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Bit of a vent

I knew with having twins that ppl would refer to them often as 'the twins' not Bradley and Kaylee ( I have to admit, I'm guilty of this sometimes) but what really annoys me is when they are referred to as "the Boy" and "the Girl". Is it too much to ask that my children be called by their names, but their sexes. And the worst part is the ppl who do it the most are the grandparents. My Mom even forgot Kaylees name once when introducing the babies. They even sometimes get "A" and "B". No, they are not A and B, they are Bradley and Kaylee. I get so irritated.

Anyone else have to deal with this???

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wow, "the boy and the the girl" I would be annoyed too. I hate hearing them referred all the time as "the twins" so I do it rarely. I have called them "the babes" for the most part, but it doesn't seem to stop most ppl from calling them "the twins". But A and B? Really? I didn't think anyone used that but like doctors. lol

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Oh, the joys of comments related to multiples is just beginning. Lol I cannot believe people refer to them as boy or girl or A or B. Really? People referring to my girls as "the twins" used to irk me, but if it helps them, I just get over it. I would not tolerate someone calling them A or B though. As it stands, no one knows who was baby A or baby B except for our parents.

I hope you can find a tactful way of saying that you do not want people using such terms for your babies. Or you can just throw caution to the wind and say, "They do have names. Please use them." Or, "I didn't realize my kids were laboratory experiments and had to be referred to as letters or by their gender only!" Lol

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"melnzai" wrote:

"I didn't realize my kids were laboratory experiments and had to be referred to as letters or by their gender only!" Lol

LOL, I going to use this one!!! atleast it will get the point across Wink

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hear hear! I can imagine how "A and B" or "the boy" and "the girl" is derrogatory, esp from the gparents. You have every right to be irked!

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I never minded when people called them "the twins" when they were babies. But mine are boy/girl so they have their own separate identity and its never really been an issue with us. Of course, nobody calls them that anymore now that they are older! I used to get annoyed with all the twin comments, but no one even acknowledges that they are anymore Sad I never thought I'd say I missed the twin comments LOL!!!!

But I would be totally annoyed at "the boy" or "the girl." That would bug me!

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I've gotten used to "the twins" - I even say that a ton, now days. But Baby A and Baby B? That's just plain RUDE. I haven't thought about my girls in those terns since they were still in utero. Seriously. I would have a few words with the grandparents if it were me...

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so I'm way late in replying - don't get on here much but wanted to share a funny story. On a triplet page I'm on someone just told of calling the dr office to discuss her son's bill. The receptionist called her son "boo-yah" (not his name). She couldn't figure out why it wasn't under his name or at least baby boy a. Nope...boya is what she realized they had it under. Boy A ... which the receptionist was pronouncing boo-yah. Good Grief!!!

My mil calls Zach Jack (her other grandson) all the time. I kept telling ppl this would be an issue...but no everyone said. Yep, an issue.

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My little brother (who is Dirol refers to them as "the boy" and "the girl". IDK why he does this, he knows their names. When I ask him about it, he just says "well they ARE a boy and a girl!!!" I always try to teach him like, well you're a boy, how would you feel if I just started calling you "the boy". Now... my entire family jokes around and calls them "the boy" and "the girl" REALLLLLLLY gets on my nerves!!!!

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Steph, that is freaking hilarious!

8 is forgivable, older, not so much. Smile

I remember my dad had a feisty friend, his dog's name was "dog" I once asked him why, and he said, "she's a dog, isn't she?" I pointed to my young sister (10 at the most), and said, "She's a girl, but we don't call her that." He said he had never thought of that before. lol.