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    Default 6 months appt...xp

    Babies are doing amazing. Brad is weighing 15lbs 8 oz (50 percentile) 27" long (90 percentile) and his head circumference is 41 (25 percentile). Kaylee is weighing 13lbs 8oz (25 percentile) 24" long (25 percentile) and her head circumference is 39.5 (3 percentile, she has the tiniest head!). They both got vaccinations and neither even fussed or even moved when she was giving it to them. They both have their lower center teeth and I think Kaylee will be crawling very shortly. She is putting her knees under her and trying to rock. They are growing too fast
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    Yea for a good appt!

    The time does seem to be going faster anymore.
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    Glad the babes are growing well. They really do grow up too fast! I'd love to see pics of their little toofers!
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