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This has seemed like it should only be a minor issue and I'd be silly to complain, but I have nothing to wear! I mean, if I leave the house I have the choice of hideous jeans that fall below my @ss for everyone to see my crack or super-tight muffin-toppers (one size down from the huge pants) that I can't walk in and have to unbutton after an hour. I have no idea what to shop for since no sizes fit and I don't have the time anyway. Shirts are just as bad so I resort to big men's undershirts most of the time. This is seriously keeping me inside more than it should.

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I lived in jogging pants!

Oh and vent away...I think every women on here can say they went through the same thing. hang in there, babes are 6 months and I finally feel normal in my clothes.

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Yoga pants!

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Yup, sweats and such and then I went thrifting to buy a few pairs of "fatter" pants, because I was NOT going to buy pants in the bigger size, since I was going to get smaller. And then I bought a few more "fatter" pants a few months later. lol

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I feel you. Maternity is too big and my regular sizes are too small/uncomfortable! I say we all go on a shopping spree!!! Smile