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I guess people stopped having twins?

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Or just way too busy taking care of them. Smile

Speaking of which, it's been crazy here! I am so sick of everyone getting sick. My daughter spent a week in the hospital beginning of the month from viral bronchitis. I thought now that it's spring we would all be "in the clear" but nope! It's been the roughest of times but I guess it does not help the older kids are in school and bring home more than just homework most days. LOL

They turned 7 months though...and I'm hoping they start to sit up on their own soon and then I can transition to sippy cups (try sippy cups again that is). If they can do that, start drinking by themselves, it'll free up some time at least.

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I know! We were super sick too. First we all had a head cold. Okay... whatever. It passes, yay!! Then one day Spark starts VIOLENTLY throwing up. Fever of 102 or something. We couldn't get an accurate read, because putting something in her mouth made her gag. After a couple days of not being able to keep her fever down except with tylenol, I took her to the hospital. Strep. Yay! Sad Poor thing. But after the antibiotics she was her own little monkey self again!

Everything is okay. For ONE DAY. Then Silas starts violently throwing up. Poor thing. Take him in.... not strep. Don't know what it was, but he had the same symptoms for the same duration as Spark, so we're thinking the swab results weren't correct.

So... their strep passes. And for a week, everything is fine! But then they get sick again. ANOTHER head cold, and this one comes with a neverending cough. UGH.

And yes, their dad and I went through all of these sicknesses with them. It had been a very gruelling 2.5 months. But we stopped going to Kinder Cafe (which is a breeding ground for germs!) and they stopped getting sick. lol It's kind of bittersweet though because we loved going there. :/

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Ugh, bummer. That was us for all of January and February. We'e been lucky lately.