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    At our 36 week OB visit on Tuesday, February 13, several factors were pointing to the fact that I was in the beginning stages of preeclampsia, including excessively puffy feet, ankles, and calves, higher blood pressures than normal, and trace amounts of protein in my urine. To assess the situation further, an appointment was scheduled with a high-risk pregnancy specialist for an additional ultrasound to assess whether the babies were developed enough to deliver if need be. I also had blood tests run, my husband and I were to check my blood pressure later in the day at home, and I had to collect a 24-hour urine specimen. So I spent my last baby-free Valentine’s Day by repeatedly peeing on my hand as I collected samples all day (sexy!).
    On Friday, February 16, we had the ultrasound completed at the specialist’s office by a technician who was 35 weeks pregnant, and looked like I did at 20 weeks! The specialist took one look at the ultrasound measurements, my sky-rocketing blood pressure, my ankles and said let’s not mess around with this, the babies are big enough, let’s get them delivered so we don’t risk your health any further. So a call was put in to the OB’s office and I got a call that afternoon to decide whether I wanted to do a vaginal or c-section delivery since both babies were head down. After talking over pros and cons with my doctor, my husband, and fretting for a while, I decided on a c-section because there were no guarantees that we wouldn’t end up in the OR eventually with the induction, and I liked the idea of a more controlled environment given the stress of a potentially long labor on all three of us.
    The morning of Saturday, February 17 (36 weeks and 3 days), my husband and I arrived at the hospital at 7am, and checked into the labor and delivery unit. Over the next two hours, I changed into a hospital gown, got paperwork completed, an IV was started, and the anesthesiologist stopped by to explain the spinal block I would be receiving. As I laid there, I was starting to get nervous—this was my first time as a patient in a hospital, at the end of this procedure I was going to have two babies, it was a bit overwhelming. Around 9am, I was wheeled across the hall to the OR, where I actually walked around the operating table as nurses were finishing up preparations to receive my spinal. I climbed up on the table, and held on to one of the nurses while the spinal was administered. It was completely painless and as soon as the anesthesiologist said, it’s in, I was immediately flipped onto my back on the table and I literally couldn’t feel my feet in seconds. Final preparations continued, the drape went up, my OB arrived, and the operation began. My husband was allowed in as the incision was started. It was very surreal to be lying on the table, arms splayed out, my husband at my side, the anesthesiologist above my head telling me what was going on. I heard the OB ask for retractors, then I heard the suction of fluids, and the anesthesiologist told my husband, stand up Dad, here we go! She also reminded him to take pictures. At 9:41am, David Scott was born (6lbs., 10 ozs., 18.5 in), and at 9:42 Noah Lawrence arrived (6 lbs., 4oz., 18.25 in). David’s head was out and suctioned and he was crying before the rest of his body was out! That was an unforgettable moment, hearing his voice. Noah also had a very hearty cry on the way into the world. Both babies had initial Apgars of 8, and maintained that for the 5 minute reading. However, both were breathing heavily at first, and were given several minutes of pressurized oxygen in the OR. The boys were brought over for the four of us to have a moment, and share quick kisses, then Dad went off to the NICU with the boys while my surgery was finished up. I was then taken back to my room for recovery and I was in and out of sleep most of the day due to the pain killers.
    The babies were sent to the NICU since they were considered preemies, and were put on IV fluids for low blood sugar levels and precautionary antibiotics since I was Group B strep positive. They didn’t have any further respiratory issues once they arrived in the NICU. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication between the L & D and the NICU, I didn’t get upstairs to see the boys until about 10pm. They were absolutely gorgeous and holding them for the first time was amazing. Over the next few days, I continued recovering with no problems, the boys were taken off the IVs and put on formula, and I began to breastfeed as much as I could. We were all having issues with direct latch on, and because it was the weekend, followed by the President’s Day holiday, the lactation consultant wasn’t available to meet with us until Tuesday morning. However, the NICU nurses were amazing in helping us the best they could, getting me a pump, helping me out with nipple shields, and providing overall support.
    On Wednesday, February 21, the three of us were discharged and sent home with Dad, which was my ultimate goal during this whole pregnancy—that we would come home as a family. Now, about a week later, we are all doing well!

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    Ok, here’s my story….
    My pregnancy was horrendous from start to finish. I had morning sickness ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!!! It was believed that I had Twin Twin Tranfusion Syndrome which caused me to start seeing a high-risk OB as well as my regular OB. I was having ultrasounds every two weeks from about 20 weeks on. The amniotic fluids in both sacs was unequal all the way to the end but we never got the “official” diagnosis which was good. At 29 weeks, I stopped working because the pain in my pelvic bone was too unbearable and wasn’t able to walk around as easily. My doctors were pleased and suggested I just take it easy, but wasn’t put on bed rest. Thank goodness!!! I don’t know how you ladies do it! At 30 weeks and 1 day I felt like I was “leaking.” I went to the dr. and they told me it wasn’t amniotic fluid. I disagreed but went home and waited. The next day I went back complaining of the same thing, STILL don’t think it’s amniotic fluid. Next day… you guessed it, “YOU HAVE TO GO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!” One of my sacs, in fact, was leaking. I was so irritated. They wouldn’t let me walk the 100 yards down the hall to the hospital, they wheeled me. I was put on super strict hospital bed rest at 30 weeks 3 days. Not even allowed to go to the bathroom…so fun.
    About 2 ½ days in, I started coughing uncontrollably and felt as if I couldn’t catch a good breath. After complaining of this to the nurses for about 12 hours, they decided to do some tests. It was “determined” that I had pneumonia. (I didn’t, but I’ll get back to that.) I was sent to ICU until they babies were delivered. After 2 days in the ICU and constant coughing, I started complaining of contractions. The monitors were picking them up but the nurses felt like I was exaggerating. WTF???? Sure enough, I was 6 cm dilated. Off to the OR…
    The rest is very foggy to me and has been relayed to me by my husband. As I’m being taken to the OR, I’m not able to catch a breath, and I’m panicking. As they’re putting me on the table, I’m freaking out, not being able to breathe. They decide to put me to sleep for the surgery and hubby can’t come in. They delivered babies via emergency C-section. Apparently, I went into respiratory failure at what point I’m still not really clear about. I was put on a ventilator and taken back to ICU. My condition stayed the same for 3 days. On day 3, I woke up, still on the vent, and feeding tubes. I had to stay awake and alert for about 2 hours before they would remove the vent. I have no memory of anything till about 4 hours after I woke up. Funny sidenote… as I’m awake still on the vent, I asked for something to write on and wrote, “NEVER AGAIN!” on a sheet of paper for my husband to read. We still laugh at that, even though I don’t recall doing it.
    My husband is my hero. Not only is he dealing with my drama, but Avery & Addison were delivered 9 weeks early, and Addison has TEF, tracheal esophageal fistula. Basically, that means that her esophagus was split in two and needed surgery immediately, to repair. She was rushed to CHOC, in Orange County, CA. THEY WERE PHENOMINAL!!! Over 9 weeks time in the NICU, she ended up having 3 surgeries and she’s great now! Avery went home after 5 weeks in the NICU.
    Our girls stayed in separate hospitals the entire time and it was really difficult for us, but somehow we pushed through it, and now seems so long ago. I was able to go home after another 4 days. Oh, the doctors decided that it wasn’t pneumonia that I had. Some believed it be an amniotic embolism, some thought I had some infectious disease, and my OB and I think it was just that all the fluids and drugs they were pumping into to hold off contractions just settled into my lungs since I wasn’t able to get out of bed. I wasn’t even allowed to sit up in bed. That’s my amateur medical opinion!!! Ok, so that pretty much covers it. Need I say again, my husband ROCKS! And now you understand why I still stick to that, “NEVER AGAIN!” rule.
    mom of Addison and Avery - 31 weekers

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    I just realized I never posted my birth story on here so here I go!

    We did IVF after 2 years of infertility and had 2 "perfect" embryos transferred and they both stuck! I had a great pregnancy - absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. Never had a day of morning sickness ! Also had a very uneventful pregnancy. I started having contractions I guess around 30 weeks, but only knew it because of my weekly NST's. The contractions never caused me to go into labor, they said I had an irritable uterus. So I basically sat around from week 30 - week 38 just waiting to go into labor - and I never did! I had a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks on October 24, 2006. My BP was high the day I went in so everyone was very concerned. I just thought it was nerves but it seemed like such a big deal to everyone. So they made stay on my left side and wheeled me into the OR. The anesthesiologist tried to put in the spinal as I layed on my left side. All I remember is him saying to me (in a rather annoyed voice) to curl up into a ball because he was having a hard time getting the spinal in. Well, at 38 weeks pregnant with twins (I'm only 5'1") it was NOT easy to curl into a ball! Finally (after 15 minutes!) I asked if I could sit up while he did it and they reluctantly agreed. And of course, he got it right in! Once the spinal took effect my BP plummeted and I was extremely nauseous. Also the spinal was too high so all I could feel was my heart beating in my throat! I was so nauseous it was hard to pay attention to what was happening. Sean was born first at 12:25 PM weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and measuring 18.5 inches long. He wasn't breathing when he was born so that was really nerve wracking. They got the NICU team in right away and they started working on him. He had swallowed amniotic fluid (totally normal for a c-section) so he was having trouble keeping his oxygen level up. Emma was born second at 12:26 PM weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. Being the spunky little thing she is, she had no problems at all. They decided to keep Sean in the NICU overnight just to be safe, but he was totally fine and joined us the next AM in the room. I, on the other hand, had major blood pressure issues after they were born. I went into fluid overload and wasn't allowed off my left side for a week. I could get up to pee and that was it! I couldn't even feed or change my babies So my recovery really sucked, but I had two healthy, beautiful children!

    Emma Jane

    Sean Patrick

    Our family finally complete!

    Sean and Emma 10/24/06

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    So, I am feeling a bit guilty for having such an easy pregnancy but here' goes!

    I was not fitting my pants really early, Jeremy and I had joked about having twins, he would say "Don't even joke about that". Then at 6 weeks, I had a little bleeding, so I was sent for an ultrasound. The tech asked if I wanted to see (of course!) she then said " Just so you know, there are two in there!" I nearly fell off the table in excitement and anticipation. I couldn't wait to tell Jeremy. I was a nervous though, considering what he had said before.
    He was so happy, I couldn't believe it.

    The rest of the pregnancy went well. I was REALLY sick, and saved by diclectin (sp?). The drs took me off work at 20 weeks just to be on the safe side as my job was really physical and I had been cramping a little.

    Fast forward to 31 weeks - I was called into the hospital because "there was something wrong with one of the babies" (thanks, nice message to leave on my answering machine). So we run down to the hospital, where they tell us baby B (Abby) wasn't growing as fast, and they may have to come out a little early and I would be lucky if I made it to December. So I got a round of steroids and started NST's 3x/week. Less then a week later, the NST's showed I was having contractions 5 minutes apart, so the doctor says I'm in labour and have to go to the big hospital. So, in the ambulance I go to the hospital 2 hours away (my town won't deliver twins), Jeremy followed in the truck and got to the hospital about 3 minutes after us (despite the fact we were going about 150km/hour). I spent 4 days in hospital due to contrax 2 minutes apart, but no cervix dialation. We got another ultrasound and saw that Abby was growing fine and they wouldn't have to come out early. I continuted with the NST's for the next 4 weeks, until my bp started to elevate, and I was sent for NST's 2x/day (what fun). After about a week of this, I couldn't WAIT to be induced on the 21st. Lucky if I make it to December, right, thanks! But, the girls had different plans. The morning of the 19th, I was crouched down in my heavily pregnant sort of way, getting some food for the dogs when my water broke. YEEHAWW FINALLY! So we went to the little hospital to get into the ambulance (again, what a cruel thing to do, put a woman in labour in a bumpy ambulance for 2 hours). After we got admitted, they had to hook me up to the monitor, because my water had a lot of blood in it. So I figured if I had to stay in bed the whole time anyways, I would get the epi early (how wonderful, it was the most comfortable I had been in about 10 weeks. I could no longer feel my ribs being seperated). So we watched tv all day and tried to pick out names (I know, we are so organized). By about 7, I had only dialated to 5, and the epi wore off and I was in a lot of pain. At about 8:30, we figured out why, I had finished dialating to 10 in about an hour.

    When Gracie born, she was put on my stomache, I was surprised (what do you mean a baby?). Abby then needed to be flipped, as she was breech, and was born 6 minutes later.

    Both girls were tended to in our room (which was where they were born) and didn't have to go to the nursery or anything. We were sent home 36 hours later.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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    Overall my pregnancy was very easy, especially compared to what it took to actually get pregnant. After 3 1/2 years of trying, my husband Doug and I did fertility treatments to try to acheive a sustainable pregnancy. We tried 6 rounds of failed Clomid and then moved to Follistim and IUI. 1 1/2 weeks after our IUI, my husband and I had a trip planned to Germany and Italy over Thanksgiving. I allowed myself to bring one, and only one, pregnancy test as I refused to obsess during our trip. That one test was like gold and I didn't want to use until I *knew* it would be accurate. The day before Thanksgiving we were visiting the Vatican and Sistine Chapel when I was convinced I was not pregnant. I was having heartburn, but chalked that up to the Italian food, plus I felt really crampy, had no spotting for implantation, and knew that AF was right around the corner. I remember walking through the Vatican museum and running into every bathroom to do a "wipe check" as I was sure my period was starting. When we got to St. Peter's Cathedral I was virtually in tears begging God that this be our turn. I can't explain it, but a sense of peace came over me and I decided that I would take the test the next morning and move on.

    The next morning, Thanksgiving morning, at 4:00 AM I woke up and couldn't wait any longer so I ran to the bathroom and pee'd on the blessed stick. Before I could get up and flush I glanced over and it was a blazing BFP. I screamed (my poor husband was still asleep) and said "Holy Sh*t, Doug! It's positive" To which he said, "Stac I don't think the Pope quite heard you!!"

    Somehow I knew there are at least 2 in there (I had 3 follies when we triggered) and out or first ultrasound at 6 weeks we saw both heartbeats. It was smooth sailing from there, although I was huge, until we hit 31 weeks. Then, in the middle of one night, I rolled over onto Megan and apparently scared her, she jumped and completely tore off one of my round ligaments in the process. So we stayed 3 days in the hospital with that process (lots of fun) but everyone was fine. At 36 weeks I started to have a little elevated blood pressure. My c-section was a week away, scheduled for Friday, July 13th (fun times) but my blood pressure kept rising. At my 36 week check up my MF specialist noted my BP at 150/115 and it stayed up so I was put in a wheel chair and told that it was time. My OB apolgoized and said they were booked for the day (plus I had already eaten that day) and that I would have to wait until the morning. That was quite alright with me as the next day was Saturday, July 7 or 07-07-07! Very cool, I thought.

    That afternoon I sat in the hospital bed and started calling everyone -- including my husband who was at work and started the paniced dash for the bags, deal with the dogs, wrap up things at work, etc. etc. That night I was given an Ambien and slept like a baby -- even though I looked like this

    The next morning at 9:00 AM I was taken into the OR after a very easy time with the epidural and the first cut was made. Soon my OB said "She's looking at me!" and at 9:51 Sydney Ann was born at 5 lbs 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Megan followed closely behind at 9:52 and weighed 5 lbs even and was 19 inches long. Both girls were perfect and had quite a set of lungs. I just remember crying and my husband saying "This is the coolest thing ever"

    We spent 3 days recovering from the c-section and went home with our perfect little girls. It was the most amazing day of my life!!

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    Originally written 7/21/07 on my birth board (guess I never posted it here so here goes!)

    Hi All!! Sorry this took so long! As you can imagine, right now we are very busy trying to find a routine and schedule and extra minutes in the day. I get about a 1-2 hour window in between nursings so I'm learning to prioritize what needs to be done in that 2 hour window (juggling sleep, eat, clean, internet, phone calls, etc). DH and I have been learning so much (you need a serious learning curve as first time parents with twins!). I've been working on uploading these pics for probably about 4 days now!

    I had a c-section date originally scheduled for 7/20. On Monday 7/9 I went in for a routine 2 week growth check and they noticed Baby B (Avery) had not really grown much since the last ultrasound and the perinatologist recommended that 7/20 is far too long to wait and that an amnio should be done to determine if the girls' lungs were mature and enough, and if so, then the earlier the better for their delivery.

    That same day I had a later appointment to meet with my OB anyways. My OB said he would be work on getting the amnio scheduled but he would have to work on that the next day since it was already too late on Monday. The following morning, Tuesday I got a call at 10:00a from the hospital saying they have an opening that they could squeeze me into at 11:00a for the amnio. So I rushed and got myself together (husband was at work). It was the first time I drove for 8 weeks since being on bedrest! It felt good! I had a gut feeling I might not come home so I threw all of my packed bags in the truck, just in case.

    Fortunately my DH was able to sneak away from work and join me at the hospital for the amnio. The amnio went fine. I thought it was going to be terrible and the needle would be HUGE but it was really small, probably because I was so far along.

    Following the amnio, they wanted me to go for observation, which was basically like an extended NST. They wanted me there for 6 hours. Well, because they went through one of the placentas for the amnio, the perinatologist wanted me admitted overnight for observation. The results came back outstanding - their lungs were 40 weeks mature (I was 37 weeks and 1 day at the time). The c-section was scheduled at 9:30a the next morning.

    Good thing I brought my bags!!!

    Shoot I've got about 5 minutes til one of the girls wake up for a feeding so please excuse if I have any typos....

    I actually wanted to have a c-section so I did all of the reading and asked a lot of friends I knew who had had them and got as much info as I could. They had me in a wheelchair waiting at the doorway to the OR and I remember at that moment I was SUPER nervous and emotional...holding back tears about the big moment where I'd be seeing my girls soon and my last moment pregnant.

    The anesthesiologist came to my L&D room prior about 20 minutes before surgery and talked to me and my husband about the spinal he was going to give me. He answered any questions I had and told me he'd be sitting right next to me throughout the procedure. He was a very soothing and calm fellow (hmm, just like you'd figured for an anethesiologist! LOL)

    When they wheeled me in the operating room, there were a couple of young nurses (guy and girl) prepping the room. They had me sit on the bed/table. Its REALLY narrow by the way, pretty much barely wider than my body it felt like. We were waiting for the anesthesiologist to get there. The nurses had XM radio in the OR and it was on a hip hop station. I told them I loved the music! (Believe me I really did, I was SO thankful to hear some "outside" music after being cooped up at home on bedrest, plus the music put me in a really light and fun mood!). As I waited for the anesthesiologist, I focused on the music. The anesthesiologist came in and had me sit up and bend over. I just felt a little prick in my back as he did the spinal and that was basically it. I really thought it was going to be way worse than it was but it wasn't at all.

    They layed me down. My OB came in and introduced the other dr who would be assisting him and the sheet went up. I remember my body feeing kinda heavy and losing feeling quickly. They put on some pumps on my feet. I can't explain it, it was sorta like a gentle blood pressure cuff on the feet, and every so often it would get tight (gently). It was for circulation I believe. I remember trying to wiggle my toes and I couldn't. The nurse said she was putting in the catheter. Couldn't feel it so didn't care!

    During this entire time the room started filling. Nurses (2 nurses per baby) and my husband joined us. Before I knew it my doctor said that he's started. Its so weird because you are just lying there and can't see anything or feel anything and are just being told they've started.

    Then I heard them laugh about the amniotic fluid squirting out. My doctor said we had a geyser! (everyone was in such good humor!) Next thing I know my doctor laughs again and said, "Ha ha she stuck out her hand first before I even reached in!" And out came Alana at 9:54am. He held her up over the blue sheet and I saw this little red screaming baby! My husband was jumping up and taking pictures. Then within the next minute at 9:55am out came Avery and I saw the little tiny screamer as the doctor held her above the sheet. I was able to see Avery's little station near me so I watched them cleaning her and doing the Apgar scores (both girls all 9s). During this time I just focused in happiness on hearing my babies cries as the doctors did the whole tug and pull deal on my body. This has got to be the weirdest part because you don't feel pain you just feel them tugging, pushing and pulling inside and it was uncomfortable just because it was weird. My doctor says to the other, "WOW, look at this uterus. Hard to believe those two babies fit in this tiny uterus! [then to me] Your uterus has already started shrinking. You have one strong uterus!!"

    The babies were swaddled and I held them right there as I was lying on the table. It was a very awkward position though and I strained my shoulder doing it.

    Then the babies and daddy (DH) left the room on their way to the nursery to be weighed and bathed. They finished me up. They transferred me from the OR table to a regular hospital bed. It was so funny how they did it...they inflated some sort of blow up mattress under me then just pushed me over to the regular hospital bed. Then I was wheeled to my room where I'd be recovering for the rest of my stay. Shortly afterwards, the babies were brought with me and I was able to breastfeed and hold my babies.

    My only complaint of what truly truly sucks about c-section recovery is that I couldn't laugh!!! There were truly funny moments and my husband would make me laugh and I couldn't laugh. One time I got stuck in a laughing fit and I was crying at the pain and silently laughing because I couldn't stop laughing.

    When the girls were born they checked out in good health and were able to stay with us in our room at the hospital for the entire time. We came home the morning of Sunday 7/15. Both girls are feeding well but Avery is not gaining as quickly as she should be. For Avery we have to supplement some formula with a dropper feeder while nursing to help her gain weight. Otherwise all is good in the land of diapers!

    Here are the stats:
    Alana Lee
    5 lbs 14 oz.
    18" long

    Avery Tommi
    5 lbs
    17 3/4"

    Wow these girls are so quiet right now...I better get to feeding before they BOTH wake up at the same time crying and let me know I'm slippin!


    Baby A - Alana Lee's first breath

    Baby B - Avery Tommi's first breath

    2 girlies so NOT the same!

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    My babies were born Tuesday 20th of March 2007.

    Here is their story,

    On the Friday I had a maternity appointment. I had a feeling things were changing as I'd swollen up even more, and true enough, they found my blood pressure had shot up and protein in the urine so I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Me and the babies were put on a monitor and everything seemed to be fine in the belly, so I was sent home with strict instructions to come back to the hospital if anything changed, otherwise I was due back to be monitored again on the Monday.

    Sunday night my back was killing me, it had been bothering me the whole weekend, but it was getting worse, then all of a sudden I get a really painful tightening in the belly, it lasts for about 4 minutes, making it hard to breathe. That scared me enough that me and Marc went to the hospital. There they found out that I was already 2 cm. dilated, and having contractions every 2 minutes, which made me laugh because I couldn't feel them at all, just that one big one. Then it hit me, OH MY GOD I'M IN LABOR, so with butterflies in my stomach and almost shaking with fear, excitement, name it I try to get my head around the fact that I would be giving birth soon. Imagine the anti-climax when the doctors then said they wanted to try to stop the labor since I was only 34 weeks and 6 days at that point. The cut off point, where they don't try to stop you is 35 weeks. Go figure. They did say that babies generally do very well born this stage, but they wanted to at least try to give them some extra time in the womb. so during the night I'm given tablets and injections and the following morning, after a sleepless night (the side effects of the drugs was incredibly rapid heartbeat, so I felt like I was running a marathon) the contractions died down. At noon, things seemed stable so I was allowed to go home and get some rest there. At that point me and Marc were both emotional wrecks and exhausted. They told me things could start again in an hour or in a week, no way of knowing so the best thing for me was to get some sleep at home and be in touch if anything changed.

    Both of us tried to catch up on some sleep during the day but the same evening I started having twinges. Nothing regular, but since I couldn't even feel when they were coming 2 minutes apart we decided to go back to hospital and see what they said. When we got there I was hooked up to a monitor again, it showed slight contractions, but these were only every 15-20 minutes, so they decided it wasn't active labor. But given the events of the past few days they decided to keep me in the hospital anyway if things changed. So me and Marc were given a private room with a lazyboy chair for him and a television and spent another sleepless night in the hospital. During the night the "twinges" even died out for about an hour, so I was convinced this was just my body playing tricks on us and we'd probably be sent home the following day.

    The morning after all is the same. The midwife checks on us, finds that I'm now 3 cm. dilated but still not in "active labor" so we are pretty much just left on our own. Which was lovely actually. Marc got into bed with me and held me as I dozed over Robocop II, the twinges had picked up again and were coming every 10 minutes or so, but to be honest, my period cramps were worse than what I was feeling. And so the morning passes and the afternoon. At 3 o'clock the tops of the twinges are getting a tad uncomfortable so I'm using the gas and asking Marc to time them. They were still 10-12 minutes apart so I'm not that worried. Then all of a sudden in the space of an hour 10 minutes became 5 minutes then 3 minutes. At that point I thought to myself "ok this must be it or I'm in big trouble"...So I ring for the midwife and tell her that I think something might be happening now.

    She calmly checks and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. Turns out I was already 8 cm. dilated, so things quickly turn into an ER style chaos. The room fills with people and I'm wheeled out, bed banging against walls to the delivery room. I'm sky high on gas and air, giggling away, thinking it's hilarious to be able to get to 8 cm. without even realizing I was in labor. In retrospect the fact I didn't know probably helped me with the pain, I didn't have the nervous excitement of the night before when I knew something was happening, so what actually were contractions I just put down as twinges and kept on watching telly with Marc.

    Anyway back to the story. I'm wheeled in to the delivery room and they call for the anesthesiologist to put in the epidural. Something I didn't actually feel like I needed at that time, but I had to have anyway as a standard practice in twin births. I would be glad for it later though.

    It worked a charm and I could barely feel the contractions after it. I was most sorry not needing the gas anymore since I found it really helpful just to focus the breathing and keeping things nice and relaxed. But things happened really fast after the epidural was put in though, about a half an hour later I was fully dilated and THEN it started it hurt. Really hurt. I remember going from thinking "is this all there is to childbirth ? Easysmeasy" to "are you KIDDING ME !!!"

    I was actually shocked how much it hurt, stupid I know since they do tell you giving birth is painful haha. But women always talk about the contractions and how painful they are, some even say that it's almost a relief when they can start pushing, well not for me. I found that the absolute worst thing of the whole process.

    My body just became a bunch of scrambled messages. My mind was saying stop pushing, it hurts, stop doing that ! But my body was totally out of my control and even though I wanted to fight against it I couldn't. It's the strangest thing ever. I've found out later from Marc that the doctors and midwives were urging me on and telling me where I was at, but I can't remember any of it. To me, the room disappeared, everyone disappeared and all there was in the world was me, my body, the pain, the contractions, the muscles tightening and the pushing. The contractions were coming so fast, one on top of the other that I could barely catch my breath in between them. The pressure and urge to push was so strong that it was almost turning my stomach and at one point I actually thought I would get sick from it. When I could think, the one thought was " I want a c-section" but I couldn't even talk at that point, so unfortunately was never able to explain to them that this whole idea of a "natural birth" was ridiculous and that they were a bunch of sadists not giving me a the c-section I wanted at that point.

    So on it went, I remember Marc standing next to me, urging me on, telling me I could do it. I remember trying to say that I couldn't do it anymore, and the doctor responding sharply that "yes I could". Marc told me later he was almost pissed off at her that she was so stern with me, but she had to be, if I had gotten any mollycuddling at that point I would have given up. Instead I just did what I was told and kept on pushing. Marc told me later that they said to me that the head was coming, that I was close. But again I don't remember any of that. All I can remember is being in my bubble of pain and pushing and then all of a sudden there is a baby on my stomach. And I'm shocked ! For a second it's like "where did she come from ???". It takes me a few seconds to come out of this "zone" that I was in and realize that she's here. That the little, soft, beautiful, warm, crying baby on my stomach is my daughter. Without realizing it I pull her up and closer to me and I don't know what to think. It's love overload. She's here, she's mine. She's healthy. She's perfect. I get to look at her for a few moments and then she's taken away. And the doctors start doing an ultrasound and the midwifes are adjusting the heart rate monitor and in my stunned amazement it registered that it's not over yet. Even as I was thinking that I could feel the contractions starting up again.

    This time though it was easier. This time when I could feel them coming I worked WITH my body and pushed through the pain instead of fighting against it. I heard them saying that her heartbeat was erratic and that just made me push even harder. Again I went into the bubble where nothing mattered but me and her and getting her into this world. Again I have no recollection of the doctors telling me she was coming. Like with her sister all of a sudden she was just there. Only 9 minutes later. My other daugther. Just as warm, as soft and as beautiful as her sister. She's taken away for just a few minutes and then they hand both of them to us. Marc gets one bundle and I get the other. And we looked at each other. Parents of two daughters that are snuggled in blankets in our arms and life just changes forever.

    I was so lucky, as my daughters were born they were put straight on my belly, even before the doctors examined them I got to touch them and hold them for a few moments, all they did was put a little blanket around them so they wouldn´t get too cold. Both pictures are taken literally seconds after each of their births..





    My beauties

    With mommy


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    from my birth board.... the only other thing that i didn't type up then was that i was sick, i guess it happens sometime with spinals, but i threw up(or tried to) about 5 mins after i got the spinal, and continued to do so every 10 mins or so for about 3 hours... they couldn't sit me up in my bed after i got back to my room or anything because of it for a few hours, so i didn't get to hold my girls for about 4 hours/ or BF them, but i remember reading on here that if their blood sugar is low let the nurses feed them formula and it will go up so i let them do that for the first feeding, until i could sit up, they did just fine with BF and there was no confusing or anything. ok on with the story!

    Mine is kinda boring since it was a scheduled c-section, on 28 Dec 2007(37weeks 5 days)... nothing went wrong, everything went very very good. We arrived at the hospital at 5 am as scheduled... got my room right away, (plus the biggest one!) got my IV going, blood drawn, and NST set up. There was another c-section scheduled for that day so the doctors went ahead and did her first since a single baby, and less complicated... finally 9:30am comes around, and they wheel me on my bed into the OR and transfer me onto the OR bed, i get a spinal tab(WHICH IS AWESOME!) i was so shocked it didnt hurt at all,.... just a small pinching feeling.... they put the sheet up so i cant see anyone, and they bring Brian in the room(which is getting cramped.... there was about 10 doctors, 5 nurses, and 5 med techs in the room the size of normal kitchen). Addison was born at 10:21am 5lbs10oz and Paige was born at 10:23 5lbs 4oz. Both got 8/9 on their Apgar Tests....I was back in my room with the girls by 11:30. I never was in any "pain" due to the spinal, and then the pain killers im on now, and really feel 90% as well as i normally do... and then today 31 Dec 2007, 3 days after having the girls we are all home.

    here is my stomach about 12 hours before my c-section

    right before the c-section DH and I

    right after they are born(im still in the OR)

    Dh and I holding them

    the girls

    first set of real clothes
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    I'm just now getting to write this

    I had a really easy pregnancy, other than being totally huge with a full term birth!! I was 4 cm at 37 weeks, but my doc insisted I wait til 38 to have my c/s. Baby A was breech. So, the next day (I couldn't wait!) my water started leaking and Baby A, Iris's foot was sticking out of my cervix!! Ahhh! So off I went, and had a really easy c/s. It was that simple really.
    They came home with me as scheduled 3 days later. Iris was 6 pounds 3 ounces 20" and Sarah was 6 pounds 13 ounces 20" long. They are precious, and their big sister is so proud. Here's some pictures!
    On their bday
    After tandem nursing at the hospital
    Our homecoming

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    I'm going to take the easy way out (I've got three babies wanting my attention) and post a link to my blog post. It tells our birth story and has lots of pictures that I just don't have time, right now, to upload to photobucket and then try to format again.

    Birth Story

    It's a looong post! lol
    DS,18; DD, 12; DD, 9
    B,G,G 8/21/08 32w 1d (24 NICU days for all 3)

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