday: 5/4/2007
    Born At What Gestation: 36 weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: I had pre-e and my water broke early.
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: His lungs were premature and had to be on a CPAP machine and oxygen hood.
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 3 days
    How Are They Doing Now? He is home and doing great!

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    Preemie's Name: Olivia
    Due Date: April 5, 2007
    Actual Birthday: Jan 3, 2007
    Born At What Gestation: 26 weeks, 5 days
    Reason For Premature Birth: absolutely no idea why - had a perfect pregnancy up until 5 days before she was born, had Braxton Hicks - like contractions, started on Brethine, sent home (no cervical changes), 4 days later started having cramp like contractions & bloody show; exam revealed that my amntiotic sack was hourglassing - half in uterus & half in birth canal, ultrasound showed I was 3 cm dilated & cord was prolapsed which resulted in emergency C-section 10 minutes later
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: Only major complication was PDA ligation - surgery to fix PDA; was on ventilator 2 weeks then CPAP for several weeks before switch to nasal cannula, had PICC line for IV nutrition for a few weeks the NG/OG feeds for several weeks, had a few blood transfusions, ROP stage 2 - all in all not bad for a baby born her age!!
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 92 days, was discharged on her due date!
    How Are They Doing Now? Good so far - been home for 6 weeks. Her cardiologist has signed off so all is well since her heart surgery, her ROP has cleared so we don't see eye doc for another year. Came home w/o oxygen or any monitors. She is on meds for reflux & thicked BM for aspiration. Hoping that the aspiration resolves soon so we can try to BF again! She's doing everything a baby of her adjusted age should be doing!!

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    Preemie's Name: Dora Riley
    Due Date: December 7, 2006 (though this turned out to be off by a week)
    Actual Birthday: November 14, 2006
    Born At What Gestation: 36 weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: Pre-E
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: None
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: N/A
    How Are They Doing Now? She's alittle behind the rest of the babies in her group. But physically very healthy, thank you Lord.

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