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    At her 4-month appointment, my girl finally hit double digits in her weight! She blew through 10 lbs and hit over 11 lbs! She's nowhere near being on the growth chart yet, but she is GROWING and done with her "failure to thrive" business. Meanwhile, my boy Fatso Dumbo is 25th %ile height and weight, 50th %ile head size, and a billion %ile ear size.

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    So glad they are doing so well and she finally got to the double digits. We worried about K and then she hit DD at 4 months as well. And between 4-6 she had her biggest weight gain 3lbs 2 oz. Let the growing start!

    Ps I love their hair and I was hoping when you get their first hair cut that you could donate the clippinns to Kay!
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    Way to grow!!! Mine were both @ 12lbs by 6months, but they really have chunked up in the last month, unfortunately its because they are getting more and more formula. Oh well as long as they are healthy and growing, right?!
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    Yay for losing that failure to thrive label! Sounds like they are both growing well!
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    I nursed my twins for 2years and 2 weeks! A little sad to be all done now.

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