18 month appt

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18 month appt

Babes had their 18 month appt ( a little late!). Kay didn't flinch with her needle but brad screamed! Kay was 20.5 lbs and 29" and brad 23lbs and 32". Doc was Hoping for more of a weight gain. It's frustrating because they eat so much. Other then that she is happy. They are achieving all milestone, just gotta fatten them up!

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My two older boys are lightweights, low end of the growth charts and the one eats plenty. That's great they are hitting all the milestones. Smile

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Wow, great weights! Spark is only JUST getting up to 30 pounds, and Silas is about 30. And they're over 3 y/o! Spark eats so little, I worry about her sometimes, but Silas ... holy man! He can clean a plate!

Glad your little ones are all healthy and growing! Smile

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We just had our 18 month appointment. My big boy was 32" and 23 lbs (same as Krista's guy!) and my girly was 29" and 18 lbs.

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It sounds like everyone is doing well. Keira and Sarafina are over 3.5 now. Sarafina just broke 25 pounds. Keira weighs 29 pounds. My girls are so petite. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Can you believe how old our kids are now? My girls will be 4 in November. We are slowly surviving the horrible threes. It is a day-by-day struggle, but it is showing signs of departing. Fewer tantrums, emergent rational thought... Yay!

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I think those are good weights. I'm not sure what they weighed at 18 mo, but Alaina is only 28 lbs, and Aiden is 32 lbs now. They will be 3 in Dec.