Joovy Big Caboose Stroller

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Joovy Big Caboose Stroller

Well, I bought one and it was delivered yesterday. By the time I got home from work, fed the kids and put it together it was just about dark. I put the kids in it quick and just did a quick walk down the road before the rain came. I do like it. It is perfect for my DD and the twins. DD loved the fact she could sit down or stand up and that she could ride with her brothers (apposed to walk) when she wanted to.

I didn't have time to try to fit it in the back of my SUV yet. I don't have much room back there so it is a concern. I currently have the double baby trend snap and go that fits back there. I bought this because it looked similar in fold up. I should have just bought the Joovy Caboose from the beginning but it was so much money, I was nervous. Plus I was unsure if it would hold both my baby carriers but turns out it does. I had the chicco brand carrier but it will hold just about any. A long list comes with the strolelr. It is so nice that it holds the baby carriers or the babies can sit up in the seat - it gives lots of options.

If there are any soon to be twin moms with a toddler out there, so far I do recommend it. Biggrin

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I looks at this and thought about buying it but was unsure that the seat would hold DD1. What's the weight restriction on the seat?

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Right now I use a double snap n go and a friend gave us a Baby Trend side by side that is practically brand new ANd its pink and grey!

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Looks like 40-45 lbs. Which seems pretty standard.

I love my Valco tri mode ex + joey seat (they also have a hitch hiker attachment so kids can sit/stand in back like the joovy). I prefer the side by side strollers though.!

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I debated on this one: Valco tri mode ex + joey seat

I didn't want the side by side though.

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I love my side-by-side. I think we all have different preferences. I am just glad you love the stroller your purchased. That is the most important part!

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I'm so getting over the snap n go -- it's getting heavy! Plus my boy is already kicking the seat if he's in back. But I realize it's easiest for plopping in the carseats when we're out. I just gave in and bought the city mini double for walks from the house and as our main stroller when they're out of infant seats.

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I had a front to back, and when it broke I got a side by side (bought both used). I much prefer the side by side myself, but as Mel said, glad you are happy with your purchase, and a stroller to fit all three kids is awesome!