Going to finally do it...

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Going to finally do it...

I'm finally going to let these guys cry it out. Im at my breaking point. They have both demonstrated that they can sleep up to 8 hrs ( only 2 night ago Kaylee slept 7 and 1/2 hrs). I am in the habit of just giving them the breast when I kown they do not need it. I sort of started last night when Kaylee was up every 2 hrs. I made her cry checking on her 4, 6 and 12 mins. It took about 1/2 hr but once she fell asleep she slept 5 hr. I know some ppl dont believe in CIO but I don't know what else to do. If you have a better idea please tell me, I'm at my wits end.

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Krista, do what works! You don't need our permission. Smile We know and you know those little guys aren't neglected. If you want to try other things, you know the usuals: dad soothes them (no boobs!), quiet late-night dance parties (we find carriers are easier now that they're fat), rocking, baths (ha! mine are still on the bi-weekly [not semi-weekly] schedule), swings, and the dreaded jam a boob in until they shut up and try again the next day. Anyway, I know nothing about sleep training so I'm counting on you to explain what's happening as you go!

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I think you're a trooper. This will help your babies learn to self-soothe, which is a good thing. I would really recommend "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" It's a great book, and while not specifically for twins, it worked wonders for us. You just have to compromise a bit because you have two. Smile It tells you all about sleep cycles, how napping works, give you solutions to common, and not-so-common problems, what to do if this/that happens. It's really a great investment.

Ours were waking up every couple hours to feed. It broke our hearts to let them cry, but the book says not to let them go for more than an hour. (It's a hard hour... but it is only an hour.) After an hour, you soothe and make sure they're okay, do a calming ritual, etc. Then put them back. They eventually get the idea that this is sleep time, not awake time. After only a couple nights of this, they were better rested, playing better, more happy during the day because they were getting better sleep, and we were a lot better rested as well (and less cranky I might add!)

I should note that we had them in different rooms for this period. I was in one room with Silas, Robb was in the other with Spark. We hung sheets from the ceiling so they couldn't see us, but we were there if they needed us.

If you have questions, ask away. I hope this works for you! :vibes:

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Krista... BT (before twins) I rarely if ever let my singles cry. I just could not do it. Then I had twins, and the lack of sleep is such a killer on everything! We did a modified cry it out, and it helped immensely. They still do not sleep through the night consistently, but it is tons better after we let them cry a bit more. And I feel better getting more rest as well! Smile

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Thanks ladies. So...I caved. I tried to let them cry but poor DH had to work in the morning and Kaylee is so stubborn. They went to bed at 7 K was up at 930, B at 1030 and then after that it was a complete blur. Honestly, this morning my nipples hurt from nursing (TMI). DH is off for the weekend so we are splitting them up and letting them have at it. My poor boobies need a break.

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Krista, I have started to let Leah CIO and I also have had to separate them. Leah will sleep pretty good after ~1am b/c @ that point I dont go back to her. Now I need to do this with Jocelyn. She is up every2-3 hrs so between the 2 of them there isnt much sleeping going on. Some days I wonder how I am functioning : (
Oh and we are teething too!

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We also did a modified CIO approach. We did not separate the girls, as we felt they needed to learn to sleep and ignore the other one who was fussing. It worked well for us. To this day, they can sleep through the other's crying (although that is rare). They will also sleep even if the other one wants to play (usually). Keira is really good about this. If she is tired and ready to sleep, she buries her head and completely ignores Sarafina talking to her. Lol

Our new challenge is that they are starting to give up naps. My DS slept consistently every day until he was 4 and then rested and sometimes slept for naps until age 5. However, when the girls get 11 hours of sleep during the night, they play in their cribs instead of sleep. Yesterday, we left them in there for 2 hours (and they partied like crazy). When we finally went to get them, they had fallen asleep. Unfortunately, that will not always work with our schedule. We shall see how naps go in the future. Smile

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It's so hard, I've been only letting them cry once and then when they get over not getting that feed I'll work on another. It is getting a bit better. Here's hoping it continues that way.

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Good luck!!

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Krista, I think we did kind of that. Do what you can, even 3-4 straight hours of sleep can feel so amazing! Good luck!