What helped most...

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What helped most...

in those first weeks after birth?

Being a parent of a premature baby is indeed a unique journey. Most times you are caught off guard... thinking you have weeks (or months!) more to your pregnancy. What did you find was most helpful (or perhaps something you *wished* for most) during those first weeks following your preemies' arrival?

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I think what helped us most (aside from our Faith) was all the people that helped with my older children so that I could spend as much time as possible with Caitlyn without having to worry about my other children. People that brought meal were also a huge blessing.

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Honestly, this board helped me tremendously. Tyler was my first child - that's hard enough. Add him being a 29 week preemie to that and I had NO idea what was going on, what to expect, or what the future looked like. All I knew was from what I read on the Internet and the was a very scary place to be. I was terrified and felt totally out of control, feeling like the ordeal was never going to end. This board gave me a chance to talk about that with people who knew exactly what I was going through. The board was a lot more active then and there were a lot of girls who could calm me down just by seeing that they had already been through the NICU nightmare...and lived to tell about it Wink

With no kids at home, we spent a lot of time at the hospital. Too many hospital cafeteria meals were eaten - way too many! I think that if I had to list a nice gesture - home-cooked meals or gift cards to local restaurants would be fabulous.

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The biggest help for us was my Mom flying out and staying with us while DD2 was in the NICU. It was so nice to not have to worry about DD1. It also allowed me to pump so that we could BF once DD2 was released.

If someone asked what they could do to help I would say helping with older kids or gift cards for food at or near the hospital.

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Friends offering to come over and help set up his nursey or go shopping for us.
We were both so caught off guard by my son coming early.

I wish I would have had some time to come back here and post during the weeks my son was in the NICU. It was hard 3 weeks.

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What helped us the most when our first child was born at 32 weeks and in the NICU for 5 weeks were the amazing NICU nurses. They were so encouraging, and I knew he was in the best hands possible. What I would have appreciated would have been friends dropping off meals. (not staying to chat, because all my time was either pumping, visiting my son, or trying to take care of a household) We basically ate at the hospital or takeout almost all the time.