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    I was 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. My OB said that they baby looked small and scheduled a non stress test for the following week. I had it done on a Monday 36 weeks. He sent me to a bigger high trauma hospital for a level II ultrasound for upcoming Wednesday. I had my ultrasound at 9 am. I was told they had to get the baby out asap. He was severely growth restricted and his cord blood flow was barely keeping him alive. 9 out of 10 babies with the same cord issue are stillborn. They were afraid he wouldn't make it through a vaginal birth(my prevoius children were both vaginal) So I was sent to have an emergancy c section. At 2:13pm Mason Ryan was born, weighing 2lbs 7ozs, 15 1/4 inches long. His apgars were 9 and 9. He never even required O2. Mason spent 6 weeks 1 day in the NICU. Requiring treatment for Jaundice, hypoglycemia, ROP, PDA and reflux. When he was released he weighed 4lbs 9ozs. His ongoing issues include reflux and slow weight gain. He is 16lbs8ozs at 14 months.
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    I had a very routine pregnancy. Everything was going perfectly and nothing was out of the ordinary. Of course that was until the 33rd week...

    On Sunday, I started getting a cold. It had been a stressful few days because my aunt had died and it was my anniversary and we went away for the weekend. So between the trip, the wake, and the funeral, I just figured it was wearing me out. As the week past, I kept getting sicker and sicker. I wasn't eating much. I couldn't sleep at all because I had pulled my shoulders and my ribs with all of my coughing. I was in so much pain. I would take baths at 2 am in the jet tub we have. On thursday I started getting a low fever (100 ish) and called my OB. I had a regular appointment Friday morning, so she said to keep checking it and take some tylenol to bring it down. Friday morning I went to the appointment and was still feeling horrible. I had protein in my urine and he thought it might be toxiemia, but my blood pressure was normal (I have low bp). He sent me for blood work and said he would call to check on me that afternoon. I went home and tried to rest. When my dh came home, he took one look at me and was very concerned. He took my temp and it had jumped to 102.5. He called the ob and they said to come in to the hospital.

    We packed a bag just in case I had to stay overnight. I figured I was dehydrated and they would give me some fluids. We check in to the hospital at 5:30pm. They take my temp and it is up over 103 at this point. They hook me up to the fetal monitor and all of a sudden there are 5 people in my little curtained area. Molly's heartrate was very low. In a very scary flurry, they called a "code white" and packed me up and took me upstairs to the OR prep area. They did and ultrasound to check on her and she was breech still. Then her heartrate stabilized and they decided to try to stabilize us both and not deliver her.

    They moved me to a labor and delivery room. I was hooked up to oxygen and all types of monitors. By now, they had determined that I had pnemonia. My fever was still high (no idea what... I was very out of it at this point) so they started packing me in ice and cooling blankets to try and bring it down. All the while her heartrate would drop, then stabilize, then drop again. They thought she was squeezing her umbilical cord. Then something happened and there were 10 people in my room all of a sudden. Then we stabilized again and everyone left.

    I couldn't get up because of all the monitors and oxygen so they put in a catheter. About 5 minutes after that, I feel a huge pop and a gush of fluid. My water had broken. Then all hell broke loose. They called a second "code white." All the while dh had been by my side. They wheeled me off to the OR and said that dh might not be able to come in. I was all of a sudden alone under bright lights and orders were being barked at me to move to another table. I know they were very concerned (they later told dh they almost lost her), but I was terrified. I love my ob... it was the first time I had met him that morning because he was usually in another office in the practice I was using... but while I was on my side as they put the spinal block in, he came up to my head and told me it was going to be all right. That made a huge difference in my attitude. Thankfully, since the spinal worked, dh was allowed to come in.

    At 8:29pm Molly was born, 4lbs 14oz and 18 inches. I started to cry as when I heard her cry. I only saw her for a second as they whisked her up to the NICU. I went to the recover room for 2 hours. Amazingly, my temperature dropped to normal (it came back up overnight though). After the 2 hours, they wheeled my entire bed up to the NICU and let me see her for about 5 seconds. She was hooked up to all sorts of wires, IV, and a c-pap.

    After that I was not allowed to see her for 24 hours so that my antibiotics could kick in. I was in the hospital for 5 days. She was there for 2 weeks to be able to kick her pnemonia, jaundice, and bradicardia episodes. It was very stressful for both dh and I to have her there and we left more than once crying on our way to the parking lot. Thankfully all of the nurses were so helpful. As scary as it all was. I know how lucky we were. I felt for all the other NICU parents that were still there after we had left.

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    It was December 13th and I was having a good day. I was 33-1/2 weeks along. I had been on bedrest and partial bedrest for 4 weeks. I had went to the dr. that morning and I was 3cm dilated and 75% effaced. I came home and took a nap and all was fine. My parents which were there taking care of my other two children that day decided to go ahead and head home. My husband was 10min away. In that 10 min. everything feel apart!

    I had just went to the bathroom and came and sat down in the living room and felt alittle liquid. I got up and went back to the bathroom thinking maybe my water had broke. Didn't notice anything so went back and sat down again. Same thing happened. I got up and went back in my bathroom and noticed I had started spotting. I stood up and had my first contration at 6:15pm and it was one that brought me to my knees. I quickly called my hubby to see if he was close. I was having contractions 5 min. apart and they were really intence from the beginning. At 6:45 I was sure it was time and hubby called his sister to come stay with our other two boys. While waiting for here to get there they got stronger and 4 min. apart. Hubby kept picking me up off the floor and trying to get me to the van between contractions. His sister got her at 7:10pm. we meet her in the drive way and rushed to the hospital. They were 2-3 min apart on the way and I was really in pain and uncomfortable. I told hubby we waited to long! Not a good feeling.

    Got to the hospital at 7:30pm and they rushed me to the triage area. THe nurse and hubby put my gown on I coun't move. SHe checked me and I was 4cm dilated and 100% effaced. When I got up on the bed my water broke completely. I ask about an epidural and they said it would take about an hour. My contractions were one on top the other and they quickly moved me to a birthing room at 8:10pm. She had just got me on the other bed and was trying to do my IV and I said I need to be ckecked NOW. She put one piece of tape on my IV and ckecked me I was at 8cm and baby +1 station. I knew right then and there I wasn't getting epidural! THe dr had just walked in and they told her I was 8cm. She started to walk out of the room and I started yelling he is coming! He is coming !! They said don't push and I said I'M NOT..HE IS COMING!! the dr walked in just in time to catch him on the way out.

    I delivered our baby boy at 8:21pm. He had good color and was crying loudly. They put an oxygen mask on him for little while. HE weighed in at 5lbs 3oz and 191/2 in long. He was born at 331/2 week along. We did get to quickly hold him before they took him away to the icu. After an hour or so they took us to see him. He looked soo little and was hooked up to so any wires. Big brother got to come see him for a min. that night and thought he was pretty neat.

    He is now 3weeks old. He had to spend 9 days in the ICN. He is doing good and gaining alittle every day. He now weighs 5lbs, 9oz. We decided we should have named him flash for his middle name after how fast he came
    Wifey to Kyle for 13years, Mommy to Jeremiah 9 years, Jonas 5 years and Malachi 2.5yrs.

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    I had a very exciting pregnancy, but very boring delivery . I went on bedrest at 15 weeks when I started spotting. I had a 3-D u/s that showed a blood clot that had developed behind my placenta. It had caused part of the placenta to partially detatch. Dr gave me 50/50 chance of Zoey surviving. I struggled with PTL. I was on heavy meds because contractions were very dangerous for us. Spent plenty of time in the hospital. Finally, at 38 weeks my OB decided the risks of being pregnant outweighed the benefits. Zoey appeared to be taking practice breaths on u/s and we didn't want to risk cramping and contrax with an aminio. So, I went in April 1st and had a very routine c-section. She came out screaming, her APGAR was a 9. As soon as the nurse handed her down to me though she started "foaming" at the mouth and struggling to breath. She was rushed to the NICU. From there on out it was a struggle until the day we brought her home it seemed like. Her second Apgar was a 3.
    She's very healthy now, she's little, but healthy!
    wife to Jesse, July 2000
    mama to Jon David and Zoey

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    Hi my name is Michelle and I just noticed this board today and was happy to see it! birth stories could take a long time to type out so I will just give a little for each baby. My first was Cole he was born June 14 1998 but wasn't supposed to be here til August 30 he weighed 2 pounds 9 ounces. He was a 29 weeker and stayed in the hospital the full 11 weeks. I had him because of pre-e via emergency c-section. Second was my daughter Hailey she was also born a 29 weeks via emergency c-section complications with pre-e again! She is my biggest preemie weighing 2 pounds 9 ounces at birth. She was born March 22 2004 actual due date was June 8 2004 she got out on Mother's day that year it was so sweet the nurses at the special care nursery made her walking papers with little baby "footprints" they were really sweet. Best mother's day ever! My third and last baby is Sarah she was my littlest baby. Again with the pre-e!! I was 27 weeks and was thinking that I was going to hold this one til at least 29, but unfortunatly that wasn't in the cards! I was getting sicker very fast, and was on bedrest in the hospital at the time getting my weekly ultrasound when they decided that it was time to have her. I was in such shock..I didn't know what to do....all I could say was lets wait another 2 weeks I know she will be fine once she is 29 weeks. They took me back upstairs to the delivery floor and proceeded with poking me with iv's and undressing me, asking me lots of questions. Finally letting me have a phone so I could call dh, he had to set things up with my sil to go and pick up our son from school and watch my other daugther. I then called up my mil who happens to work at the hospital I was in, and cried over the phone to her that they wanted to the baby now. Lucky for me she was able to leave and come down and be with me, so I wasn't alone. My doctor arrived (they had to page her she wasn't working) and they proceeded to get me ready for another emergency c-section. (I was really nervous over this one because the last c-section I had only half of me froze and they had to put me out for the surgery) They took me into the operating room and I was asking if my dh Steve had gotten here yet, and my doctor said that she was very sorry but no and they had to start the section right away, but if I wanted that my mil could come in so I wouldn't be alone. I agreed and she came in and held my hand, at one point I was incredibly sick and wanted to throw up they told me to turn my head towards my mil that she had a tray to catch it but there was no way that I was ever going to throw up at her!! Slowly my nausia dissapated and they continued to cut. They had put a central line into my artery in my wrist to get a more acurate reading on my b/p at one point it was 170 something over 120 something I said that can't be right, the doctor said that yes it was. My daughter Sarah came into the world with a little squeek, she was so very tiny they rushed her over to the warmer and did whatever they were doing to her, as soon as the placenta was taken out my b/p dropped and I felt really dizzy. My ob then proceeded to tie my tubes saying that she probably couldn't take me ever getting pregnant again! She delivered all three of my babies. Sarah was born December 8 2004, actual due date was March 8 2005. She weighed 1 pound 9 ounces. All of my kids are doing great! Cole is turning 8 in June, Hailey will be 3 in March and Sarah just turned 1 one Dec 8! They are beautiful healthy and strong! I love my babies!

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    I am new to this board. My due date is Feb. 28th. Rebekah Anne was born Jan. 26th (5 weeks early). Her coming early was not too much of a surprise.
    I had a hard pregnancy. I had a severe case of hypertesis. I spent alot of time heaving into the toilet and going into the hospital for IV's. I would throw up for hours straight, eventually bringing up nothing but blood and vile. At about 28 weeks my condition worsened. I was taking zofran and still nothing was working. I was beginning to swell and my body was becoming weak due to lack of nutrition and dyhdration. I was stubborn and was still trying to work. My coworkers were use to me running to the bathroom to puke several times a day and trying to keep anything down.
    I was at work when I had my 1st "episode". I started feeling sick only this time it was worse. I passed out. I don't remember what happened but I did wake up in the back of an ambulance covered in puke. It turned out even the EMS had a difficult time waking me up.
    I was taken to the closest hospital where I kept passing out and what they thought were mini siezers. They belived I had toxemia but none of my blood work or labs nor my blood pressure revealed it. In fact I didn't even have protein in my pee. I did start having contractions, which they stopped with and IV of Magnesium. I was kept there for 5 days, where they stabalized me, rehydrated me and perscribed round the clock meds to calm the vomiting. I was sent home.
    At home, I was fine for about 3 days. Then I started getting sick again and weak. I was still on the drugs but they were not helping. I was crawling to the bathroom and vomiting often. I had another episode and this time I cracked my head on the sick in the bathroom on my way down. I was remitted to the hospital- sick, dizzy, and with a concusion.
    They performed an amino to check the maturity of the lungs. It came back good. I then was induced. I spent 2 days in labor without any change when it was decided that I needed a C section.
    Rebekah is home now but I have to stay on top of things. I have to wake her to feed her every 2 hours, and have had to keep her on the Biliruban Blanket. She never crys and isn't able to suck very well. She is beautiful but she is alot of work. Much more than with my son. In fact it time for a feeding. I hope she drinks alot as she must gain 7 oz this week or she will have to start tube feeding. If I ever have time I will include some pictures. Thanks for letting me tell her story.

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    Default Y SON rILEY BORN FEB-14TH AT 33 WKS

    This story begins on a darker note. It all started at 30 weeks after haveing 2 previous clear pap-smears and never any bacterial problems in my life, I found out I had bacteria vaginosis. My doc told me I would be fine and so would the baby, she gave me metrogel and told me eveything would clear up. Well unfortunately I ended up getting rid of the BV and getting a yeast infection......

    Well, Saturday morning I awake and got something to eat. I was walking when all the sudden I had a small gush of fluid come out. It was like my old discharge, but more watery and clear. I thought nothing of it, even though I had a whole bunch of gushing that day. I finally told my husband and he requested I go to the hospital. I thought it was nothing and not wanting to seem like a ninny I just went to work instead. Things just got worst, by the time I was about to leave work, my pants were wet and I filled 2 pads. I was worried to peices. I remember driving home and feeling him move inside me thinking , "Gosh it hurts when he moves!" I knew something was wrong. I said nothing to my husband and started to get ready to go to the hospital, finally he asked where I was going and I told him the hospital. He got angry because I was gonna leave with out him. I just felt stupid.... Well when we got there I started to contract and feel really bad, I went up to the nurse and said "I think I am going to have my baby!" (Must I add Saint Vincent is a WONDERFUL PLACE TO HAVE A BABY AND RECOVER IN!!!!) She wasted no time bringing me up to the room and getting me checked in. They hooked me up to a fetal doppler
    and a contraction machine. I was having strong contractions every five minutes. They gave me an ultrasound and saw that I had no amnotic fluid left. I got to see my guy moving in there and I felt better. Well they put me on absolute bed rest untill my baby was born, I wasnt even to leave the hospital untill he was born. They stopped my contractions and gave me lots of antibiotics. I was woke up every hour , on the hour so they could take blood, do my blood pressure, find my babys heartbeat and take my temp. I couldnt lay on my sides because the fetal doppler would lose his pulse and the nurse would come in and find it, waking me up... Needless to say I was sooo tired in cramped up for the next 3 days.
    Tuesday morning I woke up miserable, I didnt want to eat or sleep and could not get comfortable, my whole body was burning up. They took my temp and it spiked to 101.5 and my blood pressure was low 126 over 45 , my babys heartbeat increased also. So my doc ordered a ultrasound, it wasnt that great, my baby would not move at all and that very unusual for him. To come to think of it he stopped moving all together. A blood test confirmed the worst, I was starting to become infected, my white blood cells were up to 20. My doc came in and told me I would need to get the baby out in order to make sure he didnt get infected, I would have to do it very soon. So I told him give me a c-section. So I called my husband home from college. I was SOOO scared, they led me back around 5:30 gave me an epidoral (wasnt as bad as I thought) my husband came, and at 5:52 pm , he watched his son come in to the world. The little guy came in to the world screaming! He weighted 5 pounds 2 ounces and was 16 1/2 inches long at 33 weeks!
    After another 3 long days of no sleep, blood tests,and constant supervision, I am home and very happy to be a mom. Even thought I feel guilty my little guy didnt get his 9 months and I didnt go to the hospital right away. It killed me to leave him today. I been crying all day long...I know I am silly, I should be so happy , but I feel like its all my fault....errggh I wish I dint feel like crap......I wish I could talk to someone who has been through this.. I wish I didnt feel so guilty Sorry to be so weepy.. Thanks for reading.....
    Stef~Wife for 7.5 yr,Mom to 4 angels &
    Riley 6, Ryan 5, Adam 3.5 & Julia 2 !

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    On the morning of May 19th at 9:20 am we went to the OB's office for our 8th OB appointment. During the exam by the doctor's nurse took my blood pressure and then had another nurse double check my results. It turned out that my blood pressure was 160/106. Which is a very high level and could lead to seizures and even a stroke. My blood pressure was even triple checked by a machine that they were doing a trial on at the time.

    It turned out that I had pre-eclampsia which is high blood pressure caused by being pregnant. We had suspected that this might be the case because my feet, calves and face had swollen up to almost twice their normal size. This swelling is a symptom of pre-eclampsia. The doctor made a decision right then to send me to the hospital and start me on pitocin to induce me and start labor.

    Fortunately we had already packed our bags and everything that the baby needed in the car. Unfortunately the doctor wanted the 24 hour urine sample that he had me start the previous day, which was still at our house. So DH dropped me off at the hospital and then he drove like a mad man back to our house to pick up the urine sample and also meet my parents at the house. My parents had been coming up that day to help us finish the nursery, specifically putting up the border and hanging the curtains.

    They then raced back to the hospital where I had been admitted to the Labor and Delivery ward. I had just been started on a drip of pitocin through my I.V. I had been at the hospital for about an hour when my parents and DH arrived at about 11:00 am.

    We then waited for the doctor to come and check up on me again, he arrived about 12:30 p.m. and decided to put me on Magnesium-Sulfate to lower my blood pressure as it was still dangerously high. This drug also has the effect of slowing the labor so we were looking at a long night. He also broke my water at this point to make the labor go a little bit faster. I was only dilated a fingertip. My parents had left to get something for lunch and to find something to read while they were waiting. What they decided to do was to go back to our house and put up the border and hang the curtains so that baby Rheya could have a beautiful nursery when she got home.

    At about 2pm they gave me a shot of a drug called Stadol to help with the pain and to help me relax. It made me feel drunk. After the stadol wore off in a couple of hours I got her epidural. I was 4 cm dilated and 100 percent effaced at this point. At about 9pm the doctor came back to check on me and said that I was 100 percent effaced and was dilated to 7 cm and at +1 station. I started to have the urge to push and by about 9:40 pm the doctor and the nurses had everything set up and I ready to go. After only 8 minutes of pushing, Rheya was born at 9:48 pm. She was 6 lbs 6 ozs and 19.5 inches long.

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    I started back labor at 2AM 10/15/06, I was already in the hospital on complete bedrest because my membranes had ruptured again - we had an episode at 18 weeks that we had recovered from. This time it was both of the sacks. It started as I just couldn't get comfortable and was flopping around on the bed. I slept for an hour then got up to go potty, as I had been having bleeding episodes, I was not surprised when I saw blood. I went back to sleep for another hour with the same issue, I just could not get comfy, as my back hurt, again when I woke up I had to go to the bathroom. By 5:30AM, I had gone to the bathroon 4 times in 2 hours. So I called the nurse in and told her that I was having pain in my lower back. Well they put me on the contration monitor (which by the way does not pick up back labor - someone needs to invent that), and watched me. The OB came in at about 7AM, I told him the same thing that I was having lower back pain, he looked at the monitor and told me that everything looked OK and we will keep watch. Okey Dokey Doc.

    At 8:15AM, I called my DH and told him to get here that I think I was in labor and that I needed him because I was scared. I called my sister and was crying on the phone with her because I could not find a position that would ease the pain. I was walking back and forth across the room at this point. Everytime a contraction hit, I would grab something and hold it so hard it would shake. The shift nurse came in to check on me took one look at my face and said ok, we have to put you back on the monitor and have you lay down, but we will also give you a pain marker. Well it turns out my pain was 7 minutes apart. By 9:25AM, the pain was 4-6 minutes apart, so low and behold, gee I must be in labor, lets call the Dr. I call back my sister, because DH is already on the way (the hospital is 40 minutes from the house with out traffic) and told her I was in labor, to call DH and let him know that I was going to be moved. I hung up with her and then THE CONTRACTION hit, I felt the baby move down at that point, the legs were up and I was ready to push. The nursing assistant heard me "verbalizing" in the room, got the nurse and the Dr, was right behind her. Well then it all broke loose then, I was a Crash C-section wating to happen, call NICU, Call the Neonatoligist, get the OR ready, we are on our way - OK BUT I'm READY TO PUSH!! As we are running out of the room - my DH is running in - let me tell you, going over speed bumps in the middle of a contraction in your back and the baby is ready to come.... NOT GOOD.

    We hit the OR at 9:55 AM and Joseph was born at 10:00 AM, Naturally - no drugs AT ALL, no chance to even pretend that I knew any kind of breathing - lamaze or hyperventilating. DH was still getting into scrubs while DS1 was coming into the world feet first. Joseph weighed in at 2lbs 12oz 15 inches long, with a cry that I heard over the chaos of the room. So I get to see him and hold him for about a second before he is rushed off to NICU, DH went with him (that was preplanned).

    Now for baby 2. The Dr. was up to his elbow trying to get the baby to turn. Seems as DS2 wanted to somersault into the world, but got stuck, he was presenting his right foot and leg, and just did not want to turn around, no matter how hard they tried - and I have the bruises to prove how hard they tried, so it was emergency C-Section time. I have to say that a spinal anesthetic - works great, but is a totally bizzare feeling. DH was back outside at this point, trying to get in, but there just wasn't enough time. The Dr. scrubbed up, I was numbed up and then I was cut up. So they fished Aaron out of the birth canal then pulled him up out of me at 10:28AM. He weighed in at 3lbs 5oz 16 inches long. I heard the cry and finally relaxed. They took Aaron over to NICU and DH again went with them, then it was time to stich me up.

    DH was finally allowed into the room as they were sewing and I got all the stats and the basic idea as to what was going on with the babies. The Dr and my DH then proceed to have a conversation about the 2008 election and who might win!!! - this is something that had gone on during my whole pregnancy. DH is a PolySci professor and the OB was intrigued by that. At our first visit the Dr said, give me 5 minutes with your husband and you will have me for 9 months. As the conversation continued I said -Not for nothing, but it really is all about me right now!! The OR was cracking up! I think they slipped me some good drugs while I wasn't looking. After all was said and done I asked Dr. B if I could wear a bikini again - he said sure why not - I was like well I never could before - again - I think it was the drugs.

    Recovery was great - I shook for a while - the anestetic side affect, but basically I was just like, let me see my babies!!

    Both boys are doing well. They are living at the NICU for the time being while waiting to chub up and mature (they will be there at least 5 weeks). They are off their ventilators and are taking oxygen at room level. They are also being fed every 3 hours. Luckily I am able to pump what is needed at the moment - as the nurses tell me - it's liquid gold.

    So now we are trying to prepare the nursey and make sure we get some good cuddle time with them at the hospital. I highly recommend "kagaroo care" as it allows for skin to skin contact with the baby.

    I am doing well recovering from both deliveries and trying to manage the emotions that come with leaving your baby every day. There have been alot of tears, but DH is being excellent as well as all the other family and friends.

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    On Wednesday July 26th, 2006 around 6pm that evening I started having cramps in my lower abdomen and was having a funny thick discharge. I wasn’t hurting to bad so I waited till about 9:30 to go to the hospital in Jasper Alabama. When I arrived they put me on fluids by IV, a contraction monitor and a fetal heart rate monitor. It was showing I was having contractions but not on any kind of schedule. To stop the contractions they gave me a drug called brethine , and they also checked my cervix. I was 1cm dilated. They sent me home on bed rest.
    On Thursday July 27th around 5:00 that evening I started the contractions again only this time they really hurt. They were 6 minutes apart. I got to the hospital and they checked me again. Still only 1cm so they gave me 3 shots of brethane and sent me home with a prescription. This was supposed to completely knock out the contractions. I was going to be on bed rest until October when Connor was supposed to be due. I was still hurting when I left the hospital but the nurse and my Dr. said I was not having contractions because they were not picking up. They sent me back home again.
    By this time it was about 2am on Friday morning. My husband got me home and settled on the couch and he was doing my laundry that I had started the day before. After he was finished he went to bed and I sat up watching TV. I started having really strong contractions so I went into Connors room at the back of the house so I would not wake my husband. I layed in the floor for 3 hours before my husband woke up. He got me in the car and called labor and delivery to tell them we were on our way. They met us in the ER with a wheel chair and when I arrived to labor and delivery they checked me. I was 3cm dilated. I started crying because I knew the problems Connor and I were looking at. They started an IV of Magnesium, which was supposed to stop the labor. They put me on an ambulance and sent me to UAB in Birmingham Alabama. When I got there just 35 minutes away. I was already 4cm. I went throughout the day having contractions and then around 11:30pm my water broke. They took me off the magnesium and put me on Oxytocin to speed up the contractions. I stopped having contractions at 3:00am and they did not start back until 9am. The Dr. came in to check me and I was 6cm. My mother called my dad to tell him to come over now. By the time he made it to the Hospital an hour and a half away. I had already had Connor. Connor was born at 10:49am and weighed 2 pounds even. I didn’t get to see him until about 6 hours later.
    Connor was not breathing when he was born so they had to resuscitate him, and put him on a ventilator. Connor is such a beautiful little boy. He is a miracle baby and is truly a fighter.

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