hand foot and mouth

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hand foot and mouth

Well, we have been battling hand foot and mouth and it isn't over yet.

Monday I get a call from daycare that Easton has a high fever, so I went and got him. He was really fussy, wouldn't eat, and then he started breaking out all over. My mom took him to the dr on Tues and it was confirmed. What a nasty little virus. Today he finally went back to daycare. He still had marks/scabs all over him from the sores but he was acting like himself again and the sores weren't open any more.

I tried like heck to keep Ashton from getting it but low and behold Ashton got a fever and was covered in sores by Wednesday when I picked him up from daycare.

Last night my DD started complaining about ouwies in her mouth so yeap, she has it too.

This virus makes them absolutely miserable and there is nothing they can give them but pain medicine b/c it is a virus. I am very busy at work right now and can't afford to be off of work so luckily my mom is helping out (she works at a school and is off during the summers). Needless to say, it has been one rough week.

So what has been your experience with twins. Every time one gets sick does the other one get it a few days later? That has been my experience so far. They seem to pick up and bring everything home between the two of them.

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Oh I'm sorry. HFMD was the WORST!! Both of mine got it at 5 months -- the second got it about 2 days after the first. We had to syringe feed my boy because it hurt him too much to even take a bottle and that started my never-ending fight with mastitis. Anyway, yeah, I'm sorry. I know how bad that stupid virus sucks. Sad

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I feel so sorry for you. I hope they have a speedy recovery. Those poor babies.

DD1 came home with fifth disease and some how the babes didnt get it (I have no idea how that happened but was pretty happy about it). And then we had a playdate with babes that had sixth disease and so far so good, they havent gotten it yet. Luckily the only serious illness all three kids got was RSV. DD1 came home with a cold but when the babes got it, they developed RSV and ended up in the hospital. other then that, we have been pretty good (knock on wood), and DD1 has brought home a number of colds as well. The most shocking for me is the only time Ive gotten sick was when they has RSV and it only really lasted a day for me. I'm always the one first to get sick, wonder if its the bfing.

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Yes, sadly, one twin gets sick and within a few days to a week the next one gets it. Usually Wyatt gets sick first, and has it worse than Abram, but the last nasty cold we had it was the opposite. Sucks. And then I have the two older kids bringing things home from school, and the church nursery is the worst for the babies. So btw the six of us, I swear it feels like someone is always sick.

Sorry the kids got it so bad. My ds had that, but his was pretty mild. Hope we don't get it again!

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I spoke too soon, Pink eye just hit our house:(