A couple of snap shots

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A couple of snap shots

The boys are almost a year (one week from Wed)! I thought I would celebrate by posting a picture of each of them.

If you have a picture of yours, please share too.



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I love it. They are so cute. I can't believe they are a year already. As soon as I figure the photo upload I'll post some.

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I got it to work but they are huge sorry for the size:)

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Hiiiiiii everyone!!!! I have mainly been keeping in touch with my birth board on Facebook but thought I would pop in and say hello! I love this thread and the cute littles on here already and I hope others take the time topost pics as well! Cuteness overload!!! Here are my littles (17 months actual, 13 corrected):

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Awww! This makes me miss my smaller babies! So so cute!

Jennie, the boys are so cute! Love their happy little faces!

Krista! So cute, just LOVE Bradley's red hair!

and Dawn (right? lol) The girls are so big! So darling! They look so different! I love it!

Here are my boys last week at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon


and Abram