Hi Everyone!!!!!

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Hi Everyone!!!!!

I have been MIA forever now!!!! My birth board moved to Facebook and so I never check on here anymore! It is so nice to see some of the familiar people are still here! The girls will be TWO in 15 days!! How the heck did that happen??? Hope everyone is doing good! I am promising to post more now! Smile Ashlee

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Hey there! Good to see you! You totally need to update us all about the girls! Yay for two! Just get ready...it gets hectic from here.

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It is crazy how fast the time goes. I used to be on here constantly, but now, I go half the year without. Sad I got the urge to log in yesterday for the first time in forever. It is nice to see some familiar names.

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2!!! Where does the time go???!!!! Time flies when you're having fun, I guess!