Brown Spotting?

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Brown Spotting?

I know I have lots of questions lol I have heard its more common in twin pregnancies and I did call to make an appt, for Wed the 25th but did anyone have brown spotting? It's here and there, very little but its already been a couple days. I'm a little worried.

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I didn't, but was told it could happen. You can always call. I went in for bleeding much later and all was well.

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I had spotting for several weeks. My perinatalogist had me come in for u/s every week during the first tri. He was great. He did them for my peace of mind, not because he was worried. He determined it was implantation spotting. Implantation is ongoing until about 12 weeks. Hence the reason why fertility treatment often calls for progesterone during the first trimester.

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I've also heard that if it brown that's good, it means it's old blood. It never happened to me but I think it is more common with multiples.

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I was a bleeder throughout my pregnancies. Brown blood, no problem. Red blood, depends on what's going on... it may or may not be a problem. At 9 weeks with the twins, I had Subchorionic Hemorrhaging. I went into the ER for bleeding (it was a lot for me, but the amounts can vary). I told them I was pg with twins and they just looked at me as if I was nuts. But they did an U/S and found that due to the placentas rooting, one of the placentas was rooting in a main vein/artery which was causing the bleeding. The babies were absolutely fine and they just watched to ensure that it was clotting so I didn't bleed to death. It tapered off to very small doable amounts of sporadic bleeding for a length of time - at least a month of continual spotting/bleeding and sporadic spotting afterwards until about 30 weeks. But what I learned is that SCH is very common when carrying multiples because there is only so many places the placentas can root without hitting a vein while the uterus is still quite small in comparison to the later months.

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I have spotted in all 5 of my pregnancies and had a fair amount of bleeding with clots with 4 of them. The one with only spotting was my miscarriage, but that said, it freaked me out every single time! As Krista said, brown is better than red. So hard not to panic though.