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Thread: Does the guilty feeling ever go away???

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    I get that guilt feeling still. Not as often though. But when they both want my lap and they are trying to push each other off. I feel so awful that they always have to share. They get so little one on one time. And now they are more aware of it. I try to set aside a little snuggle time with one when the other is busier playing and what not. As they get a bit older I am going to do my best to make sure they get to go out with one parent without their twin as well. And yes, I feel my older kids are lacking too. I am often grumpy when they get home from the exhaustion of toddlers, and then they are so defiant and unwilling to do chores and what not. Ugh mother guilt, its the worst!
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    I nursed my twins for 2years and 2 weeks! A little sad to be all done now.

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    Life isn't fair nor equal. The twins have probably taught me that better than anything else.

    Twins learn to share CRAZY early which helps. Even at this point I often have all three girls lying on me. When it gets to be too much I demand they take turns. I try to be conscious of spending time alone with each of them for little spurts every day (read a book to this one, have a tea party with that one, have the third help me cook dinner etc.) .

    I can say I rarely feel guilty anymore because I'm confidant in splitting time to the best of my ability. Well guilty in that I may be spending more time with one child over another on a given day. I still have other facets of mom guilt up the wazoo

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