I guess it is time to join

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I guess it is time to join

My twins were born on July 11th. Biggrin

Easton James was born at 6:16pm weighing 7lb 7oz 19.5 in and Ashton Todd was born at 6:18pm weighing 7lb 0 oz 19.5 in. They were born at 36 weeks, 3 days.

Their birth did not go well and I had a very rough recovery. I am feeling normal now and starting to get caught up on life (and the BB's).

The boys are excellent babies. I can't complain. Having two of them has been easier so far than one of my DD.

Can't wait to get to know all of you Smile

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Hi Jennie! Congratulations on your boys! That is an adorable picture...mine just turned 3 yesterday and it seems like they were just born yesterday too! Sorry to hear it started out rough, but sounds like things are improving. The board here has been pretty slow lately, but don't get discouraged. There are lots of great ladies here! Glad to have you. Smile

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Welcome Jennie! Glad to have you with us!

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Sorry you had a rough delivery.... But glad that is out of the way. My girls are 18 months old and each day is an adventure!

Welcome Smile

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Congrats on your precious boys! Sorry to hear the delivery was rough, but glad you're starting to feel better.

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Welcome and Congrats!!

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Glad to see you on this board as well! Congrats on the twins, they're beautiful!