It's been too long!

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It's been too long!

I've been MIA for too long!

We moved back at the end of January, and I started back to work in the middle of March. (Sheds tear) Things have just been so crazy! I need to sit down and read through a bunch of posts to see how everyone is. But while I have time I wanted to do a quick update, and let you know we are all doing fine.

Alaina and Aiden are now 16 months old. :eek: They decided near to a month ago that they were done bfing. We made it close to 15.5 months, and I am so THRILLED with that. While it was bittersweet, I'm glad I didn't ever have to face the decision of forcing them to wean.

They are both walking (Aiden is running, and Alaina sure does try to keep up :)). They have been focusing so much on moving, that they kinda put a stop to trying to expand their vocabulary. They both have mama, and dada. Aiden also says uh-oh, cup, and the occational du-du ("Duke-Duke" for Duke the cat). Alaina says bubba. Depending on how she says it, it either means Bubba (Aiden) or bunny (her favorite toy). We have heard her say a form of diaper a few times, and has tried to repeat yellow and purple. They have their own version of Granddaddy, but I have no idea how to even try and type that. Aiden has recently been practicing the "L" sound. Very cute. I know they still have plenty of time to learn to speak, so I'm not too concerned. Especially since they have such a great understanding of what we are saying/asking. They will shake their heads yes or no. They can go and bring you/point to whatever you ask them to.

On not so happy notes: Aiden had a febrile seizure back in Feb. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through. It lasted for over 7 minutes. I was so terrified. And Alaina has been fighting a double ear infection for over a month now. The antibiotic shots didn't do any good this past week, so she has an appt to see an ENT tomorrow. Looks like it will be tubes for our little girl. She's a trooper though, and is still such a happy girl.

Teeth-- Aiden now has 8 or 9 with more on the way. Alaina just had her 8th break through, and more on the way.

And last but not least, I thought I'd share a recent picture. I took this about a month ago. Where did my babies go?


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They are the cutest lil babies! And congrats on making it so long bfing. I hope I can make it as long as you did Smile

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What cuties!!

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Aw! Welcome back Danielle! Alaina and Aiden are sooo cute! The febrile seizure sounds terrifying! Hopefully the tubes help Miss Alaina! Thanks for the update!