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Ha! The dipping thing can help. My picky daughter is so not a condiment fan. But I remember when she was about 4, and I was talking to her about maybe putting something on her mashed potatoes to help her like them, I was thinking, you know, ranch dressing. I asked her what she thought might entice her to eat them, she sweetly said, "maybe frosting?" lol
Frosting! I love it! While I don't think it would taste good on mashed potatoes, I like the idea of frosting in general. Yum!

Oh, and I have gained weight in the last year. GRRRR!!!! I just have not been able to work out as much. I am trying to work out 4 times a week. It is helping some. However, my love of sweets really does not help!

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So my girls didnt hit 10lbs until 4 months and now at 6lbs they weigh awhole 12lbs each! We had to start supplementing formula after the 4month appt because the ped was not happy with their growth, but he was happy to see 12lbs @ the 6 month appt. I dont have any answers as we arent even on the charts, but I just think twins can be slow growers!
Yay for 12 pounds!!! Keira is a fantastic eater. She is growing well and is staying on her curve. She is about 4 pounds heavier than Sarafina at this point. Sarafina's feet didn't even grow much between August and March. I took Keira in and she went up a full size. Sarafina got to keep her current shoes because they still fit. I know she is going to grow a lot slower because she was like that in the womb, and that is the reason we delivered early. I just wish she would eat a little more. Cottage cheese is our friend. She eats that like crazy. She did like the homemade guacamole that my DH made last week. I also bought some Carnation Instant Breakfast. We shall see what she does with that. I plan to use just a little bit to start and increase it slowly every day. She will only get that at home though. I don't want to send it to daycare.