ALMOST! And shoes.

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ALMOST! And shoes.

We're almost there, you guys!!! ONE! Things are SO much easier/better these days. Really really. Like I seriously didn't believe it would ever be easier. Anyway, there's also almost walking. I don't know if I'm completely scared of them walking or if I want it to happen sooner, but we're getting there with many careful steps every day. They're almost people!!!!! Ok, one random question. Any advice on first shoes? We have some hand-me-downs but I was thinking of getting some of those socks with attached rubber soles -- like the Skidders ones, any experience with something like that? And my little guy is a sock puller-offer.

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Yay! That's great! I don't remember what I had my boys wear when they turned 1, seems like ages ago but I think just sneakers or something.

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Stride Rite has some great early walker shoes. They have a very flexible sole. My girls wore them until they were really walking proficiently. Then, we moved up to rubber sole shoes.

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Yay that's incredible. Walking! This age is the best. I can't believe you are almost a one year survivor. Welcome to the club! I agree with Mel. Stride rite is great. Geox is also great. We used both with syd.

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Yay! Glad to hear yours are doing well!!