First Dentist Appts!
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Thread: First Dentist Appts!

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    Default First Dentist Appts!

    The girls had their first dentist appts today. It went well. Keira was afraid at first, but was able to keep calm. Sarafina is my anxious baby, so she fussed off and on the entire visit. However, she did great too. I was so proud of them. Sarafina is missing some baby teeth, but x-rays show permanent teeth waiting in the wings. So, we will hope they come in around when she turns 6. *fingers crossed* She also had trauma to the gums behind her front teeth and we are not sure why. So, if it does not heal in 2 weeks, the dentist wants her back in his office. I have no clue what she did, but what if she has had that for a while?
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    Glad it went well! They did pretty well if they even had xrays taken! Our dentist (we went Tues) just does a quick physical exam unless they seem super cooperative. This is their second appt. Wyatt was pretty willing (loved watching cars2 on the ceiling while waiting for the dentist) but Abram, not so much. We could barely pry his mouth open. Abram has the same underbite that Tucker does, unfortunately. Wyatt's little mouth is already crowded with teeth, so he'll probably have braces just like Brilee. Poor kids have my teeth. But no cavities!

    Hope Sarafina's gum injury is nothing serious.
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    Glad the appt went well and I hope the trauma to her teeth is nothing serious. I'm. Nervous for their first appt.
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