Kaylee has found her thumb

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Kaylee has found her thumb

So, my daughter has found her thumb and won't stop sucking on it. I keep trying to give her paci but she won't take it (and I've tried a dozen different kinds of paci, she just doesn't like them). Any suggestions to her the thumb out of her mouth?

And Just some random chit-chat....I venture to the mall today to buy a Thank You gift for the nieghbours and I literally couldn't walk 5 feet without someone stopping to see the babies. And I keep getting "are they twins?"! By the end of the trip I started ignoring ppl, pretending I didn't hear them (which isn't me, I 'm usually very social). I felt bad but I would have been there for hrs and they were due for a feed so I wanted to get home. I'm sure everyone else gets this on a daily basis, how do you deal with it?

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I was wondering about that...it's probably awsome the first few times but when you're hitting the 2 hour mark with the same questions...boo!!!!

I never understood the question "Are they twins?". Well WHAT do you think? They were having a 2 for 1 at the hospital? Gosh people are slow.

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I hate to say it, but the thumb might be it. My DS rejected his paci at 4 months and starting sucking on his fingers. We would pop the paci in and he would pop it back out. He sucked on his fingers until he was 13 months old. It was in the middle of winter and his fingers got very dry. We put lansinoh on them to help (since that is the only ointment I felt was safe enough), but he still ended up with cracked skin that picked up a strep infection. So, he ended up with scarlet fever and the skin on his fingers peeled. That stopped the habit in an instant. He never put those fingers back in his mouth until the past year when he started losing a ton of teeth. I think the permanent teeth itched while coming in and it soothed him. We had to have a lot of talks about keeping our hands out of our mouths.

As for all the comments and people stopping you...it will become your new normal. It does slowly fade as the babies get older, but I still get comments. I learned to just keep pushing the stroller and nodding at people. Sometimes, I would just say yes and keep moving. I tried to be as polite as possible, but there were times that I had only an hour to get what I needed and get to a place where I could feed the girls. For some reason, multiples make people want to ask you all sorts of questions or tell you all about how they always wished for twins, etc... I think most of us have had some real interesting conversations. My funniest was an employee at Lowe's who told me how he and his wife tried to have twins! What? How do you try and have twins? He wasn't talking IVF either! ROFL I was very confused, but was just nodded and smiled.

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Sorry to hear about the thumb. I have no suggestions if she won't take a paci.

I have noticed the double newborn stroller is definitely an attention grabber. It attracks people like crazy.

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Yup, the comments continue, but they do slow down as the kids get older. My boys are now almost 2 and we still get a lot of comments, but not like the first year. Mostly I think people are just so in awe of someone having to look after 2 babies at once that they want to talk a lot! LOL!

I wouldn't worry about the thumb - it is soothing her now, and you can deal with it later if she doesn't drop it on her own.

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The thumb.. not much you can do about now, and it does have its advantages, always right there, unlike the binky that is often missing. lol. Smile My dd sucked her thumb until about 4mo and then stopped. Hope you are so lucky. I worried too, because my sil sucked hers until her preteen years. Smile

and yes... the twin comments, every where you go, every where! lol. Smile

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Well mine keep trying to find their thumbs, but cant keep it in for more then a few seconds and I wish they would figure it out because I can never find their paci's in the dark! I guess I am the oddball! Biggrin

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"bamsmom" wrote:

Well mine keep trying to find their thumbs, but cant keep it in for more then a few seconds and I wish they would figure it out because I can never find their paci's in the dark! I guess I am the oddball! Biggrin

Kaylee can definitely keep it in there! Half the time she just puts her entire fist in her mouth!

Thanks ladies, I'm going to keep pushing the paci but I'm thinking the thumb is the best its gonna get!