I feel like a million bucks...

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I feel like a million bucks...

Because for the last 4 night my children have slept more then 2 hrs at a time. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

They are actually almost STTN. They have been sleeping between 7 and somewhere around 2 and then K will wake up again around 5. Its amazing. I know its probably a fluke and in a weeks time times we'll be back to the old routnine but until then I'm enjoying the extended amount of sleep. I cant believe how great I feel this morning. I think with both teeth in for Brad and Kaylee not hearing him stir, they are both able to sleep better. Really, I dont care what the reason is I'm just over the moon its happening. They even slept this way when we were away for the night in Ottawa which I was dreading because I thought the new surrounding would cause them to not sleep.


Just wanted to share....

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Yay! Smile

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That is just awesome! Amazing what a few good nights of sleep will do for ya!

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Well that was short lived but amazing well it lasted Smile it still wasn't that bad (i have had a lot worst) but it was nothing like the feeling of 6 straight hrs of sleep. Cross your fingers that we can pick it back up tonight.

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It really will get better. I promise! I think that we started sleep training our girls at around 6 months. You are almost there, if you want to do that anyway.

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Sleep is amazing, especially when you haven't had any.

Congrats! I hope it continues Smile

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Brad is going back into a swaddle. He keeps rolling to his back and then wakes up mad do I have to nurse him back. Well see if that gets him to STTN

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Yeah! That is wonderful!