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Bfing mom

I'm returning to work in a little over a week after an amazing and busy year off. I'm trying to introduce the bottle but it's not working. I've tired different brands but they still won't take it. DH has even tried to give it to them. With my schedule I'll only be able to do morning and night. And how did you keep your supply up? I'm hoping on weekends that I can go back to on demand (which is about 4-5 times). I doubt I'd be able to pump at work. Does this mean I'll probably only be able to do morning and night on weekends as well?

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When I went back to work with my oldest (she was younger, 4mo) but was not thrilled about the bottle. It took a few nights (at least) with lots of crying before she gave in. When they are hungry enough, they will eat. I did not work full time though, so I only pumped once at work, but never had supply issues, and just nursed when I was home. Good luck Krista!!