I'm super excited because..(xp)

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I'm super excited because..(xp)

We are getting huge, happy smiles. They started last Tues. and have become more frequent and easier to get. And today Bradley started with the cooing. I love it. But they are growing up way too fast. Just wanted to share!!

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Same here! they are all smiley happy - but I want them to stop growing. It's just been the past two weeks or so that they wake up totally happy. I love the DH can get them to smile now b/c they just are more often. Katie has just started giggling some and Zach literally says ah-goo. Too precious!! (can you tell they are my first, second, and third?!)

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So cute! Love those little baby smiles and coos!

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Yes, I love this phase. I am not a huge fan of the newborn phase. They are such little cuties right now and are starting to learn new stuff all the time.