Crib - 1, Sarafina - 0

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Crib - 1, Sarafina - 0

Sarafina ended up out of the crib the other day. We heard a huge thump and knew that someone got out of the crib. We were sure it was Keira. When we walked in, Sarafina was standing there shaking and starting to cry. We are not really sure how it happened, and she seemed just as shocked as we were. She is not adventurous and she definitely is not a climber. That girl wouldn't attempt to get out of the crib even if it was on fire. Lol

All we can piece together is that Keira took Sarafina's baby doll and they were both standing at the ends of their cribs. My thought is that they were fighting over the baby doll, Keira tugged really hard, and pulled Sarafina out of the crib. Craig thinks it is impossible, but if Sarafina was leaning slightly over the crib rail to get her doll and they struggled, I think it could happen.

No random crib escapes have occurred since this event. I am calling it a fluke. Whew! I do not want to move them to toddler beds anytime soon.

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Poor girl. I never had to deal with the getting out of the crib with DD1 ( it oy happened once and wasn't meaning too. I have a feeling I'll be dealing with that with Kaylee. Did she get hurt at all or was she just scared? It's a long drop, I don't know how they don't hurt themselves.

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Aww, poor baby!

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Poor baby! With as nervous as she can sometimes be, I bet it scared her! Hopefully it will be a deterrent to her climbing out again any time soon!

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She was fine. I know she was not attempting to get out of the crib. She is too much of a chicken to do that. Heck, she wouldn't even get in the bath last night because it had bubbles in it. I had to give her a sponge bath and use detangler to wash her hair. Keira thought the bubbles were fabulous and she had a ton of fun playing in the tub all by herself. Biggrin