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Hello! Like Jennie, it's time for me to join this side of the group. My GBG triplets were born 7-9-11 @ 34 weeks. They had very minor issues, the girls didn't really have any but Zachary needed some forced room air and was on caffeine for a few days due to rapid breathing. All are great now and were released last Sunday 7-31-11. These are our first and only children.

Hope to learn many great tips and tricks from you all!

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Congratulations! 34 weeks is AWESOME for triplets!! I love their names too Smile Welcome to the crazy yet amazing world of multiples!

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welcome Steph!! Glad the babes are all home with you and so soon!

Leah..... LOVE your new siggy pic! The boys are getting so big!

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Congratulations and welcome to the board!!!

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Hi Steph! Smile

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Congratulations! and of course, Welcome!