Its gotta be a myth!

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Its gotta be a myth!

I think everyone was lying when they said that twins will sleep through the night. Almost nine months and they are no where near. Tips Please, Im dying here!

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Get the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" I swear by it. There are so many helpful tips in there, and stories from real parents who've read the book and taken the authors advice, and how a good sleep schedule completely transformed their children! IT did to us too.

At 9 months we were absolutely fed up with getting up with them every 2 hours, and our sleep was suffering, which meant we were cranky and so were they! I'd read about the book online, so we gave it a go. We made sure they were changed, fed, clean, comfortable. I was in one room with Silas, Robb was in the other room with Spark. I used check-and-console, so I checked on Silas every hour or so to make sure he was okay, but then I left again. Robb used the extinction method on Spark, as we agreed that would be best for her (not to keep checking on her, then leaving again.) He was in the room with her the whole time, but he didn't let her see him (we hung a sheet to divide the room.)

It took a week or two for Silas to get used to putting himself to sleep. It took Spark a lot longer, but it got to the point where we could leave her, she'd still cry, but she was able to put herself to sleep - an invaluable skill.

KUP as to how it goes. Smile

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All I can offer is our story/experience. A&A first started to STTN at 3 months. Around 4 months Alaina started to have acid reflux issues, and so would fall asleep well, but wake up screaming every hr or so. Took about 3 months to a)figure it out and b) get it under control. All of a sudden around 7 months Aiden started to wake up 2-3x/ night, waking her up. We went through spells where they slept well, and spells when one or both would have problems. We would always rock them to sleep if they didn't fall asleep nursing. Then when they were a year old, Aiden started to fight tooth and nail. He didn't want to be rocked, but he didn't want to be left in the bed either. So we decided to try letting them CIO. Checked in after 3, 5, 10, 15, 25,35 min. It was NOT the thing for Alaina. She got to worked up. But Aiden did fine with it. Took him 45 min the first night- he woke up later that night, and fell asleep after 30 min. Never really cried, but did get kinda fussy around 25 min. The next night I think he was asleep after 15 min. The next night it was only like 5 min. After the first week, he'd barely make a peep when we laid him down. If he did, we could go back once and pick him up for one more hug and some humming/ counting and he'd be happy. Alaina just wasn't ready for that yet. I let her lay in the bed with me and fall asleep, or we would rock her. Just having one go to sleep without us helped out a lot. Around 15 months Alaina started to act very similar to the way Aiden was with fighting sleep. So we tried it again. This time it played out about the same as Aiden. By the end of the week she was falling asleep like a pro. We got them stuffed animals at Christmas (4 days before they turned 1) that are very soft, and would give them to A&A at bedtime. At first they didn't want them, but after a week or so, they started to reach for them, and cuddle with them at bedtime. Kinda like a security blanket I guess. Aiden only wants his elephant when he's sleepy, but Alaina wants her bunny most of the day sometimes. I hope that you are able to figure something out that works well for you soon. like everything else, it will eventually get easier. ((hugs))

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Hugs hon. I know sleep troubles! My boys are almost 2.5 and sttn maybe 4-5 times a week, but they wake a lot less often than they used to. I have never been good at CIO, though we have done more with these boys than with our singles for sure. I hope you are all getting better sleep soon!

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Kim- Book ordered. I cant wait to read it. Thanks for the advice.

Danielle- My experience is very similar to yours. They were actually great sleepers until 4 months. Kaylee had acid reflux issues since birth and they seem to be under control after 6 months. But lately, she has been spitting up frequently again, and also having gas/pooping issues. She is pooping with almost every diaper and some are very mucus-y. I know when she teething it was the same so I'm wondering if her problem is more teeth. Or maybe acid reflux cominng abck. But last night I gave her some gripe water and it seemed to settle her tummy enough for her to sleep. She has a doc appt for 9 month check up in a week and 1/2 so Ill talk to her about it them. If it gets worse I'll take her in sooner. Thank you for the advice.

Rachel- I suck at OIC. I cave so easily. I know all I have to do is pop a boob in their mouth and they'll go back to sleep. I might be better at it if I knew DH didnt have to get up for work.

So, last night we separated the babes. Brad sleep in the playpen in our room and Kaylee in her crib in the nursery. It was better. They both still woke twice each and around the same time so I was still awake which worked out nicely. It was much better compared to the night before when I was up every 2 hrs dealing with both babes (beause one babe woke the other up). Its hard to decide who to put where though. Brad is a bit of a lite sleeper but is usually my better sleeper (if that makes sense) and Kaylee is much deeper sleeper but is usually the one that wakes more often. With Kaylee I think its more a mix of pooping issues/teething and the possibilty of acid reflux flaring back up. With Brad, I have no idea why he is waking up. Just last Mon he STTN (ofcourse Kaylee was up every 2 hrs but atlease I only to deal with one baby). Could he really be that lite of a sleeper that some noise can wake him up. Im so eager to move. At the new house we have a 4th bedroom (thank goodness) so I can put them by themselves. But we dont move until July. I just hope the sleep issues get resolved before Sept. when I return to work. Thanks again for the advice ladies, no one truly understand like you wonderful ladies Smile

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Yup, that was one of my main problems with CIO, Wyatt would scream bloody murder and then Abram would wake up crying, it just seemed so mean to let one cry because he was woken up by his brother. Though sometimes Bram will sleep through Wyatt's screams. But I knew if I got right in there with Wyatt, then Abram would probably keep sleeping. Smile

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I hope that you find something that can help you out. We have been pretty blessed with good sleepers. Although, I will say that I think you will always have interrupted sleep in the first year (and maybe a little more). Babies just have so much they are learning and their brains are working so hard. I think that they are phases where they don't sleep as well as at other times. Hang in there.

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Hang in there. It took mine 11 months, then it happened literally overnight. One night, I was up 6 times between the two, and the next, they slept through the night.