How is everyone?

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How is everyone?

I haven't been on since probably some time in 2012. I just wanted to see how everyone is doing?! Time has flown - my gals are already 20 months old. We may be crazy, but we went off BCP last month. I have PCOS, so likely nothing will happen though. If nothing does happen, we plan to start fertility cycles in July after my BFF gets married.

I have to admit. I LOVE being a mom to multiples. Two for the price of one, and everything is happening (at least close to) in sync. Except potty training - believe it or not, one is semi-ready even though it is way early. She heads to her potty once per day (we have it sitting out so they get used to it being in our bathroom) and says "peepee" and goes if I put her on it. I think its honestly just to imitate us b\c its usually when I go too. The other is NOT EVEN CLOSE! THat may be a pain. Any suggestions? Wait and do it all at once, or train when they seem ready?

Hope everyone is well. And Hi to the new people!

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Hi Meg! WOAH!!! Trying again? You're crazy!! Blum 3 My kiddos are turning 2 in a couple of weeks and it still feels overwhelming! I also have one ready to potty train (he lets me know before he has to pee sometimes and he also sometimes asks to use the potty out of the blue). I should really get on with the potty training but ... I don't know, it just seems like it'll be easier to hold off until after the holidays and traveling, you know? Maybe I'm making things up and should just get with it! Our weekdays are filled with lots of therapies for my girl, which always feels slow going in the moment, but she's eating lots and chewing pretty well now and started talking a few months ago and is progressing quickly. It's been fun getting out on the weekends to do all sorts of exciting toddler stuff - a farm, the zoo.