1 Month Doctor Appt.

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1 Month Doctor Appt.

The babies had their one month appt today and both are doing great. Brad has gained 2lbs and 2oz (5lbs 5oz when we left the hospital, he's 7lbs 7oz) and Kaylee is up 1lb 10oz (was 4lbs 10oz leaving the hospital now is 6lbs and 4oz). They both grew an inch each as well. The doctor believes Kaylee spitting up is due to acid reflux so we are going to try her on medication. Question, I'm nervous to medicate this young, did anyone else treat this young? I can't believe my babies are already a month old, time flies when you are having fun Smile

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Yeah for a great 1 month checkup!

As for reflux, is Kaylee very fussy? Why does the doctor want to treat? Many babies spit up a lot, but are not bothered by it (my oldest was this way). Medicating will not stop the spitting up, but it will change the stomach chemistry enough to stop burning (if there is any). However, changing the stomach chemistry is nothing to mess with - the natural acidic environment prevents illness, etc.

We did medicate Eric for reflux, because he was very uncomfortable. He started his meds just before his due date (he was born at 27 weeks).

So, the question is really whether Kaylee seems especially bothered by it. If she spits up a lot, but just has normal baby fussiness I would not personally medicate. If she seems to be in pain a lot of the time, I would go ahead and try the meds.

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My doctor didn't want to start medication since Zach's spitting up didn't seem to be bothering him or hurting him. He is starting to get a bit of a sour face when he spits up sometimes now, so I may bring it up, but I'd really rather not start a medication. I don't want to create an unneeded dependency - but that's just my paranoid thinking.
Zach's spitting up has calmed down since we feed him more upright. I sit his bottom on my leg and he's practically sitting straight up. We also raised his crib mattress by putting a blanket underneath it. It created a sloped mattress. Of course, he wiggles to the bottom of the slope every night, but the nasal congestion, gagging, and spitting up have pretty much stopped at night. A godsend!
Good luck with Kaylee. Go with your gut. Do you think she needs meds for it? Or is she just a baby who spits up a lot??

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Yay for a great appt.! Biggrin We treated for reflux, but Keira was sometimes inconsolable. The meds kept her from crying for hours. She was a huge eater and was probably causing her own reflux, but if I took the bottle away from her, she would cry and cry to have it back. So, the medication helped ease her pain. We only used it until she started solid foods. Then, it seems like the solids helped to keep things down a bit better. We also made sure to feed her more upright and we would never lay her down after she ate. She either went in the swing or we held her sitting up (as best as you can with a baby with no neck control).

However, I agree with everyone else. If there is no indication of discomfort, I would just invest in more bibs and burp clothes. With Keira, we went through about 6 bibs and 10 or more burp clothes a day (just for her!). You can also stick a wedge under the crib mattress (if you are using a crib, I cannot remember) and it will slant it so she isn't sleeping flat on her back.

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Sounds like a great appt and boy those babies are growing Biggrin
I agree with everyone else about the reflux, it is a judgement call depending on pain vs. no pain.

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Sounds like the babies are growing well.

My twins are on reflux medicine right now. It has dramatically improved thier fussiness.