Had a MOM moment. lol

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Had a MOM moment. lol

Today Tuck had another track meet, dh was meeting me there. Thankfully it was at our local track (as they are all over the valley), but I think it also had me thinking we had more time to get there than we did. Anyhow, got Tuck in his clothes, water bottle in hand, filled a water bottle for us, and was trying to get the camera, diaper bag, jackets (looked like it was going to rain), keys, etc. I had the older kids help buckle the babies in as I was grabbing things. I could only find one of each shoe of the 5 pairs we have, so I grabbed the cute cowboy boots that we have, which are still a size too large, but they needed something. I grabbed socks, one pair mismatched because I need to match socks. lol. I finished buckling the babies and we got on the road. I got Abram out of the car and went to the other side to get Wyatt, and he had no pants on! Augh! He had a t-shirt onesie, and no pants. I changed both boys 20 minutes before we left, and somehow forgot to put Wyatt's pants on. Of course the car was actually clean this time with no extra pants, and doesn't that just look great with cowboy boots! I felt like such a white trash momma! If I only had one baby, I swear this would not have happened. lol. We got LOTS of compliments on his boots, and a few looks too. Oh well!

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Ok....I am sorry, but this is SOOOOOOO funny!!!! I managed to leave the house with one baby not having shoes...you feel like a total putz!!! lol

Ahhhh the joys of being a MOM :). Hey they are clean, fed and happy....so blow me! lol

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Yeah, we've left with no shoes as well, typically I am in a hurry so I grab the socks and shoes and put them on when we reach our destination. Got there and realized there was only one pair of shoes, the other was at home on the counter or something. So then I remembered there were cowboy boots in the car... went to grab them, yeah, 2 left boots. Argh!

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funny!!!! i am sure that, in one form or another, we all have similar stories!!!!


as long as they are safe and well...right?

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This is hilarious!

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lol That's awesome. We're always the ones who let our kids wear mismatched clothes and one shoe and a hat half falling off anyway, so no pants is nothing ROFL

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This is such an awesome story!!

We usually mess up the diaper bag. (we have 3 different size kids so it's not hard to do.) Just this past week we were meeting long time friends we hadn't seen since before the kiddos were born. We were at a restaurant and short stuff dumps water in her lap. Before we leave I go to change her bottoms, only to find the diaper bad void of anything 3T. I figured no big deal, I'll just throw her in a pair of Elly's shorts (4T) for the ride home... except there weren't any of those either. Poor Ana had to wear size 6 shorts home. I'm just glad we were able to cinch them enough they didn't fall off before we got to the car, lol.

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We had our first real baby dr. appt Monday. It's about a 2 hour drive to get there, so I tried to pack the diaper bag the night before, and trying to be an efficient mom, I was packing an extra bag with the essentials to keep in the car. The next day I followed my list of what to add at the last minute, packed, hit the road only 1/2 hour late. We were doing good! Got there a few minutes later than our expected early arrival, but not late. Undress trio for weight check, by then it's feeding time and we are all having a meltdown, so when the appt is over I tell hubs to just put the jumpers on, screw the onesies...we gotta get these kiddos to the car to feed. Well, lucky decision since I remembered to pack formula and nipples, but no burp cloths. Our trio is still young enough they need them for dribbles. Dh used one of the onesies we didn't put back on and I used an extra receiving blanket from the essentials bag. LOL Felt like a winner there!

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Too funny Lina and Steph! Smile

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With all these kids, how can we not have total MOM moments! HA! I am not sure if I can remember any off hand, but I know we have had them. Right now, the girls take their sandals off in the car no matter how short the drive. So, every once in a while, I throw them in the stroller without shoes and off we go. I am often crawling around our backseat retrieving little sandals. And that is hard because our kids are three across in our Camry. Keira has an arm too, so sometimes the sandals come flying into the front seat. Yikes!