Career choices?

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Career choices?

I'm thinking whether or not I should plan in the upcoming years for a career change that would be more flexible to my family life but still bring in a fairly decent income to support our large (4 children) family. The military, in the long run, is good for benefits and retirement, etc but after my shore tour (in 2.5 years), I will more than likely be sent back to sea duty unless I can find another operational tour - but it still would mean possible deployment either way. Its only one more operational tour left and then its downhill for retirement so I feel like I should suck it up but all I can think about is leaving my LO's. I thought about going back to school for teaching, which is something I wanted to do - special eduation. I am just not sure I want to go back to school, esp with the twins, it would be a serious balance I am having a hard time already doing without adding school to it. I thought about opening up a business. I know it would be a lot of work but could be super flexible once its up and running... its just risky in this economy. Sounds corny but I thought about a coffee shop, DH has always wanted to open his own restaurant, I dont know. My MIL and her DH own a bar, theres an apartment above the bar. Now, I def am not trying to run a bar nor live above one but it kind of gave me an idea... if we could build a business from scratch (I know alot of money we do NOT have) we could design it with an apartment above it in mind.... the kind we would like to open wouldn't be too crazy at night (unlike a bar LOL) but we could be right there, even if we had a babysitter we could pop in whenever type thing? I am obviously just brainstorming but whatever I do I am thinking I will have to invest more time and money into - education or otherwise. Right now I have an undergrad in Health Care Mgmt and Grad in Human Services, nothing which could have me work from home. Just wanted to see if anyone has flexibility or any advice for me? Smile

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That is a tough one. I think you just need to go with your heart and your gut on this one. I think it is hard to work with a family. I struggle with it. It maintains my sanity, but at the same time, I am very tired. And... I feel like I am depriving my girls of quality time with us. I go through phases where I want to quit work. My only advice would be to wait until your twins are older and you have more sleep to make a decision. I cannot imagine being deployed and not getting to see my kids. I have such empathy for all of our troops that have to spend significant periods of time away from their spouses and children. Sad Good luck and keep us posted! :bigarmhug:

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I'm planning on staying in teaching. It just seems best/easiest while they're little at least. And, since my boyfriend is a teacher, I have to say I'd be super jealous of him spending the summer with the babies if I didn't get to, too! Wink

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Oh also, it's more money, but what about doing the credential online?

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I agree with Mel, go with your gut, but definitely wait until you are getting more sleep! Its so hard working with kids, let alone twins. I hate leaving my babes and I'm so exhausted when I get home that I dont feel they get quality time with me. But I also understand to provide them the lifestyle that we want for them, I have to work. I dont know how you ladies go back to work so quickly. I know how lucky I am to have gotten a year off with my babes. My heart goes out to you. I do agree with Shelia too, teaching would be a good choice, summers off is a huge plus!