Moms of multiples..birth stories

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Moms of multiples..birth stories

Here's an announcement thread for our birth stories. Biggrin

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Here;s my story. I went in for my 33 week ultrasound. The girls were breathing alot and their heartrates were fine. However, there was a hole in the amniotic sac and the fluid was leaking on. My OB felt that it would be best if I checked in the hospital right away. I didn't even have time to go home and pack my bags. Luckily, I was able to give dh a list and he went home and picked up everything for me. I checked in around 5pm. My C Section was scheduled for 7pm the next day. Well, my little angels had other things in mind for me. Around 12 midnight, I started with strong contractions. The nurse tried to convince me that I wasn't in labor, but I knew what labor felt like since this wasn't my first time. Wink Around 1am, my water broke. Again, she tried to tell me that it wasn't amniotic fluid I felt, but the gush was unmistakeable!! They moved my C Section back to 1pm. In the meantime, I was hooked up to two heart monitors and a monitor that could time my contractions. Guess what?? I was having contractions after all. Lol Around 1:00 pm, they wheeled me into l and d and put the spinal in my back. Talk about fun!! Tried to bend my huge belly over while they put the needle in my back. Dh joined us a few minutes later and watched the whole thing. I heard the first little cry. Arianna Marie was born at 1:29 pm. After they lifted her out and weighed her (3 pounds 12 ounces), Brianna Mae was born at 1:30 pm and weighed 3 pounds 6 ounces. There were a few anxious moments when the spinal hit my lungs. I started having huge problems breathing. The alarms went off and the head surgeon had to put an oxygen mask on my face. Pretty scary. I got to see my beautiful baby girls a few minutes later before they took them to NICU. Brianna was in NICU for 3 weeks and Arianna for 5 weeks. They are truly a blessing. When I look at them now at 5 years old, it is hard to remember them being so small.

Who is next?

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The entire pg had pretty much been event free for me. The usual 3-4 wks scans were showing the babies growing nicely with no issues. I had a scan on Thursday Jan 18th (37wks 3dys) and an appt with the OB on the 19th. The scan results had been faxed to him and it showed the babies were showing signs of twin-to-twin-transfusion-syndrome. Because I was pretty much full term for twins it was decided to get the babies out. The scan also showed Baby A was cephalic (head down) and Baby B was flex breech.

I was scheduled an induction for the 22nd. Went in at 4.30pm, checked in, and my midwife tried to kick start things with a dose of prostaglandin gel. I stayed overnight in the hope that things would get going but nada. The following morning (8.30am) the OB registrar broke Baby A's waters and my body responded with a few niggles. Things weren't progressing fast enough so at 9.45am I was hooked up to two fetal heart monitors and given a dose of syntocinon iv. At 10.35 the anaesthetist turned up to administer the epidural. AHHHHHHH bliss! Once that had kicked in the syntocinon was gradually turned up. Finally... contractions at 2 min apart but they weren't big enough. Then at 2.30pm you wouldn't believe what happened... the first of two power cuts - yep 2! Timing is everything, right? Anyway, DH had his head in the books studying for a big check for work so there was nothing for me to do but sleep. At 5.30pm my midwife came in and did an internal and said I was at 10cm. It was at that time that Baby A's heart rate plummeted. My Mum, who was there with us, saw it happen on the monitors. I remember my midwife very calmly saying that she was going to get all the other people who needed to be there (the OB and paediatrician as well as a two midwifes for each baby). What really happened when she left and closed the theatre doors behind her was panic, but I only found that out later. She made a few calls and came back in with us. She was so calm. I would have never had guessed there was a lot of rushing around going on. My OB was at the main hospital and nowhere to be found :roll: (Speed by name not by nature) so the OB Registrar was called instead (she had broken Baby A's water that morning). All of a sudden the doors burst open and everyone came in. It was then my midwife said that the babies were in trouble and they had to get them out quickly - and not to panic. She was just awesome and my faith was in her. She had 25 yrs experience so she knew what she was doing. It was all in her hands now (and the team which followed her). I think in total there were about 10 medical staff in the room including a student Doctor (medical student). Boy it got busy fast! Because the babies needed to come out quick, they attached a ventouse cap to Cameron (Baby A) and I was told to push at the next contraction. Yeah right, you tell me when I'm having it and I'll try to figure out where to push :rofl:. Anyway a couple of pushes and a bit of pulling Cameron was born at 6.40pm. He was put straight on my tummy and DH cut the cord. Because of the twin-to-twin, he was born white. I got a little cuddle and then it was time to concentrate on the next baby so he was taken across the room to get checked and cleaned up a bit. On his delivery sheet it says that he was resuscitated with an oxygen bag but I don’t remember when that happened. His apgar score was 7, 8 and 8 and he weighed exactly 5lbs.

The OB Registrar then broke Baby B’s water and because he was flex breech she grabbed him by his feet. We were then supposed to wait for the OB to finally show up (the second baby was supposed to be delivered by the OB). During that time I was asked if it was ok for the medical student to go in and feel what it was like to hold an unborn baby by its feet. I was happy as Larry being on the epi anyway so I said “sure”. So what really happened was the OB Reg couldn’t let go of Baby B’s feet so I ended up with them both in there. TG her hands were small :rofl:… his were another story :shock:. Anyway, the OB Reg had had enough of waiting for the non-existent OB so she made the call to deliver Baby B herself. Tyler was born at 6.47pm and because of the twin-to-twin he was red. He was also popped on my tummy, DH cut the cord and I got a cuddle before he was taken across the room to be checked and cleaned up a bit. He didn’t need resuscitation and his apgar score was 9 and 10 and he weighed 5lbs 8oz.

The boys spent half the night with me in my room but around 3am I was told that their blood sugars were too low so they were going to be admitted to the Special Care Nursery (no NICU at our hospital). They were there for 3 days. My midwife did not want me discharged until bf was established. We all went home on day 5.

Wow, I didn’t have their birth story written down so this was great idea. Thanks Sue!

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Melissa's Birth Story (sorry it's so long-- I just pulled it off of the birth stories board)

I was scheduled to go in to the hospital on April 8th, 2003 for an induction at exactly 39 weeks. I was having no noticeable contractions, and had not been feeling any at all my whole pregnancy-- thus the scheduled induction. I was scheduled to be there at 6:30am, so at 5:45 I called the hospital to verify that they could still take me in. They could, but told me to wait a little bit and plan to arrive at around 7:00am instead. So Rick and I sat down at the kitchen table and had a light breakfast. At around 6:15, Rick went out to warm up the van, as it was a very cold morning. I was sitting down, tying my tennis shoes, when all of the sudden I felt a POP and water started GUSHING out. I ran to the bathroom, and on the way stopped by my bedroom where Angela (SIL) was sleeping. She was staying at our house to dog-sit Jack while we were gone. I woke her up and told her to go outside and tell Rick that my water had broken. She was so excited that she ran outside on that frosty morning in shorts, her T-shirt, and barefoot to get my husband!

I waited on the toilet for the waterworks to slow down, and then Rick brought me some dry clothing. Once I was changed, we got into the van and were on our way to the hospital. When we arrived, we got checked in and they led me to my labor and delivery room. We got all settled and my IV was placed before the doctor arrived. He thought it was great that my body had decided to have these babies at the same time WE wanted them to come out! He checked me and I was dilated to a little more than 2 and I was completely effaced. Since I was still not feeling any contractions, and the monitor was showing that they were irregular, they began a Pitocin drip to move things along. That was at about 8:30am.

At around 10:30am, I started to feel the contractions. They were in my back, and I felt as if I was having a terrible backache, like I get during my period. At this point, the doctor told me that I could have an epidural at any time, and that there was no need to wait until I was at 4 or 5 cm since my doctor was requiring me to have one anyway. He was requiring me to have one in the case of some kind of emergency happening that would require a quick C-section, or in case a breech extraction would not be possible if the second baby came down the wrong way. So, at around 11:30 when my contractions began to really bother me and become painful, I asked for the epidural.

The epidural was a piece of cake, and once it was placed, I was able to rest and Rick went to go get lunch with my mom who had come to be of some support. The epidural completely blocked out all pain and sensation. It was heavenly! At around 1:00, my doctor checked me and I was at 5cm. He guessed that I would be ready for delivery by 6:00 or so. The afternoon flew by, and he checked me again at 4:00. He finished checking me, and the nurse asked him where we were at, to which he replied, "We're ready to have babies-- you're dilated to 10!" It was so exciting and I was happy that things were moving so fast!

At 4:30 I was wheeled in to the operating room with my husband, my doctor, my labor nurse and one other nurse. I had expected that a whole lot more people would be in the OR, but there was never more than the 5 of us from beginning to end in that room! By this point, I was starting to not feel so great. There was no pain, but I knew that I was probably going to be sick. I did just that just as we got into the OR and I was moved to the table. Once that was over, I felt great and everyone got situated.

I began pushing at about 4:45. Though it was hard, initially, to push well, since I couldn't feel anything, I managed to get the hang of it quickly. After a half hour of pushing, Gabriella Elizabeth was born at 5:16pm and placed on my stomach. The nurses cleaned her up at the warmer just to the right of the table. Once she was wrapped up, she was given back to me to hold and cry over with my husband while we waited for the second baby to come down. Rick decided to go tell all of our waiting family in the waiting room that Gabriella had been born, and came back quickly. After about 10 minutes, the doctor announced that the second baby had indeed come down head first (YAY!) and they brought Gabriella back to the warmer so we could focus on baby number 2!

Pushing the second baby out was harder than the first since I was worn out from the first birth. Things did not progress quite as fast as they had with Gabriella. About 35 minutes into pushing, the doctor began to get concerned because the baby's heartbeat was slowing down considerably with each contraction/push, and he was concerned that she was distressed. He warned that if I couldn't get her out quickly that he would have to help her. The question at that point would be whether he would use forceps, or perform a C-section. Since I didn't want to deal with either one of these options, I ignored my lack of energy and decided that she was going to come out the right way, and quickly!! With determination, and thanks to the wonderful encouragement of my husband, my doctor, and the wonderful nurse I had, I managed to deliver the baby with no help within a few minutes more. Rick cut the cord, and Isabella May was born 58 minutes after her sister at 6:14pm and placed on my stomach.

While the doctor delivered the placentas and stitched up the small tear I had managed to get, Isabella was cleaned up and I got to hold her, too. The stitching-up of my tear was the worst part of the whole experience. Since they had shut my epidural off halfway through the delivery of the second baby, I had feeling back to a small extent. Enough that I was able to feel and experience every stitch. OUCH!

Once everyone was fixed up, we all went to recovery together. Delivery was over and I was so exhausted. But now it was time to try breastfeeding. I attempted to feed Gabriella and all seemed to go well. Before I could get to Isabella, it was time to move to my permanent room. I would have a chance to feed Isabella later.

In all, the birth of my twins was the most wonderful and exciting experience of my life! It went perfect-- I couldn't have asked for a better experience. And the best part was that the girls NEVER left my side until later that night when they went to the nursery for their first bath. I was too tired to go with them, so Rick went alone with the nurse.

We all went home together two days later on April 10th, 2003. And then began the great adventure that was our children!

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Thanks for posting this Sue! So much fun reading everyones stories!!

Mines not too exciting. I started with mild contractions around 7pm the night of my 36th week. As the evening progressed they did too. Around 12:30 I told dh and MIL that I thought it might be a good idea to head to the hospital. With my mil being a OB nurse, she wanted to check me so we wouldnt have to waste time waiting at the hospital. I was almost 5. :shock: Its an hour drive away from here. Dh and I were in our car and the inlaws and girls followed in their van. We made it there 15 minutes before they did, lol! Dh was going about 80 mphs the whole time and 90 when I was contracting, which they were about 2 minutes apart. When we got checked in, we were in the mind frame that i would have the boys by c/s since thats what I had been told the week before when I was in the hospital with false labor. TG my doc was there, back from vacation. He and the attending talked to me about my options. Letting me know that I could try vaginal or go with the c/s. After lots of thinking, we opted for the c/s. I think we were at the hospital at 2or3 am. I was contracting great and in full labor and at 6 cm. Once we decided on the c/s I walked over to the or room. They did my spinal, that went great. The spread me out on the table like a frog, then dh came in. Everything went well, Wyatt was born 1st at 5:44am screaming and yelling and looking SO little!!! Garrett was next at 5:45am Yelling and peeing ALL over my OB!! Lol I barely got to see him. Sad They were taken into the next room and weighed and all that good stuff while I was having my tubes tied. Wyatt was having some trouble breathing so they both went to the NICU. After recovery, I was wheeling into the NICU on my bed and finally got to really see my babies! OMG, I cant even tell you what that felt like. Its so amazing to see your 2 littles one really for the very 1st time. Wyatt was doing better and was off the oxy, Garrett not so good and was on it. He kept pulling his tube outta his nose. Smile Garrett stayed in the NICU for 1 week, Wyatt and I came home on the 4th day but stayed at the hospital with Garrett the whole time. Wyatt weighed 6pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches at birth. Garrett was 7ounds 3 ounces and 19 inches at birth. I would do it all over again to experiance the pregnancy, birth and parenting of being a twin mommy. :cry:

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Okay heres mine................Kodey and Kaleb where born here in germany while we were here on our 1st overseas tour. we lived 20 min from the hospital. Anyhow at my 31 week appt. I went in and was asked all the ????Have you felt any pressure? NO Have you felt any pain? NO Anything out of the ordinary?? NO. So she decides to do an internal, and askes me are you sure you haven't felt anything??? Uhhhhhhhh NO!!!!lol. Well she proceeds to tell me I am 4-5 cm and 75% effaced so they decide to send me to L&D. Anyhow we get there and the decision is made to start Mag. and give me the shots of a steroid to help the boys lungs develop. After almost 24 hours and them upping my dose of Mag to the highest amount they can give my contractions ( that I wasn't feeling) stopped. They decided to put me on a med to keep me from having contractions and I was admitted to the hospital since we lived 20 min away and they were concerned since I hadn't felt anything that we may not make it back. Anyway after 7 days of being on the med to stop my contractions I started feeling very weird, like my heart was gonna beat outta my chest. The Dr gave the order for them to stop the meds. The next day I went down for a NST and the babies looked great, the nurse asked if she could give me an internal as I had been off the meds for 24 hrs. Anyway at 32 weeks and 1 day I was 6 cm and 95% effaced and still had felt NOTHING............I was sent donw to L&D and since I had already done the Mag and had the steroid shots the decision was made to let nature take its course. This was at about 4PM on April28th. Anyhow I am having contractions that I was not feeling and was dialating. At about 3am the Dr comes in and makes the joke that we should all have a pizza party as I am way to calm to be in labor.............I was game as it had been over 12 hours since I had Of course that didn't happen....... alittle while later the Dr comes in says he has to run down to do an emergency D&C and when he gets back he will break the first sac. So he comes back does break it about 20 min later the nurse checks me and says I am 10 cm....( still hadn't felt a thing) She wants me to "practice" push as this was my 1st. So I say okay tell me next contraction she says push, I did, and she yelled STOP the Dr isn't here I was taken to the delivery room and after 1 more push Kodey Seth made his appearance at 4:22 am on April 29th weighing 4 lbs and 17 1/4 in. They checked for baby B placement and he was still high (like in my ribs) he says either I can break the sac and we can see what happens but if his cord prolapses we'll have to do a section or I can do a breech the dr, reached in grabbed him by his little feet and pulled him out. Kaleb Alan made his appearance at 4:29 am on April 29th weighing 4.5 lbs and 17 1/2 in. They were both in the NICU for 5 weeks and came home weighing 6.12(Kodey), and 7.4(Kaleb). I am sure everyone is ready to throw tomatoes at me sicne I never felt a But it gets better I walked into the hospital 12 months and 1 day later dialated to 7......was on pitocin for 1 hour, pushed twice and delivered Cameron Mark weighing 8.5 and 22 1/2 in..................still feeling no contractions......I did have a shot of stadol with Cam.


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What a great story! Now if only every woman could have babies that way :D.

Love ya Amanada! MMMWWAAAA :kissy:

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OMG... you had no drugs and they did a breech extraction??? DIDN'T THAT HURT???????????? :shock:

I'm with Esther... I wanna call you a name, too! ROFL

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Melissa.................I ummmmmmmmmm didn't even feel it. In fact the Dr was being cute and while we were all watching on the ultrasound he grabbed Kalebs hand and waved at me and said Hi mommy, I'll be here AMANDA

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Unfortunately I dont have a birth story, Just my prego story I'm gonna tell it anyway.
I went to the er on Sunday am Sept. 1st/03 with serious pains, doc did a preg and UTI test, preg test came back negative, so I had a UTI, with my mother's serious kidney problems I had to go back for a recheck. The day b4 my recheck Ron says that I am over a week late for af. so i got tested and no more UTI, but I am prego Lol
At 26 weeks I had my first ultrasound and my first ob appointment (was just gonna see my family doc till 36 weeks) This was the day I found out i was having twins - my doc had said that i was measureing bigger than what i should be so he thaught i was further along...there was no worry of multiples at that time so at the u/s i just asked the tech. "there isn't two in there is there? " she responded - I think with tears in her eyes " well, yes" I almost passed out and wanted to kick dh in the side cause the lady put the doppler on my stomach and there were two perfect circles the size of golf balls (their heads) at the bottom of my stomach and he thaught it was one babíe's buttocks. I kept myself together though and on our way to the ob's office called the future grandmothers telling them that they cound add two more to their growing list of grandchildren. We got to the ob and he was excited than he got right down to business, you will have to leave worke right away, i will most likely have to have a c-section...i cried again. I continued to cry all the way home (1 hr drive) and for two weeks afterwords. I certinally wasn't upset that there were two, I think I was excited but scared. All somebody had to do was look at me and smile and i would burst.
I worked till I was 7 Months prego, and could have worked till the day I delivered but I was soo tired. I spent my days planning/organizing the nursery - closets and EVERYTHING that I had gotten from my two baby showers, people were very generous!!
After 33 weeks there was still no signs of labour, everything was still perfect, I was still going in to visit the ob every week, he didn't understand how I was doing soo well, I was HUGE and his wife (his nurse) said that he talked alot about me at home...hoping I would go into labour when he was on call. He wanted to be there, she also laughed at me everytime I walked in..."OMG your still pregnant! " On April 10th (36 weeks) there were still no signs of labour so it is time to schedule the c/s. I was under the impression that he was going to schedule it for April 12th but he said "nope in 10 days"...I cried yet again...I was in soo much pain the pressure was unreal..but April 20th it was. Went in and the doc put 5 holes in my back trying to get the epi in...Kaitlin was supposed to be born first but when they cut me Kassie stuck her feet out so she was first. Kassie was born at 10:18 weighing 5 lbs 15 oz, Kaitlin born at 10:19 weighing 6 lbs 6 oz. I got to touch their faces and give them kisses, then they left with Ron. Mom was waiting outside the or and said that their eyes were wide open and they were looking around. I had them on a Tuesday and on Saturday am Kassie weighing 5lbs 13oz, Kaitlin weighing 6 lbs 6 oz.

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Ok I thought I would Share my bitrh story,,

But remember it has a sad ending, But its still a birth story

AT 20wks 1 day I had a scan and found out I was having girls yay I wanted girls
I started having mild pains afterwards but they were just because I had been shacken around by the US tech(how rude) they went away during the night

the following day, At about 11 am I felt funny I got my helpert o ph my midwife and tell her I felt funny (i know sounds silly)
she came right over, My helper also PH Dh and told him to come home as I felt funny,
Midwife arrives at 11.10am, and I start getting contractions, she decided to take me to the hospital, I stand up to go bathroom be fore we leave and feel this thing hanging out between my legs, It was the bag of waters that the twins were in, I lay back down
11.15am DH is home they take me out to the car where at 11.20 am Makayla is born followed by Liliana at 1125am who comes out breach and is out completely except for her head, the hospital is only round the corner, Liliana is completely born when we go over the judder bar at the hospital entrance followed by eveything else I need to pass, (all through the back of my midwifes car, who by the way is my AUNT)

It was all over so Quick I was in labour a whole 26 mins from first contraction to last contraction,

and for those of you who dont know the rest of the story,
Makayla lived from 11.20am till 2.45pm weighed 13oz (345grms)
Liliana Lived from 11.25am till 12.45pm weighed 12oz (325grms)

Sorry didnt mean to make any one cry again,

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I realized I never did share my birth story here...

I was due on August 10th, and had a c-section scheduled for the 3rd, as Baby A (Katie) was breech, and had been the whole time as far as we knew.

At our u/s on July 3rd (I was 34 1/2 weeks), it appeared that one baby was 6 lbs. and the other was close to that (maybe 5.10 or something). They were doing all their "practice breathing" and everything, and looked good. I had been on bedrest from 27 weeks due to early false labor/ irritable uterus. I had gone into the hospital several times with contrax that were like 3-4 minutes apart, but they were never changing my cervix. I was SUPER swollen, to the point where it hurt to bend my knees, and walking was near impossible. My legs and feet were disgusting, and even my upper thighs were so swollen I couldn't even stand up right. It hurt to pee, it hurt to stand, it hurt to sit, everything hurt.

Anyway, at 10 pm on the night of July 11th (35 weeks, 6 days), I was having those contractions again, but this time they were really involving my lower back and felt more period-like. I went in, yet again, and prayed they wouldn't try to stop it again and send me home. Well, they did do the 3 shots of terbutaline again, and I was crying at this point, "Please, don't stop son came at 36 weeks and he was 7 lbs. 5 oz...these babies are big, and I can't take it anymore!". Anway, the terb. slowed down the contrax a bit, but I had dilated to like a centimeter and a half (from zero). They wanted to keep me overnight to monitor things, b/c they knew I'd need a c/s if the labor wasn't gonna stop. They didnt even bring my dr. in to check my b/c it was the middle of the night. They didn't want to bring all the people it would take for a c/s and twins until the AM if they didn't have to, so they told me to sit tight until morning, since the contrax weren't super painful, but they weren't going away. If I had dilated more by AM, they'd do the c/s. So I layed in that bed, alone (dh went home to be with our son) and in pain, and got no sleep. There was a real nice nurse who talked to me for a couple of hours. Finally, my dr. came in at 8am and said I was at a 3 1/2 and we couldn't really send me home like this (thank GOD!). So we'd do the procedure. So then things were in motion fast, since the operating room was available right then, and by 9:20 or so we were in there. The anesthesiologist was so nice and I have never been happier as right after I got that spinal. I had been in so much pain for so long, that once I felt nothing, I was in heaven! DH came in and soon I heard baby A, Katrina Elyse, cry. She was 6 lbs., 5 oz. and one minute later, at 9:28am, Baby B, Gabriella Celeste, was born, weighing 7 lbs exactly. I loved getting to see them cleaned up and their first minutes in the baby warmers. Then they and dh went to the nursery, and I got sewn up. Apparently I had so much water that it squirted on the drs. :oops: and they didn't even have enought towels to clean up all the water on the floor! No wonder I had gained so much weight at the end (I put on like 18 lbs. in a two week period I had so much water weight).

Katie's blood sugar was a little low at first, but they got that squared away, and Ellie was a little jaundiced, but they put her under the lights for about 6 hours one day, and that cleared up pretty quickly. Other than that, they were champion nursers, although I found it really hard to nurse them both at the same time (esp. while visitors were modesty wouldn't allow me to do at a time was fine with me). I did it at night feedings for a while and eventually just quit that and did them individually...I felt like a cow all the time. But my babies were healthy and I was happy!

Man, sorry that was so long! :oops:

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Thought I'd post mine seeings how I am new here but I'll try to make mine short.

Went in at 22 weeks to my new OB, and automatically told me that I had to quit work at 26 weeks. Went in at 26 weeks and found out I was starting to dialate - but only 1cm. so my doc put me on bedrest.
The next 11 weeks are totally uneverntful.

Finally at my 37 week appt she did an internal, she asked if I had been having any contractions or feeling any pressure?? But it was no more than usual. I was already 4-5cm. YAH I'm half way there and I didn't even have to do anything.
I was sent over to L&D to be monitored for contractions, but every pregnant lady in the city was giving birth that day and the only bed they had for me was behind the nurses desk. I wasn't having any contraction so they sent me home and told me they would phone around 7am to tell me to come in for an induction.
12pm came and still no call, so I phoned them. They said that they should be able to find a bed so come on in.

At 2pm they hooked up the pitocin, at 3pm they realized that she had set up the pitocin but not hooked it to my IV - I was 5cm. At 4pm they came in to ask if I wanted an epid.- I was 7cm. Finally at 6pm I got my epid (Thank God) - I was 8-9cm. At 6:55 I was checked again and I was complete YAH!! I did the practise push once and they moved me to the OR, common practise here for multiples. Kiera Elisha was born at 7:17pm and Kayden Alexandra was born at 7:22pm.

Kiera had a murmur so they sent her to be checked out. At 10pm the paed. came in and told me she would have to stay in in Special Care Nursery. At 1am, the same paed, came rushing in telling me that Kiera had to be transported to another hospital because she needed to be placed in the NICU.
She spent the next 2 weeks there as she needed surgery because her heart was missing a valve, the valve that runs from her heart to her lungs didn't exist. Anyways 4 months later and 3 surgeries, she is doing a lot better. We will probably need another surgery done in the next year, but she is doing good. ANd miss Kayden is in perfect health.

I guess this wasn't really that short. :oops:

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What a great story! That is pretty good, dialated to 4 cm and not even knowing about it Smile
Poor Kiera, what a trooper!!

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I was in quite a bit of pain that whole weekend. I really didn't get anything done. Not even any laundry for the week. I went in to my usual weekly appt. with the OB. I was 36 weeks that day. I walked in and was taken right back. The appointment was going as usual. The doctor came in and measured me. I was measuring 52 cm. I was so uncomfortable that when he was talking about inducing me in 2 weeks I just started crying. He said I know that you are uncomfortable, lets check you. He checked me and said OH you are at 5 cm, looks like you are going to have these babies today. I want you to go over to L&D. I called my boyfriend and my sister and proceeded to go to the hospital. When I got there they layed me down and hooked me up. I just stayed like that with my regular mild contractions. They came in to do the US to check positions of the babies and Irene was still transverse but she was spine up. The doctors talked to me and I then decided that I was more afraid then I thought I was of C sections. I decided to try vaginal and hope for the best. They checked me again at like 6 oclock and I was at a 6cm dialated. They doctor decided to come over and break my water for baby A. That was horrible because Fernando Jr was trying to grab the doctor's hand. SO they had to push up from the vagina and down on the fundus. OUCH!!! After that things started to pick up. At about 8 o'clock they decided on starting pitocin. I have had Pitocin before and decided that before they started that I would like to get my Epidurl. It took 3 tries to get it in, but it was a really great Epi. When it was time to push they wheeled me down to the OR and we started to push after a couple of mins. Fernando Rueben Hernandez Jr. was born at 18 inches long weighing 4lbs and 14 oz. They made me wait between pushes while they saw what Irene did. After a couple of contractions they started to push her head down. After getting her into place two pushes later Irene Amelia Hernandez made her debute screaming her head off. She was 17 inches long and 4 lbs and 11 oz. They were taken to the reg nursery, but only lasted an hour and a half before being taken over to the NICU for some O2. They were in the NICU for the longest 10 days of my life. We have now been home for 2 days. I am so happy. Smile The sweetest babies and an easy delivery. I feel so blessed.

* I just copied this from another group, I prefer to leave it this way and remeber how happy I was when I wrote it.

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"Deesguysngals" wrote:

Thanks for posting this Sue! So much fun reading everyones stories!!

Mines not too exciting. I started with mild contractions around 7pm the night of my 36th week. As the evening progressed they did too. Around 12:30 I told dh and MIL that I thought it might be a good idea to head to the hospital. With my mil being a OB nurse, she wanted to check me so we wouldnt have to waste time waiting at the hospital. I was almost 5. :shock: Its an hour drive away from here. Dh and I were in our car and the inlaws and girls followed in their van. We made it there 15 minutes before they did, lol! Dh was going about 80 mphs the whole time and 90 when I was contracting, which they were about 2 minutes apart. When we got checked in, we were in the mind frame that i would have the boys by c/s since thats what I had been told the week before when I was in the hospital with false labor. TG my doc was there, back from vacation. He and the attending talked to me about my options. Letting me know that I could try vaginal or go with the c/s. After lots of thinking, we opted for the c/s. I think we were at the hospital at 2or3 am. I was contracting great and in full labor and at 6 cm. Once we decided on the c/s I walked over to the or room. They did my spinal, that went great. The spread me out on the table like a frog, then dh came in. Everything went well, Wyatt was born 1st at 5:44am screaming and yelling and looking SO little!!! Garrett was next at 5:45am Yelling and peeing ALL over my OB!! Lol I barely got to see him. Sad They were taken into the next room and weighed and all that good stuff while I was having my tubes tied. Wyatt was having some trouble breathing so they both went to the NICU. After recovery, I was wheeling into the NICU on my bed and finally got to really see my babies! OMG, I cant even tell you what that felt like. Its so amazing to see your 2 littles one really for the very 1st time. Wyatt was doing better and was off the oxy, Garrett not so good and was on it. He kept pulling his tube outta his nose. Smile Garrett stayed in the NICU for 1 week, Wyatt and I came home on the 4th day but stayed at the hospital with Garrett the whole time. Wyatt weighed 6pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches at birth. Garrett was 7ounds 3 ounces and 19 inches at birth. I would do it all over again to experiance the pregnancy, birth and parenting of being a twin mommy. :cry:

Dee, you let you MIL check you? OMG! You are a brave woman Lol

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Hi everyone,

I posted this birth story on its own thread, but I thought I should add it here. For those who don't know, I am Heather (28 ) married to DH Chip (29) for a little over 3 years.

We conceived our twins through IVF after a battle with infertility.

Gerald Charles Damico, III (Trey) and Isabella Christine Damico (Bella) were born Sunday, September 4, 2005.

Trey was born at 1:47am and weighed 3 pounds 4 1/2 ounces and was 16 inches long. Bella was born at 1:49am and weighed 2 pounds 14 1/2 ounces and was 14 1/2 inches long. They were delivered at 30 weeks and 4 days gestation.

As you may know, I went into preterm labor at 20 weeks and had been hospitalized since. On August 31st, I was taken off of one of my medications, indicon. I started having contractions by Friday morning (Sept 2) even though I was still on Brethene. They doc was able to slow them to less than 4 per hour by adding procardia and some additonal injections of brethene.

On Saturday, the same exact thing happened until the contractions were 2-7 minutes apart and none of my meds were stopping them. At 9pm on Sunday, September 3, 2005, I was moved to labor and delivery and put on an IV drip of Magnesium Sulfate as a last ditch effort to stop the labor. I had a catheter put in at this point, which was terrible as I had no pain meds prior to having it, which apparently most people have first. The contractions continued to get stronger and were exacerbated by the catheter, which was hurting like he**! A little after midnight, and increasing my mag drip 3 times, they decided that my doc was going to have to come in and deliver the babies. The doc was going to wait until 8am to come in, but I freaked out and my mom insisted on speaking with the doc while Chip tried to calm me down (the resident was monitoring my progress and communicating to OB on the phone). The resident came back in a few minutes later and said that the OR was prepped, the NICU was waiting and my doc was en route.

The next thing I knew, Chip was in scrubs and I was in the OR laying on my side. The anthesthologist could not get my spinal in after MANY tries (I have over 20 holes in my back). My leg started to spasm and I started to cry and my doc decided to put me to sleep for the surgery. I asked for Chip to come in so they let him see me for a few minutes then made him leave while they put me to sleep.

As soon as they put the oxygen mask on me, I felt like I couldn't breathe and started to have a panic attack (this has never happened to me before when getting general anthesia). The last thing I remember is my OB screaming at the Anthesiologist to get me to sleep now.

When I woke up in recovery, Chip was there and told me that the babies were beautiful and were doing fine. I found out that he did not get to see them being born since I was asleep. I was upset that neither of us got to experience this, but was very glad that they let Chip go with the babies to the NICU immediately. My mom and my sister were allowed into recovery to see me and then I was taken to the NICU on the stretcher to see my beautiful babies before I was taken to my room. It was a very stressful experience, but it was all worth it.

The next day, I woke up with a spinal head ache (NOT FUN). The solution to this is to have an epidural put in and to have blood from your arm put into your dural space to clot. I did not want to be stuck again, so I declined this for two days. It then got so bad, that I had the procedure on Wednesday night. It was like a miracle. My headache was GONE IMMEDIATELY. If this happens to anyone, get the epi blood patch asap.

The twins will stay in the NICU until they are healthy enough to come home and Chip and I visit and hold them every day.

I have updated their website, so feel free to click on the www for more pictures and updates on their progress. I will post as often as I can, but I will be spending lots of time at the hospital, so will not be around as much.


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With the twins I started having painful contractions at 18 weeks. The put me on and off bed rest from then on. At 29 weeks started dialating then given the shot to help their lungs develop. Week 31 was hospitalized for 4 days... but they were able to stop the contractions. At 34 weeks exact went in because of extreme pressure.

They were releasing me to go home when I coughed and my water broke. I was in for the duration. Got an epidural around 9:30 am and Baby A (Jared) was born at 11:AM vaginally. (Had to hold him in until the dr.s came...) He took 3 pushes.

Baby B (Nathanya) turned and became transverse. They turned her so that she was breach. Reached in and tried to pull her out. Something blocked her way out and they could not get her out at all. (Jared's placenta decided to come at the same time and blocked the way out.) My cervix closed and they preped me for an emergency C-Section. She was out of me within 4 minutes.

So I had the best of both worlds with the twins. What an experience!

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Maddox and Manning’s Birthing Story.

The last I had posted was last week after my OB appt on Tuesday where my OB informed me that we would deliver on or about Thursday if my blood pressure was still high. Had my ultrasound on Wed, and he wanted to know th babies positioning, etc. He also finally told me no more work and sent me home to bed. So we have the u/s and the radiologist reports the the lil prince and princess look good, only little princess weighed only about 4 lbs, 4 oz to lil prince’s 5 lbs, 11oz. What was more concerning was the fact that she had not gained much from the u/s three weeks ago were she was 3 lbs, 11 oz and he was 4 lbs, 1 oz. But thank goodness they were both coming head first. So the radiologist told us she doubted that our doc would let us go past another week. Sooo…we rush out of there and go to Target to finish getting all the odds and ends still on my list, Lifescapes CDs, batteries for the boom box, pillows, etc. I finally finished packing both the babies’ diaper bag and my suitcase, but perhaps we were still in somewhat of denial because we didn’t take the bags with us to the OB appt Thurs morning, we figured we’d have time to come home and get them. Uhh not quite…

As expected the news of the ultrasound combined with the high bp, (it had not gone down) the gestational diabetes, etc. my Doc said "let's do this" and sent us straight up to L & D to start labs, check the babies' positioning, etc.
So we are in the observation room from like 10 a.m. til like 3 p.m....waiting for the "induction". well the lil royal ones didn't feel like waiting at all because at about 3 p.m. my water decided to break, and the BH i thought i was experiencing the whole day immediately became more intense and regular. Right about at this time it was time for the boys to get out of school, so DH (who btw wasn’t convinced it was my water and was waiting for the lab work to come back on it…lol..he said it wasn’t a big gush soooo…) At this point, I didn’t need anyone’s input on the water as my pressure waves (remember I studied hypnobabies) began coming 2 minutes apart. So the first time the nurse actually checked my cervix I was already 4 cm, 85 % effaced, mind you I wasn’t dilated at all that morning.! I called DH from the observation room and actually had him on the phone while nurse Helen measured me...i'm like "ERR honey i think you should come back NOW"

So hubby makes a beeline back to the hospital, kids in tow and all of a sudden there is a flurry of activity. I hear one of the nurses say that they paged my doc but there’s been no response, Helen has me follow her to the labor room and I’m breathing and pausing in the hall through pressure waves. The labor room is nice and she gets me all settled in on the monitors and has me sign papers and answer questions in between the pressure waves. So funny because there were times that I simply ignored her when she spoke to me during the waves. At the same time I’m breathing, I’m thinking, “how rude” She asks me if I want an epidural and I tell her “no” and inform her I will ask if I want anything else..but of course I didn’t bring our birth plan so I have to tell her that I don’t even want meds offered. She looks at me and says, “you know you are having twins???!!” and I’m like no @$(#% kidding!

Finally a familiar face, Dr. Pehr makes it tot he labor room beaming as I inform him he was taking too long to start the induction process so we started without him. He checks me and I’m dilated to six! Sometime around then DH finally gets back and starts trying to help me through the pressure waves. I’m trying not to freak out because we don’t have our bag of Harps and ocean waves CD, no hypnobabies tapes, no picture for focusing.. So I began using anything and everything in my arsenal. I put my “light switch” in the center position, forcing the “anesthesia” down to my abdomen and uterus, I took myself to my “special place” by the seashore and pictured myself watching lil prince and princess play in the sand, at the peak of the waves I gave in to them and visualized my cervix opening up and saw the lil ones descend into the birth canal…all the while poor DH looked pretty helpless. He stroked my hair and occasionally said “breathe baby!” I really don’t like being touched during the waves, the hair stroking distracts me in the worst way, and it was my goal to not let him see my impersonation of Linda Blair…so I muster all the composure I can and say “honey I really don’t like being touched during my pressure waves. If I need to be touched, I’ll touch you..” The nurses couldn’t believe it!

So the doc starts explaining that we will try to deliver vaginally, but if there is a problem with the second baby, he may need to go in and get her, via c section. I’m like ok ok whatever can we just get them out now?!! Helen comes back over and tells me to let her know when the pressure waves get significantly stronger because that will probably mean its time to wheel me in the operating room because all twins are delivered in the OR. I immediately know what she means because not even a minute later the pain knocks my switch right back to ON!! I tell her ok now might be a good time to check again and when she does I’m at an eight! Poor Michael says “baby you sure you don’t want them to give you something…” I stop him dead with a look that read “Hey we talked about meds! Don’t wimp out on me now” My doc comes to my rescue and says, “she’s doing fine!”

Next thing I know I’m off! my bed is moving and there seems to be people coming out of the woodwork! They tell Michael to put on his blue OR gown and cap and someone puts one on me. He has to wait outside until they get me ready. They push my labor bed up against the narrower pushing bed and tell me I have to hop over to the next bed! Another nurse tries to encourage me and tells me to take my time which I have to do as the waves are coming one on top of the other…finally I feel a break in the waves and I just get up and crawl over to the other bed, by the time they put my legs in the stirrups I'm kinda whining that I have to go poop! The nurse tells me it’s the babies head and I try to warn I really have to poop. I think I actually did, although I didn’t ask anyone for confirmation. My doctor starts telling me how we are going to push, pull your knees back, elbow out, chin to chest and push with the next contraction! So I curl up in the lil ball like they do on Birth Day, and ignore the nurses who tell me to hold my breath, I give one push and I hear someone say that I peed! Then I feel the Ring of Fire and I know we are almost there so I keep pushing and exhale as I do and then I hear the cries of my first baby! Michael says “Ohh baby he’s beautiful!” and I try to look down to see but I can’t reach him. The doctor says he’s going to cut the cord so that he can see what’s going on with the second baby really quickly..and then he’s gone..the nurses have him over at the warmer and I can hear him but can’t see. I’m like “can I see My baby??”

So then I look down at my doc and he looks up, hand way up there..i know tmi! And says, ok with the next one, knees back and push. Both Michael and I are like Already??? I’m like where’s my break?? That’s when I began to scream my head off a bit. My doc in his ever so calm and collected voice says “Myrie (he always pronounces my name wrong), no screaming, no screaming…” So I refocus and realize that this is my daughter. At last I’m going to have a daughter! So I visualize she and I painting toe nails and wearing matching clothes and I push hard and nuttin happens. So that’s when the nurse, the doctor and Michael start coaching me to push and I really want to backslap all of them. What the hell do you think I’m doing?? So I push again, and again and finally hear those dreaded words, “Don’t push!” I’m like what the @#%)!! So finally I’m given permission to push once more and all I hear are ohhhs and ahhhs…where is my blow by blow or play by play…”here’s the head, head’s out, etc.” finally I know she’s here because Michael starts saying “she’s beautiful!” and then I hear her cry, finally, I relax and again try to see her but she’s been whisked off tot he corner of the room. I tell Michael to go over to be with them, but he refuses to leave my side.

Finally the nurses bring them over to us and I know instantly that the names we chose were perfect for them

MADDOX OMARI born at 5:55 p.m. on 3-30-06, 5 lbs, 2 oz, 19-1/2inches

MANNING IMANI born at 6:00 p.m. on 3-20-06, 3 lbs, 11 oz. 18 inches

Maddox was able to go to the regular nursery and roomed in with me for most of my stay in the hospital, but Manning is still in the NICU as of today. She is perfectly healthy in every way except she just needs to gain weight. No signs of Downs or heart problems that was a concern early on. She is really my own living dollbaby. She is doing well in the NICU, as of yesterday gained 4.5 oz and I have been able to breastfeed her almost every day. She had a feeding tube put in for a couple days, but it was removed and today we’ll find out how she tolerated her big girl crib last night. Once she does well regulating her own body temperature and continues to feed well, she will be allowed to join us at home. We are all so looking forward to that day, but probably no one more than her “big” brother who misses her kicking him in the head.

Here are some pix


Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and advise throughout my pregnancy. If you read all of…thanks again!


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Here's my birth story (mostly cut & pasted from my DD board):
On 12/27 we had a growth check on the girls, it was found that babies A & C had not grown in 4 weeks & baby B was taking up all the food, growing like a normal singleton. Also baby A had a cord blood flow issue. The Dr did an amnio to check baby B’s lung maturity & scheduled me for a c-section for the 29th - 31w 2d. Well my girls are all about doing things on their own schedule so that night I went into labor. I kept getting lots of contractions (the most were 8 an hour) the nurses upped my Procardia & started me on terb injections but no matter what they did my contractions just would not go down below 3 an hour. I spent all but 2-3 hours that night on the monitors which were showing my contractions as the tiniest little things -I had to actually push a button for each so the nurse could see where they were! By 7 the next morning I was wondering how in the hell could someone live though labor if these things (which were kicking my butt big time) were just the beginning??? Well then the Dr came in & did an internal to see where I was at (so he could decide which patient to bump from the OR schedule) & informed me that I was 10 cm & jokingly asked me to push baby A out & go to bed. It’s never a good thing when the Dr asks you to wait while he grabs his catcher’s mitt.
Well, I had just called DH & emphasized how non-urgent the situation was (since I had no clue!) & now suddenly this flurry of activity happens above me to prep me for surgery. Apparently the 8am patient was getting bumped! I tried DH again to adjust his speed (as we live 45min from the hospital w/o the rush hour commute in the way) but didn’t get him at home or in the car. *Must interject here- when the nurse asked if I wanted to call DH again she dialed for me (guess she didn't trust me to dial right) & asked the number. As soon as she hands me the phone my cell started ringing so she gives me that too--- it's me! Yup, I had her dial my cell instead of DH's. So then after calling my cell a few more times, I dial DH's work 4 times before I managed to call his cell & leave a message.* Pretty much as soon as the message was left I’m being pushed down to OR (about 20 min after telling DH no rush!) to have my babies!!! I immediately started tearing up & spent the entire time crying hysterically. 1st in fear & anger (1/2 that DH wasn’t there & ½ that he was missing out because of me) & then once the babies were born it was tears of joy. DH made it to the hospital about 5min after the girls were born (at 8am) & into the OR just after they were taken to the NICU. So instead of his babies’ birth he got to watch his wife getting stitched up.
Somehow my mom instinctively knew today was the day because for the 1st time since I was admitted she decided to come see me 1st thing in the morning instead of her usual phone call. She got to the hospital 30min after the girls were born. DH stayed with me in the OR & recovery instead of checking out the babies. MIL arrived about 9:30 & the two of them went to see the girls, then around 10:30 I convinced my nurse to let me out of bed to get a better look at the girls (since I only actually saw them each for a few secs in the OR & they were swaddled to high heaven). So both happy grandma’s, me & the insanely proud papa went to visit the girls for the 1st time.

About the girls~
Baby A~~ Gabrielle Jordan was born 1st at 7:59am. She is 2lbs 2oz & 14in long. She had blood pressure issues in womb because she had managed to knot her cord. She is doing great, not hooked up to any machines & just needs to grow big & learn to eat.

BabyB~ Caroline Audrey is our 2nd born at 8:00am. She is 2lbs 12oz & 15in long. She was the one the Dr’s were most concerned with after birth because being the biggest she isn’t used to fighting for what she needs but she also is doing fabulous & is being a feeder/grower with no issues.

Baby C~ Elizabeth Morgan is the baby of the family born also at 8:00am. She is 2lbs 8oz & a lengthy 16in. She is doing fabulously & is well on her way to being a feeder/grower so she can come on home.

As for me, I’m doing great. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome of delivery & so far the pain is quite manageable (could be the morphine talking). I’m so jazzed up by how healthy the girls are & that they are actually here that I can’t sleep. I’m sure I’ll hit the wall soon & happily sink into my pillow but for now I’m just waiting for DH to come back & hopefully we can take another peek in on the girls.

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My birth story is not that interesting, so I will post about how we found out we were pregnant too.

I started having pain in my side that lasted for several days with no relief. I had an IUD, but took about 6 hpts, all which were bfn. I finally went to the Dr, and yup, I was pregnant. She thought that since I was having so much pain that it was in my tubes, so she sent me to the hospital immediately.

The first ultrasound tech was very nervous and left the room for help. I was convinced that it was in my tubes and she did not know how to tell me. The second tech came in and said "Well, I am not supposed to tell you anything, but you are pregnant with triplets!" One in one sac, and two in another sac. I about fell off of the table! Here I am thinking that I am going to lose my baby, only to find out that there were three!!!

I had to go home and tell my very surprised husband this. At first he thought that I was joking. Once he realized that I was serious, all he could say was "Oh, Sh* are we going to manage three more kids?"

I found out really early that I was preg, around 5-6 weeks. At an appointment around 10 weeks, we found out that one of the two (in the same sac) had stopped developing. They could not find a heartbeat. I never had any bleeding, so they assume that the baby reabsorbed.

Very non-eventful pregnancy. I knew that I would have a C-section because my previous delivery. We scheduled the delivery for 38 weeks. I worked up until the day before they were born.

Kendall Jean was born on March 1, 2005 @12:55pm
5lbs 14oz 19 inches

Kathryn Rose was born on March 1, 2005 @12:56pm
6lbs 6oz 18 inches

They were perfectly healthy and came home with me two days after birth.

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Saturday July 8 I woke up not feeling well. Just felt crummy. Around 4:30pm Sam (husband) and I went to Albertson’s (grocery store) to check my blood pressure. It was high (checked it twice) 158/96. I was worry the blood pressure machine was wrong so we went to Smiths (grocery store) to their machine. My BP was still high. Sam wanted to take me to L&D but I convinced him to go home, we would relax and in an hour come back to recheck. An hour went by so we went back to Albertson’s. My BP was still high, so off to the hospital we went. We arrived at the hospital (a five minute drive) around 6:30pm. I was put on the monitor at 7pm. My BP was still high. Both babies heart rates were at a good level and both were very active. Every 15 minutes the machine would retake my BP and every 15 minutes I would set off the bell that my BP was too high. The nurse (Jarilyn) called the on call doctor (Tweed) for my doctors’ office. He wanted to monitor me for an hour. An hour went by and I was still setting off the machine. Because my BP was not going down after two hours of being monitored he wanted to stay the night, this was around 9pm. They moved me out of L&D and into a regular room for the night. I was checked to see how far dilated I was, 1 ½ and 70% effaced. There was a change of nurse and Kristin was the next nurse. About 9:30pm my BP went down to about normal range! Around eleven I started to have contractions, which were about three minutes apart. Sam and I were having fun watching how high in intensity they were getting. It was kind of fun. At one point we were routing for the 90s. It was so fun, exciting that we were up until 2am. During all this Kristin decided to put an IV in because of the contractions. I was really hoping to go into active labor. At 02:30am I asked for some pain meds. They gave me morphine and phenigren. I fell asleep after that. I kept waking up (not fully) and looking at the monitor. At around 4am or so the contractions clamed down and stopped coming so close together Around 6am I woke up and though they had stopped all together but realized they were just slowing down. In the eight o’clock hour Dr Smith (my OBGYN doctor) came in to check on me. We talked and he decided because I was one day shy of 37 weeks and my high PB that it was time to induce me. I then got moved back into the L&D room. Sam and I started to call everyone and let them know what was going on. Dr Smith came into the room in the first few of the nine o’clock hour and broke my water (baby A’s bag). By did that feel so good it was a release of pressure. There was tons of it, it just kept coming and coming. They changed my sheets after that. After the nurse left I repositioned myself and even more water came out and they had to change the sheets again. They just added more towels to dry it out. I was having pain but I could tolerate it. Around 1pm I finally dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced. At around 2pm I told Sam that I didn’t want to do it anymore and I wanted to go home, my sister and Sam laughed at me. My sister went to the desk and told them that the nurse needed to come to my room. At that point I decided that I wanted the pain to stop and that I would get an epidural. The whole epidural process was not that bad to me, just a couple of pin pricks in my lower back and after words I felt so much better. Within 15 minutes I was asleep. Around 5pm my epidural wore off and the pain returned! Then nurse came in and could not figure out why I could not give myself more epidural medication so she called the anesthesiologist. He came and looked at the machine and then my line and figured out that I had a kink in the line. Problem solved. I was check and I was dilated at a 6+ and 90 effaced. At around 6pm I was checked again and was not 7+ and 95% effaced. At 9:30 Dr Tweed came in to do his own evaluation. I had not dilated and he felt my pelvic was to narrow (my doctor never told me this before so it was news to both of us) so he called my doctor, Dr Smith. They decided that I was not progressing and that I needed a C-Section and that my doctor was on his way in. I was then moved into the OR and Sam was able to be there with me. At 10:34pm Gwenith Ryan was born when I heard her cry it was the best sound in the world. She weighed in at 5lb 8oz and was 17.5in long. They showed her to me and she had a lot of vernix on her and the back of her head was swollen from trying to push her way into this world. At 10:36pm Gilbert Winter was born his cry took a couple of seconds but that was also the best sound in the world. They showed him to me, he had tons of black hair just like his dad. Gilbert’s breath rate was in the 70 or 80 when it needed to be in the 50 to 60 range. They took him to the NICU and put him in the warmer and worked with him to get his breathing down to normal. While this was going on I was in the recovery room on the biggest high of my life. Sam brought Gwenith in to me at 11:31pm. I thought she was so beautiful and had the cutest nose and lots of short brown hair. I then nursed her until I was moved into my room for the week. Gilbert was not with me which made me sad but Sam continually check on him, all I could think about was that I needed to nurse him. At 1:18am our family was finally united when Sam brought Gilbert to the room and I was finally able to nurse him. I was going to be discharged on Wednesday but both babies had jaundice so we stayed one more day and was discharged Thursday. The first night at home was wonderful!

Gwenith Ryan
5 lb 8 oz
17.5 in
July 9 10:34pm

Gilbert Winter
4 lb 15 oz
18 in
10:36 pm


First time seeing Gwenith


Frist time seeing Gilbert

Gilbert being evaluated

Gwenith in the nursery

Seeing Gwenith 2nd time

Gwenith after feeding

Sam w/ Gwen

Seeing Gilbert 2nd time

first time together in the world

Gilbert after feeding



Sam w/ son

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~Noah Matthew & Christian Gabriel's Birth Story~

It all started at my checkup in mid July.My dr said,"Those babies are awfully low..."He told me to take it easy,but didn't put me on bedrest.My due date wasn't until Oct 3rd.A few days later,I began having braxton hicks contractions.Called dr,who told me to go to L&D.Got there,they checked me,I was 1cm dilated.They monitored me for an hr,noticed the contractions,and gave me a shot(I don't remember what it was called,think it started w/a T,though)This made my heart race.After monitoring me another hr or so after the shot,they sent me home.My dh & I went out to dinner afterwards,everything was fine.The very next day,they came back.It was then I was admitted.I was 2 cm.I was contracting regularly by then,but they had a hard time picking all of them up.They then started the mag sulfate,and I'm sure gave me some more shots of the other stuff.I was up & down from L&D to the womens care unit a couple times a day(because the contractions were not being fully picked up on the monitors and they didn't want to check me for fear of breaking my water).So,I was brought back to L&D again(i think this was the 3rd night),they inserted a catheter-which i actually liked having because I had such an overactive bladder!They upped my mag & I was really feeling the effects by then to the point they had to give me other things to help that.Things were pretty calm the next day,but the next night,things really started to get tough.really late that night, a nurse came to check on me & saw how much pain I was in and said,"I wish they would check you".I can't help but wonder what might have been able to have been done to stop my labor if they had known how much more I had progressed.I was very reluctant,but gave in when she offered me morphine to help me rest.This was so totally out of character for me,as I was soooo precautious my entire pregnancy-I wouldn't even take tylenol!So,I feel very guilty about that-she promised me she wouldnt give me anything that would hurt my babies.I took it & drifted off blissfully for a few hrs!On the 5th day,they moved me down again to womens unit,as they thought things were fairly under control.Well,not 15 min later,I called the nurse,who then called the dr,who then finally checked me.She said"Whoa,you are 8 cm and your baby is grabbing my fingers,we have to deliver you-now!",and they whisked me away to the OR. I called my dh,who was on his way to our home an HOUR away from the hosp to shower & pick up some things before heading back to the hosp!I then called my parents,and that was that...I was alone for my c-section of my 1st children at 29 1/2 wks gestation!!I can't believe how calm I was,because I was absolutely terrified!All I could do was pray!It was such a weird sensation,the feeling when they cut you-I could feel it,but it didn't really hurt,it was just really,really icky feeling!It all happened so fast &Noah was first.They both were born within the same minute- 6:09pm on July 21st,2005.Noah was 2lbs12oz,15 1/2 in long,and Christian was 2lbs14oz,and 15in long.I got to see Noah for a second,long enough to rub his little head & tell him I love him & he was whisked away to the NICU,where his brother had already gone,for a little help w/his breathing.They both came out screaming,and all of the OR staff were amazed at how strong they sounded!I was then wheeled into recovery,and had to wait a certain amt of time for the spinal to wear off.I then got to see my boys,and it was so scary.I didn't have a clue what to expect!The boys were in the NICU for 6 wks,and we went to see them every day to bring milk & do the kangaroo care(which was the best feeling in the entire world!!)It was hard,since we lived an hr away from the hosp,but there was no was we couldve gone 1 day w/o seeing them.They did amazingly well,with very little complications.Christian had to wear a CPAP for awhile,and they both had a little jaundice,but that cleared up quickly.They also both had to wear the apnea monitors,and came home on them,as well.They were on those for about the first 6 wks home.Christian had a couple serious spells,but both of them had less spells than the norm for preemies,so that was good.My dr came to see me the day after they were born & said,"They are amazing little people!",and boy,was she right!They are both in the 95th percentile for for height for full term babies!They weigh about 22 lbs. each.They are such little fighters,and I am so proud of them!! :biglove: I am so grateful they are here & healthy,they are the best thing that ever happened to me!

Thanks for reading :giveflower:

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Sarah, what an awsome story! They did (and are doing) soo well for being born so earily! WTG momma!! Smile

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but only now have I gotten the chance.

Where to start? Hmm.

On Thursday, July 27th, I had my 31 week appt with my OB (well, one of her partners, Dr. D). Babies were looking good, cervix was closed, Baby A was head down and Baby B was breech. Everything was perfect, but I don’t think he was totally happy that I was still working, even though I have a desk job, but he accepted it.

So over that following weekend, I began to feel crampy here and there – there was no consistency to the crampiness, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Monday morning came along (July 31st) and I was supposed to begin training my replacement at work. I hate having people shadow me, so I was kinda looking for a reason to get at least an afternoon off. I called my OB’s office. I spoke with another of her partners, Dr. H (who was at L&D at the time) and he told me that if I was feeling crampy 3-4 times an hour, to come in to L&D, and if the frequency is any less, just to try and see my OB this week instead of the next. So I call her office and she has an appointment that afternoon at 1pm. There was my afternoon off so I was kind of excited!

So my mom met me at home first then took me to the appointment. My OB examined me and tells me I’m 2cm dilated, she felt a foot, and that I’m done with work. I immediately start thinking that I’m going home on bedrest, but my OB quickly disavowed me of that thought by telling my mom to take me directly to L&D. I still thought that I’ll get to go home after a few hours in L&D.

Boy, was I wrong. I get to L&D and the chief resident checked me out, then gave me the “good” news – hospital bedrest, no getting out of bed for anything. In addition to being 2cm dilated, I was 100% effaced, and around the foot that’s poking out of my cervix, is an umbilical cord. Baby B became Baby A by getting the foot in front of the other’s head. I was totally shocked and bummed because I’m thinking I’m going to spend the next three weeks in the hospital and that will take away from the 12 weeks I hoped to spend with my babies. But I knew I had to be there. They also told me that should I feel any fluid, or think I feel any fluid, to hold down the nurse’s call button.

They got me hooked up to the fetal heart monitors, but had such a hard time finding their heartbeats that once they did, I was afraid to move which resulted in my contractions picking up and me being so very much in pain and uncomfortable on the worst bed on the planet. I got my first steroid shot and they gave me some pill to stop the contractions – I was still having them but not progressing, so I avoided getting Magnesium. I didn’t stop feeling them til around 3am when I was so miserable and still awake despite an Ambien, that I didn’t care if the monitor lost the heartbeats, I was going to roll onto my side in hopes of falling asleep. Thankfully, once I’d moved, the contractions stopped and I fell asleep.

I got moved up to antepartum and a softer bed around 8am and I was so grateful. Dr. D was making rounds so I jokingly said that I’m not working anymore. I got breakfast which I was thankful for cause I was starving. Family came to visit me around lunch time. I sent them out cause I had to pee and it was a good thing they weren’t in the room. Apparently, lifting my hips to accommodate the bedpan, compressed a cord and sent Baby A’s (aka Baby B til that afternoon) heartrate down. Three residents come running in from L&D.

After checking me out and finding everything fine, they left me be. Unfortunately, it happened again a few hours later when I called a nurse to check the sheet below me for fluid. Only one resident came in that time, but she checked me, found that I was at 3.5cm and decided to have me brought back down to L&D. I lost it – I start thinking I’m going to spend three weeks going up and down and have to spend time on that awful bed. I begged to take the antepartum bed with me, but couldn’t. I got my second steroid shot around 5pm and down to L&D I went.

Dr. D comes in to examine me, and gets this funny look on his face before telling us that he feels an umbilical cord. DH and I look at each other and tell him that we knew about that. Apparently, no one had told him. So he left and a bit later, one of the residents comes in because one of the heartrates has been up near 200 for a good 20 minutes so she’s concerned about an infection. She told us she would discuss it with Dr. D and get back with us.

We sit there waiting for about 2 hours – since it was taking so long, I figured it wasn’t a huge deal. That if the high heartrate was urgent, they would’ve been back in the room ASAP. Dr. D finally came in around 9:30pm. He started out talking like we had options to consider, but in reality, he was just telling us what was going to happen. He said that my situation is precarious and that they could try to hold me out as long as possible to give the babies more time to cook and risk my water breaking. If my water broke, it would result in a crash c-section to try and save Baby A’s (aka Baby B til the day before) life because the cord would come out before he/she did. Or, we could do a controlled c-section that night. They would be early and would spend time in the NICU, but they would be fine. And I had gotten the full course of steroids, even if little time had passed from the last shot. He concluded that my babies would be born that night and that I was next in line for the c-section room.

After that, everything happened very quickly. I met with the neonatologist and anesthesiologist and before I knew it, I was numbed up and positioned on the table. So on August 1, 2006, Harriette Grace was born at 10:58pm, at 4lbs 13oz and 17.5in long, and Joseph Morris was born at 10:59pm, at 3lbs 13oz and17.5in long. I heard them both cry and started crying myself. I have no idea what their Apgar’s were but at the time, they seemed okay cause no one was working furiously – they seemed very relaxed, thank G-d. MoJo was the troublemaker – it was his foot stuck in front of Gracie’s head. He was trying to get out first, but still ended up second.

The c-section overall went well as did my recovery. I hated that my babies were in the NICU, but it gave me a good opportunity to heal. Gracie did amazingly well from the beginning. – no oxygen, taking a bottle well, sucking on a pacifier. In 4 days, she went from the heating bed, to an incubator, to an open crib. She started out eating really well, pooped out for little bit, then picked up again and came home August 18th.

MoJo was a bit more complicated. He was on CPAP for one day, then moved to a nasal cannula on 24% O2, then downgraded to forced room air before pulling the cannula out himself at a little more than a week old and was under blue lights for his billirubin levels for about 2 weeks. He had no interest in a bottle for most of his stay there. He didn’t really pickup on it til the weekend Gracie came home. Next thing we knew, he was ready to come home on August 23rd, only 5 days after Gracie.

They did wonderfully from then on with no complications. I thank G-d everyday – it’s such a blessing that they were and are as healthy as they are.

Here they are at a day old – Top is Gracie, bottom is MoJo

And here they are now(ish):
MoJo, now 13lbs, 1oz

Gracie, now 11lbs, 1oz

And if you got this far, thanks for reading!

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Julianna and Olivia's birth story...

Our c-section was scheduled for 5 PM on November 8th. November 7th around 1 PM, I started to feel sick. I asked hubby to bring home a cheeseburger from McD's to see if it helped me feel better. I knew I must really be feeling bad when I couldn't even attempted to eat it. So I decided to lay down around 8 PM. I tossed and turned until 10:30. At that time I decided to take 1/2 dose of tylenol PM. By 11:15 PM I was in the bathroom vomiting and had diarrea (TMI, sorry). I woke my husband up and told him that I thought I must have food poisining. The only other options were that I had a virus, and I added as a joke, or maybe I'm going into labor...

We decided to call the doctor. She said that I should just go to the hospital. So we headed over to the hospital (decided to wait till midnight just incase they billed by the day starting at midnight...HA!) They set me up with an NST and give me some antinausia meds. The nurse says to me "are you feeling those contractions?". I say "No - I've been having irratable uterous contractions for months". I never gave the contractions another thought.

The doc on call is at the hospital and tells the nurse that she wants the babies on monitor all night long (UGHHHH). This means that every time I decide to turn over, I have to call the nurse to help me adjust the NST thingies. The pain in my joints caused me to need to turn over every 30 minutes or so. I was so frusterated w/ the doctor for such strict orders. I'm having twins in less than 24 hours and I will be exaused because I can't sleep!!

We around 4 AM I call the nurse so I can turn over. In the process of turning over I feel a gush of water. "UMMMM, I think my water broke". The nurse just gives me this look and says, "couldn't you have done this earlier, my shift ends at 7AM :)" It finally filters thorough to hubbys consiousness and he jumps up from his bed. At this point, the nurse goes next door and tells Dr. Wolff my water broke. She orders an u/s to see the girls positioning and says, we will be doing the c-section as soon as she finished w/ the delivery next door. The nurse calls my doctor (doc on call is assisting) and everyone else who needs to be in the OR.

By 5:45 I am getting set up in the OR. The anestesiologist gives me the spinal while telling me about his 3 month old twins. Thank God that he prepared me and let me know my blood pressure may drop making me nausious. That way I would not panic. Of course, that did happen, they gave me meds to stabalize it and I was good.

By the time my DH came in the OR I was laughing and joking w/ everyone in the OR. They started the c-section and before I know it they were pulling Julianna out. I was able to see it through a mirror, so cool. Next they pulled out Olivia. The doctor jokingly mentioned that she was going to be our "pain in the butt child" because she was resisting coming out. Turns out my uterous had formed around her head and was kind of holding her in place. They got her out just fine, but had to pull her out butt first. The doctor later told me that my decision to have a c-section was a good one because they would have had to do a crash c-section to get Olivia out had I tried vaginal. BTW, It was Olivia's water who broke (babies in different sacs).

The girls were awesome. Julianna (baby A) was 7 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. Apgar score was 8.8. They gave her a oxygen for about 5 minutes. Olivia was 6 lbs 12 oz and 19 inches long. Apgar score was 9.9. Thank God for these two beautiful girls!

Hubby was awesome. He went over to the girls and took pics. (At one point he couldn't get the camera to work, so while they were finishing up mt section, I fixed the camera. lol... Everyone got a kick out of that!!) While they were doing what ever they do to newborns, Tom was rubbing their forhead trying to calm them down. So sweet.

Thats our story!

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Emily Elizabeth Crettex Poole born December 01, 2006 11:10 am 5.3 pds
Evan Samuel Frederick Poole born December 01, 2006 11:12 am 4.1 pds

I went to the bathroom at 8:30am and went pee. I had stop pee'ing yet I could still hear a stream of liquid coming out so I continued to sit there. Then thought this is weird and looked in and seen red. OMG my water broke. It was a weird calm. I stood up and the water stopped. I quickly went to the bedroom grabbed the phone and went back to the toilet. Let some more run into the toilet as I called David at work.'s time.....It was so weird. We were both so calm. I had a shower and did my hair and makeup and organized my bag. We left around 9:30. I just started to get my first contraction getting into the car. By the time we got to the hospital 7 mins later I was having severe contractions. David got me up to labour and delivery and went back to park the car. By the time he got back there was a panic in the l&d room. These babies were coming and they were coming fast.

I was in terrible terrible pain. I was dilating fast and they were not happy I was delivering there but there was no time to send me in an ambulance so they decided to deliver me there and if there were any issues with the twins a team would come up from the university hospital and take the twins. It was sooo scary. They got me prepped and did last U/S. Yup babies still breech. They were literally running me down the halls and down to the OR for a C-Sec. David was throwing on his scrubs. They got me in OR and I was in major contractions where they were not stopping. They had issued me a Spinal rather then Epi as the spinal will freeze immediately. Unfortunately it took 4 spinal attempts and 4 needles to freeze area and I felt it all. I could barely breath.

As soon as I was frozen up came the tent to block me and in came David. Within minutes I was cut open and David said he could see two doctors with their arms literally up side my tummy up to their elbows. I could feel everything but had no pain. Such a weird feeling.

Out came a leg and hip and our baby girl was born. Crying and chubby little cheeks. I could see them working on her. Next came Evan 2 minutes later. Took a sec to cry and he was little but did cry. They brought both babies over to me for a kiss and up they went. David stayed with the babies.

I got stitched up and sent to recovery. Recovery took forever as I was so frozen. By the time I got upstairs (everyone was worried where I was) my whole family was there and David was there sharing the news. I didn't get to see my babies till late that night and only got to hold them for one minute. I didn't see them till next day (late afternoon) once my cathedar was removed.

They are little guys but all is good. Perfect hearing, respitory, IV's have been removed and feeding started by day 3. Jaundice is gone now by day 5 and feedings have been increased. Still waiting for milk to come in. They both were having apnea episodes so were on oxygen. Only Evan continues to D-stat so oxygen continues with him. It will be a slow long road but I am pleased with their progress.

I have to be strong for my babies but emotionally this was the hardest thing to do. (come home without them) I don't know how long they will be at the hospital so I have come to except all of their first moments will be enjoyed at the hospital.

Emily is a sleeping beauty. She is just perfect. Evan is a little character. He loves to pull out all his cords and eat them. He trys to stick his little feet in every hole of the incubator. He sure likes to keep the nurses on their toes.

David and I are sooo in love with these little two.

Thanks for all the support on this board. You ladies are all truly amazing and without you this pregnancy would never have been the same. I can't wait till we are all sharing our birth stories and future stories of our precious babies. ..



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OK well it has been six months since Hannah and Lucas were born so I guess I better post this before they go off to college!!

Starting at week 28 I was having pretty strong contraction and so we went to the hospital for our FIRST middle of the night visit to be checked and monitored…this went on until week 35 when the contractions were fast and furious…this was it…or so we thought!!!! I was admitted and prepped for the long haul…I got to 3 cm and 75% and then BAM it stopped…I ended up spending the week in the hospital and nothing! I asked to be released so I could go home and hopefully start labor for real…my wish was granted with the famous words from my doctor, “Just one more week and I can help you along”.

So week 36 came and we went to our doctors appointment and I was still the same, so I got the line again,” just one more week and I will help you along!” So week 37 came and I entered the office in pain and determined to walk out of there to go have the babies!!!! She entered the room laughing because the nurse had warned her that I was in rare, spunky form and had threatened that if I did not leave with babies I wasn’t leaving!! When the doctor checked me I was 5cm and 100% so she said that I was going right to labor and delivery and getting my wish.

So we had Chris go take Madeline to stay with a friend, because we do not have any family here…and then he met me in L&D…hehe…it was finally time.

After weeks of anxiety over Hannah (baby b) being breech, I elected for the c-section…so the train of people and doctors and nurses started asking questions, poking me with needles, having me sign stuff and labeling me. Then we were off to the operating room and 45 minutes later I was out and had 2 additions to my family! It could not have been easier or more enjoyable!

Lucas James 6lbs 8oz
Hannah Lorraine 5lbs 8oz

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We didn't even find out we were having twins until our 20weeks sonogram!! What a surprise when they told us we were having identical twin boys!! I ended up going into preterm labor and had to be on bedrest for close to 3 months Sad I went into labor when I was 37weeks and they decided to go ahead and keep me at the hospital. I got my epidural, got some rest and then at about 6am on January 17th it was time to push.

Deacon Tobias was born at 6:37am and weighed 6pounds even. Truman Xavier was born13 minutes later at 6:50am weighing 6pounds 5 ounces. (No C-section!!!)They were both screaming their head off when they came out and were as healthy as could be Smile 2 days later, we went home and began the craziness that is our life with 3 boys Smile

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At our 36 week OB visit on Tuesday, February 13, several factors were pointing to the fact that I was in the beginning stages of preeclampsia, including excessively puffy feet, ankles, and calves, higher blood pressures than normal, and trace amounts of protein in my urine. To assess the situation further, an appointment was scheduled with a high-risk pregnancy specialist for an additional ultrasound to assess whether the babies were developed enough to deliver if need be. I also had blood tests run, my husband and I were to check my blood pressure later in the day at home, and I had to collect a 24-hour urine specimen. So I spent my last baby-free Valentine’s Day by repeatedly peeing on my hand as I collected samples all day (sexy!).
On Friday, February 16, we had the ultrasound completed at the specialist’s office by a technician who was 35 weeks pregnant, and looked like I did at 20 weeks! The specialist took one look at the ultrasound measurements, my sky-rocketing blood pressure, my ankles and said let’s not mess around with this, the babies are big enough, let’s get them delivered so we don’t risk your health any further. So a call was put in to the OB’s office and I got a call that afternoon to decide whether I wanted to do a vaginal or c-section delivery since both babies were head down. After talking over pros and cons with my doctor, my husband, and fretting for a while, I decided on a c-section because there were no guarantees that we wouldn’t end up in the OR eventually with the induction, and I liked the idea of a more controlled environment given the stress of a potentially long labor on all three of us.
The morning of Saturday, February 17 (36 weeks and 3 days), my husband and I arrived at the hospital at 7am, and checked into the labor and delivery unit. Over the next two hours, I changed into a hospital gown, got paperwork completed, an IV was started, and the anesthesiologist stopped by to explain the spinal block I would be receiving. As I laid there, I was starting to get nervous—this was my first time as a patient in a hospital, at the end of this procedure I was going to have two babies, it was a bit overwhelming. Around 9am, I was wheeled across the hall to the OR, where I actually walked around the operating table as nurses were finishing up preparations to receive my spinal. I climbed up on the table, and held on to one of the nurses while the spinal was administered. It was completely painless and as soon as the anesthesiologist said, it’s in, I was immediately flipped onto my back on the table and I literally couldn’t feel my feet in seconds. Final preparations continued, the drape went up, my OB arrived, and the operation began. My husband was allowed in as the incision was started. It was very surreal to be lying on the table, arms splayed out, my husband at my side, the anesthesiologist above my head telling me what was going on. I heard the OB ask for retractors, then I heard the suction of fluids, and the anesthesiologist told my husband, stand up Dad, here we go! She also reminded him to take pictures. At 9:41am, David Scott was born (6lbs., 10 ozs., 18.5 in), and at 9:42 Noah Lawrence arrived (6 lbs., 4oz., 18.25 in). David’s head was out and suctioned and he was crying before the rest of his body was out! That was an unforgettable moment, hearing his voice. Noah also had a very hearty cry on the way into the world. Both babies had initial Apgars of 8, and maintained that for the 5 minute reading. However, both were breathing heavily at first, and were given several minutes of pressurized oxygen in the OR. The boys were brought over for the four of us to have a moment, and share quick kisses, then Dad went off to the NICU with the boys while my surgery was finished up. I was then taken back to my room for recovery and I was in and out of sleep most of the day due to the pain killers.
The babies were sent to the NICU since they were considered preemies, and were put on IV fluids for low blood sugar levels and precautionary antibiotics since I was Group B strep positive. They didn’t have any further respiratory issues once they arrived in the NICU. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication between the L & D and the NICU, I didn’t get upstairs to see the boys until about 10pm. They were absolutely gorgeous and holding them for the first time was amazing. Over the next few days, I continued recovering with no problems, the boys were taken off the IVs and put on formula, and I began to breastfeed as much as I could. We were all having issues with direct latch on, and because it was the weekend, followed by the President’s Day holiday, the lactation consultant wasn’t available to meet with us until Tuesday morning. However, the NICU nurses were amazing in helping us the best they could, getting me a pump, helping me out with nipple shields, and providing overall support.
On Wednesday, February 21, the three of us were discharged and sent home with Dad, which was my ultimate goal during this whole pregnancy—that we would come home as a family. Now, about a week later, we are all doing well!

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Ok, here’s my story….
My pregnancy was horrendous from start to finish. I had morning sickness ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!!! It was believed that I had Twin Twin Tranfusion Syndrome which caused me to start seeing a high-risk OB as well as my regular OB. I was having ultrasounds every two weeks from about 20 weeks on. The amniotic fluids in both sacs was unequal all the way to the end but we never got the “official” diagnosis which was good. At 29 weeks, I stopped working because the pain in my pelvic bone was too unbearable and wasn’t able to walk around as easily. My doctors were pleased and suggested I just take it easy, but wasn’t put on bed rest. Thank goodness!!! I don’t know how you ladies do it! At 30 weeks and 1 day I felt like I was “leaking.” I went to the dr. and they told me it wasn’t amniotic fluid. I disagreed but went home and waited. The next day I went back complaining of the same thing, STILL don’t think it’s amniotic fluid. Next day… you guessed it, “YOU HAVE TO GO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!” One of my sacs, in fact, was leaking. I was so irritated. They wouldn’t let me walk the 100 yards down the hall to the hospital, they wheeled me. I was put on super strict hospital bed rest at 30 weeks 3 days. Not even allowed to go to the bathroom…so fun.
About 2 ½ days in, I started coughing uncontrollably and felt as if I couldn’t catch a good breath. After complaining of this to the nurses for about 12 hours, they decided to do some tests. It was “determined” that I had pneumonia. (I didn’t, but I’ll get back to that.) I was sent to ICU until they babies were delivered. After 2 days in the ICU and constant coughing, I started complaining of contractions. The monitors were picking them up but the nurses felt like I was exaggerating. WTF???? Sure enough, I was 6 cm dilated. Off to the OR…
The rest is very foggy to me and has been relayed to me by my husband. As I’m being taken to the OR, I’m not able to catch a breath, and I’m panicking. As they’re putting me on the table, I’m freaking out, not being able to breathe. They decide to put me to sleep for the surgery and hubby can’t come in. They delivered babies via emergency C-section. Apparently, I went into respiratory failure at what point I’m still not really clear about. I was put on a ventilator and taken back to ICU. My condition stayed the same for 3 days. On day 3, I woke up, still on the vent, and feeding tubes. I had to stay awake and alert for about 2 hours before they would remove the vent. I have no memory of anything till about 4 hours after I woke up. Funny sidenote… as I’m awake still on the vent, I asked for something to write on and wrote, “NEVER AGAIN!” on a sheet of paper for my husband to read. We still laugh at that, even though I don’t recall doing it.
My husband is my hero. Not only is he dealing with my drama, but Avery & Addison were delivered 9 weeks early, and Addison has TEF, tracheal esophageal fistula. Basically, that means that her esophagus was split in two and needed surgery immediately, to repair. She was rushed to CHOC, in Orange County, CA. THEY WERE PHENOMINAL!!! Over 9 weeks time in the NICU, she ended up having 3 surgeries and she’s great now! Avery went home after 5 weeks in the NICU.
Our girls stayed in separate hospitals the entire time and it was really difficult for us, but somehow we pushed through it, and now seems so long ago. I was able to go home after another 4 days. Oh, the doctors decided that it wasn’t pneumonia that I had. Some believed it be an amniotic embolism, some thought I had some infectious disease, and my OB and I think it was just that all the fluids and drugs they were pumping into to hold off contractions just settled into my lungs since I wasn’t able to get out of bed. I wasn’t even allowed to sit up in bed. That’s my amateur medical opinion!!! Ok, so that pretty much covers it. Need I say again, my husband ROCKS! And now you understand why I still stick to that, “NEVER AGAIN!” rule.

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I just realized I never posted my birth story on here so here I go!

We did IVF after 2 years of infertility and had 2 "perfect" embryos transferred and they both stuck! I had a great pregnancy - absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. Never had a day of morning sickness :lol:! Also had a very uneventful pregnancy. I started having contractions I guess around 30 weeks, but only knew it because of my weekly NST's. The contractions never caused me to go into labor, they said I had an irritable uterus. So I basically sat around from week 30 - week 38 just waiting to go into labor - and I never did! I had a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks on October 24, 2006. My BP was high the day I went in so everyone was very concerned. I just thought it was nerves but it seemed like such a big deal to everyone. So they made stay on my left side and wheeled me into the OR. The anesthesiologist tried to put in the spinal as I layed on my left side. All I remember is him saying to me (in a rather annoyed voice) to curl up into a ball because he was having a hard time getting the spinal in. Well, at 38 weeks pregnant with twins (I'm only 5'1") it was NOT easy to curl into a ball! Finally (after 15 minutes!) I asked if I could sit up while he did it and they reluctantly agreed. And of course, he got it right in! Once the spinal took effect my BP plummeted and I was extremely nauseous. Also the spinal was too high so all I could feel was my heart beating in my throat! I was so nauseous it was hard to pay attention to what was happening. Sean was born first at 12:25 PM weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and measuring 18.5 inches long. He wasn't breathing when he was born so that was really nerve wracking. They got the NICU team in right away and they started working on him. He had swallowed amniotic fluid (totally normal for a c-section) so he was having trouble keeping his oxygen level up. Emma was born second at 12:26 PM weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. Being the spunky little thing she is, she had no problems at all. They decided to keep Sean in the NICU overnight just to be safe, but he was totally fine and joined us the next AM in the room. I, on the other hand, had major blood pressure issues after they were born. I went into fluid overload and wasn't allowed off my left side for a week. I could get up to pee and that was it! I couldn't even feed or change my babies :cry: So my recovery really sucked, but I had two healthy, beautiful children!

Emma Jane

Sean Patrick

Our family finally complete!

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So, I am feeling a bit guilty for having such an easy pregnancy but here' goes!

I was not fitting my pants really early, Jeremy and I had joked about having twins, he would say "Don't even joke about that". Then at 6 weeks, I had a little bleeding, so I was sent for an ultrasound. The tech asked if I wanted to see (of course!) she then said " Just so you know, there are two in there!" I nearly fell off the table in excitement and anticipation. I couldn't wait to tell Jeremy. I was a nervous though, considering what he had said before.
He was so happy, I couldn't believe it.

The rest of the pregnancy went well. I was REALLY sick, and saved by diclectin (sp?). The drs took me off work at 20 weeks just to be on the safe side as my job was really physical and I had been cramping a little.

Fast forward to 31 weeks - I was called into the hospital because "there was something wrong with one of the babies" (thanks, nice message to leave on my answering machine). So we run down to the hospital, where they tell us baby B (Abby) wasn't growing as fast, and they may have to come out a little early and I would be lucky if I made it to December. So I got a round of steroids and started NST's 3x/week. Less then a week later, the NST's showed I was having contractions 5 minutes apart, so the doctor says I'm in labour and have to go to the big hospital. So, in the ambulance I go to the hospital 2 hours away (my town won't deliver twins), Jeremy followed in the truck and got to the hospital about 3 minutes after us (despite the fact we were going about 150km/hour). I spent 4 days in hospital due to contrax 2 minutes apart, but no cervix dialation. We got another ultrasound and saw that Abby was growing fine and they wouldn't have to come out early. I continuted with the NST's for the next 4 weeks, until my bp started to elevate, and I was sent for NST's 2x/day (what fun). After about a week of this, I couldn't WAIT to be induced on the 21st. Lucky if I make it to December, right, thanks! But, the girls had different plans. The morning of the 19th, I was crouched down in my heavily pregnant sort of way, getting some food for the dogs when my water broke. YEEHAWW FINALLY! So we went to the little hospital to get into the ambulance (again, what a cruel thing to do, put a woman in labour in a bumpy ambulance for 2 hours). After we got admitted, they had to hook me up to the monitor, because my water had a lot of blood in it. So I figured if I had to stay in bed the whole time anyways, I would get the epi early (how wonderful, it was the most comfortable I had been in about 10 weeks. I could no longer feel my ribs being seperated). So we watched tv all day and tried to pick out names (I know, we are so organized). By about 7, I had only dialated to 5, and the epi wore off and I was in a lot of pain. At about 8:30, we figured out why, I had finished dialating to 10 in about an hour.

When Gracie born, she was put on my stomache, I was surprised (what do you mean a baby?). Abby then needed to be flipped, as she was breech, and was born 6 minutes later.

Both girls were tended to in our room (which was where they were born) and didn't have to go to the nursery or anything. We were sent home 36 hours later.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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Overall my pregnancy was very easy, especially compared to what it took to actually get pregnant. After 3 1/2 years of trying, my husband Doug and I did fertility treatments to try to acheive a sustainable pregnancy. We tried 6 rounds of failed Clomid and then moved to Follistim and IUI. 1 1/2 weeks after our IUI, my husband and I had a trip planned to Germany and Italy over Thanksgiving. I allowed myself to bring one, and only one, pregnancy test as I refused to obsess during our trip. That one test was like gold and I didn't want to use until I *knew* it would be accurate. The day before Thanksgiving we were visiting the Vatican and Sistine Chapel when I was convinced I was not pregnant. I was having heartburn, but chalked that up to the Italian food, plus I felt really crampy, had no spotting for implantation, and knew that AF was right around the corner. I remember walking through the Vatican museum and running into every bathroom to do a "wipe check" as I was sure my period was starting. When we got to St. Peter's Cathedral I was virtually in tears begging God that this be our turn. I can't explain it, but a sense of peace came over me and I decided that I would take the test the next morning and move on.

The next morning, Thanksgiving morning, at 4:00 AM I woke up and couldn't wait any longer so I ran to the bathroom and pee'd on the blessed stick. Before I could get up and flush I glanced over and it was a blazing BFP. I screamed (my poor husband was still asleep) and said "Holy Sh*t, Doug! It's positive" To which he said, "Stac I don't think the Pope quite heard you!!" Lol

Somehow I knew there are at least 2 in there (I had 3 follies when we triggered) and out or first ultrasound at 6 weeks we saw both heartbeats. It was smooth sailing from there, although I was huge, until we hit 31 weeks. Then, in the middle of one night, I rolled over onto Megan and apparently scared her, she jumped and completely tore off one of my round ligaments in the process. So we stayed 3 days in the hospital with that process (lots of fun) but everyone was fine. At 36 weeks I started to have a little elevated blood pressure. My c-section was a week away, scheduled for Friday, July 13th (fun times) but my blood pressure kept rising. At my 36 week check up my MF specialist noted my BP at 150/115 and it stayed up so I was put in a wheel chair and told that it was time. My OB apolgoized and said they were booked for the day (plus I had already eaten that day) and that I would have to wait until the morning. That was quite alright with me as the next day was Saturday, July 7 or 07-07-07! Very cool, I thought.

That afternoon I sat in the hospital bed and started calling everyone -- including my husband who was at work and started the paniced dash for the bags, deal with the dogs, wrap up things at work, etc. etc. That night I was given an Ambien and slept like a baby -- even though I looked like this :shock:

The next morning at 9:00 AM I was taken into the OR after a very easy time with the epidural and the first cut was made. Soon my OB said "She's looking at me!" and at 9:51 Sydney Ann was born at 5 lbs 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Megan followed closely behind at 9:52 and weighed 5 lbs even and was 19 inches long. Both girls were perfect and had quite a set of lungs. I just remember crying and my husband saying "This is the coolest thing ever"

We spent 3 days recovering from the c-section and went home with our perfect little girls. It was the most amazing day of my life!!

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Originally written 7/21/07 on my birth board (guess I never posted it here so here goes!)

Hi All!! Sorry this took so long! As you can imagine, right now we are very busy trying to find a routine and schedule and extra minutes in the day. I get about a 1-2 hour window in between nursings so I'm learning to prioritize what needs to be done in that 2 hour window (juggling sleep, eat, clean, internet, phone calls, etc). DH and I have been learning so much (you need a serious learning curve as first time parents with twins!). I've been working on uploading these pics for probably about 4 days now!

I had a c-section date originally scheduled for 7/20. On Monday 7/9 I went in for a routine 2 week growth check and they noticed Baby B (Avery) had not really grown much since the last ultrasound and the perinatologist recommended that 7/20 is far too long to wait and that an amnio should be done to determine if the girls' lungs were mature and enough, and if so, then the earlier the better for their delivery.

That same day I had a later appointment to meet with my OB anyways. My OB said he would be work on getting the amnio scheduled but he would have to work on that the next day since it was already too late on Monday. The following morning, Tuesday I got a call at 10:00a from the hospital saying they have an opening that they could squeeze me into at 11:00a for the amnio. So I rushed and got myself together (husband was at work). It was the first time I drove for 8 weeks since being on bedrest! It felt good! I had a gut feeling I might not come home so I threw all of my packed bags in the truck, just in case.

Fortunately my DH was able to sneak away from work and join me at the hospital for the amnio. The amnio went fine. I thought it was going to be terrible and the needle would be HUGE but it was really small, probably because I was so far along.

Following the amnio, they wanted me to go for observation, which was basically like an extended NST. They wanted me there for 6 hours. Well, because they went through one of the placentas for the amnio, the perinatologist wanted me admitted overnight for observation. The results came back outstanding - their lungs were 40 weeks mature (I was 37 weeks and 1 day at the time). The c-section was scheduled at 9:30a the next morning.

Good thing I brought my bags!!!

Shoot I've got about 5 minutes til one of the girls wake up for a feeding so please excuse if I have any typos....

I actually wanted to have a c-section so I did all of the reading and asked a lot of friends I knew who had had them and got as much info as I could. They had me in a wheelchair waiting at the doorway to the OR and I remember at that moment I was SUPER nervous and emotional...holding back tears about the big moment where I'd be seeing my girls soon and my last moment pregnant.

The anesthesiologist came to my L&D room prior about 20 minutes before surgery and talked to me and my husband about the spinal he was going to give me. He answered any questions I had and told me he'd be sitting right next to me throughout the procedure. He was a very soothing and calm fellow (hmm, just like you'd figured for an anethesiologist! LOL)

When they wheeled me in the operating room, there were a couple of young nurses (guy and girl) prepping the room. They had me sit on the bed/table. Its REALLY narrow by the way, pretty much barely wider than my body it felt like. We were waiting for the anesthesiologist to get there. The nurses had XM radio in the OR and it was on a hip hop station. I told them I loved the music! (Believe me I really did, I was SO thankful to hear some "outside" music after being cooped up at home on bedrest, plus the music put me in a really light and fun mood!). As I waited for the anesthesiologist, I focused on the music. The anesthesiologist came in and had me sit up and bend over. I just felt a little prick in my back as he did the spinal and that was basically it. I really thought it was going to be way worse than it was but it wasn't at all.

They layed me down. My OB came in and introduced the other dr who would be assisting him and the sheet went up. I remember my body feeing kinda heavy and losing feeling quickly. They put on some pumps on my feet. I can't explain it, it was sorta like a gentle blood pressure cuff on the feet, and every so often it would get tight (gently). It was for circulation I believe. I remember trying to wiggle my toes and I couldn't. The nurse said she was putting in the catheter. Couldn't feel it so didn't care!

During this entire time the room started filling. Nurses (2 nurses per baby) and my husband joined us. Before I knew it my doctor said that he's started. Its so weird because you are just lying there and can't see anything or feel anything and are just being told they've started.

Then I heard them laugh about the amniotic fluid squirting out. My doctor said we had a geyser! (everyone was in such good humor!) Next thing I know my doctor laughs again and said, "Ha ha she stuck out her hand first before I even reached in!" And out came Alana at 9:54am. He held her up over the blue sheet and I saw this little red screaming baby! My husband was jumping up and taking pictures. Then within the next minute at 9:55am out came Avery and I saw the little tiny screamer as the doctor held her above the sheet. I was able to see Avery's little station near me so I watched them cleaning her and doing the Apgar scores (both girls all 9s). During this time I just focused in happiness on hearing my babies cries as the doctors did the whole tug and pull deal on my body. This has got to be the weirdest part because you don't feel pain you just feel them tugging, pushing and pulling inside and it was uncomfortable just because it was weird. My doctor says to the other, "WOW, look at this uterus. Hard to believe those two babies fit in this tiny uterus! [then to me] Your uterus has already started shrinking. You have one strong uterus!!"

The babies were swaddled and I held them right there as I was lying on the table. It was a very awkward position though and I strained my shoulder doing it.

Then the babies and daddy (DH) left the room on their way to the nursery to be weighed and bathed. They finished me up. They transferred me from the OR table to a regular hospital bed. It was so funny how they did it...they inflated some sort of blow up mattress under me then just pushed me over to the regular hospital bed. Then I was wheeled to my room where I'd be recovering for the rest of my stay. Shortly afterwards, the babies were brought with me and I was able to breastfeed and hold my babies.

My only complaint of what truly truly sucks about c-section recovery is that I couldn't laugh!!! There were truly funny moments and my husband would make me laugh and I couldn't laugh. One time I got stuck in a laughing fit and I was crying at the pain and silently laughing because I couldn't stop laughing.

When the girls were born they checked out in good health and were able to stay with us in our room at the hospital for the entire time. We came home the morning of Sunday 7/15. Both girls are feeding well but Avery is not gaining as quickly as she should be. For Avery we have to supplement some formula with a dropper feeder while nursing to help her gain weight. Otherwise all is good in the land of diapers!

Here are the stats:
Alana Lee
5 lbs 14 oz.
18" long

Avery Tommi
5 lbs
17 3/4"

Wow these girls are so quiet right now...I better get to feeding before they BOTH wake up at the same time crying and let me know I'm slippin!


Baby A - Alana Lee's first breath

Baby B - Avery Tommi's first breath

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My babies were born Tuesday 20th of March 2007.

Here is their story,

On the Friday I had a maternity appointment. I had a feeling things were changing as I'd swollen up even more, and true enough, they found my blood pressure had shot up and protein in the urine so I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Me and the babies were put on a monitor and everything seemed to be fine in the belly, so I was sent home with strict instructions to come back to the hospital if anything changed, otherwise I was due back to be monitored again on the Monday.

Sunday night my back was killing me, it had been bothering me the whole weekend, but it was getting worse, then all of a sudden I get a really painful tightening in the belly, it lasts for about 4 minutes, making it hard to breathe. That scared me enough that me and Marc went to the hospital. There they found out that I was already 2 cm. dilated, and having contractions every 2 minutes, which made me laugh because I couldn't feel them at all, just that one big one. Then it hit me, OH MY GOD I'M IN LABOR, so with butterflies in my stomach and almost shaking with fear, excitement, name it I try to get my head around the fact that I would be giving birth soon. Imagine the anti-climax when the doctors then said they wanted to try to stop the labor since I was only 34 weeks and 6 days at that point. The cut off point, where they don't try to stop you is 35 weeks. Go figure. They did say that babies generally do very well born this stage, but they wanted to at least try to give them some extra time in the womb. so during the night I'm given tablets and injections and the following morning, after a sleepless night (the side effects of the drugs was incredibly rapid heartbeat, so I felt like I was running a marathon) the contractions died down. At noon, things seemed stable so I was allowed to go home and get some rest there. At that point me and Marc were both emotional wrecks and exhausted. They told me things could start again in an hour or in a week, no way of knowing so the best thing for me was to get some sleep at home and be in touch if anything changed.

Both of us tried to catch up on some sleep during the day but the same evening I started having twinges. Nothing regular, but since I couldn't even feel when they were coming 2 minutes apart we decided to go back to hospital and see what they said. When we got there I was hooked up to a monitor again, it showed slight contractions, but these were only every 15-20 minutes, so they decided it wasn't active labor. But given the events of the past few days they decided to keep me in the hospital anyway if things changed. So me and Marc were given a private room with a lazyboy chair for him and a television and spent another sleepless night in the hospital. During the night the "twinges" even died out for about an hour, so I was convinced this was just my body playing tricks on us and we'd probably be sent home the following day.

The morning after all is the same. The midwife checks on us, finds that I'm now 3 cm. dilated but still not in "active labor" so we are pretty much just left on our own. Which was lovely actually. Marc got into bed with me and held me as I dozed over Robocop II, the twinges had picked up again and were coming every 10 minutes or so, but to be honest, my period cramps were worse than what I was feeling. And so the morning passes and the afternoon. At 3 o'clock the tops of the twinges are getting a tad uncomfortable so I'm using the gas and asking Marc to time them. They were still 10-12 minutes apart so I'm not that worried. Then all of a sudden in the space of an hour 10 minutes became 5 minutes then 3 minutes. At that point I thought to myself "ok this must be it or I'm in big trouble"...So I ring for the midwife and tell her that I think something might be happening now.

She calmly checks and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. Turns out I was already 8 cm. dilated, so things quickly turn into an ER style chaos. The room fills with people and I'm wheeled out, bed banging against walls to the delivery room. I'm sky high on gas and air, giggling away, thinking it's hilarious to be able to get to 8 cm. without even realizing I was in labor. In retrospect the fact I didn't know probably helped me with the pain, I didn't have the nervous excitement of the night before when I knew something was happening, so what actually were contractions I just put down as twinges and kept on watching telly with Marc.

Anyway back to the story. I'm wheeled in to the delivery room and they call for the anesthesiologist to put in the epidural. Something I didn't actually feel like I needed at that time, but I had to have anyway as a standard practice in twin births. I would be glad for it later though.

It worked a charm and I could barely feel the contractions after it. I was most sorry not needing the gas anymore since I found it really helpful just to focus the breathing and keeping things nice and relaxed. But things happened really fast after the epidural was put in though, about a half an hour later I was fully dilated and THEN it started it hurt. Really hurt. I remember going from thinking "is this all there is to childbirth ? Easysmeasy" to "are you KIDDING ME !!!"

I was actually shocked how much it hurt, stupid I know since they do tell you giving birth is painful haha. But women always talk about the contractions and how painful they are, some even say that it's almost a relief when they can start pushing, well not for me. I found that the absolute worst thing of the whole process.

My body just became a bunch of scrambled messages. My mind was saying stop pushing, it hurts, stop doing that ! But my body was totally out of my control and even though I wanted to fight against it I couldn't. It's the strangest thing ever. I've found out later from Marc that the doctors and midwives were urging me on and telling me where I was at, but I can't remember any of it. To me, the room disappeared, everyone disappeared and all there was in the world was me, my body, the pain, the contractions, the muscles tightening and the pushing. The contractions were coming so fast, one on top of the other that I could barely catch my breath in between them. The pressure and urge to push was so strong that it was almost turning my stomach and at one point I actually thought I would get sick from it. When I could think, the one thought was " I want a c-section" but I couldn't even talk at that point, so unfortunately was never able to explain to them that this whole idea of a "natural birth" was ridiculous and that they were a bunch of sadists not giving me a the c-section I wanted at that point.

So on it went, I remember Marc standing next to me, urging me on, telling me I could do it. I remember trying to say that I couldn't do it anymore, and the doctor responding sharply that "yes I could". Marc told me later he was almost pissed off at her that she was so stern with me, but she had to be, if I had gotten any mollycuddling at that point I would have given up. Instead I just did what I was told and kept on pushing. Marc told me later that they said to me that the head was coming, that I was close. But again I don't remember any of that. All I can remember is being in my bubble of pain and pushing and then all of a sudden there is a baby on my stomach. And I'm shocked ! For a second it's like "where did she come from ???". It takes me a few seconds to come out of this "zone" that I was in and realize that she's here. That the little, soft, beautiful, warm, crying baby on my stomach is my daughter. Without realizing it I pull her up and closer to me and I don't know what to think. It's love overload. She's here, she's mine. She's healthy. She's perfect. I get to look at her for a few moments and then she's taken away. And the doctors start doing an ultrasound and the midwifes are adjusting the heart rate monitor and in my stunned amazement it registered that it's not over yet. Even as I was thinking that I could feel the contractions starting up again.

This time though it was easier. This time when I could feel them coming I worked WITH my body and pushed through the pain instead of fighting against it. I heard them saying that her heartbeat was erratic and that just made me push even harder. Again I went into the bubble where nothing mattered but me and her and getting her into this world. Again I have no recollection of the doctors telling me she was coming. Like with her sister all of a sudden she was just there. Only 9 minutes later. My other daugther. Just as warm, as soft and as beautiful as her sister. She's taken away for just a few minutes and then they hand both of them to us. Marc gets one bundle and I get the other. And we looked at each other. Parents of two daughters that are snuggled in blankets in our arms and life just changes forever.

I was so lucky, as my daughters were born they were put straight on my belly, even before the doctors examined them I got to touch them and hold them for a few moments, all they did was put a little blanket around them so they wouldn´t get too cold. Both pictures are taken literally seconds after each of their births..





My beauties

With mommy


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from my birth board.... the only other thing that i didn't type up then was that i was sick, i guess it happens sometime with spinals, but i threw up(or tried to) about 5 mins after i got the spinal, and continued to do so every 10 mins or so for about 3 hours... they couldn't sit me up in my bed after i got back to my room or anything because of it for a few hours, so i didn't get to hold my girls for about 4 hours/ or BF them, but i remember reading on here that if their blood sugar is low let the nurses feed them formula and it will go up so i let them do that for the first feeding, until i could sit up, they did just fine with BF and there was no confusing or anything. ok on with the story!:D

Mine is kinda boring since it was a scheduled c-section, on 28 Dec 2007(37weeks 5 days)... nothing went wrong, everything went very very good. We arrived at the hospital at 5 am as scheduled... got my room right away, (plus the biggest one!) got my IV going, blood drawn, and NST set up. There was another c-section scheduled for that day so the doctors went ahead and did her first since a single baby, and less complicated... finally 9:30am comes around, and they wheel me on my bed into the OR and transfer me onto the OR bed, i get a spinal tab(WHICH IS AWESOME!) i was so shocked it didnt hurt at all,.... just a small pinching feeling.... they put the sheet up so i cant see anyone, and they bring Brian in the room(which is getting cramped.... there was about 10 doctors, 5 nurses, and 5 med techs in the room the size of normal kitchen). Addison was born at 10:21am 5lbs10oz and Paige was born at 10:23 5lbs 4oz. Both got 8/9 on their Apgar Tests....I was back in my room with the girls by 11:30. I never was in any "pain" due to the spinal, and then the pain killers im on now, and really feel 90% as well as i normally do... and then today 31 Dec 2007, 3 days after having the girls we are all home.

here is my stomach about 12 hours before my c-section

right before the c-section DH and I

right after they are born(im still in the OR)

Dh and I holding them

the girls

first set of real clothes

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I'm just now getting to write this Smile

I had a really easy pregnancy, other than being totally huge with a full term birth!! I was 4 cm at 37 weeks, but my doc insisted I wait til 38 to have my c/s. Baby A was breech. So, the next day (I couldn't wait!) my water started leaking and Baby A, Iris's foot was sticking out of my cervix!! Ahhh! So off I went, and had a really easy c/s. It was that simple really.
They came home with me as scheduled 3 days later. Iris was 6 pounds 3 ounces 20" and Sarah was 6 pounds 13 ounces 20" long. They are precious, and their big sister is so proud. Here's some pictures!
On their bday
After tandem nursing at the hospital
Our homecoming

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I'm going to take the easy way out (I've got three babies wanting my attention) and post a link to my blog post. It tells our birth story and has lots of pictures that I just don't have time, right now, to upload to photobucket and then try to format again.

Birth Story

It's a looong post! lol

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In case you didn't see this in the November 2010 Forum..........

*~* Jillian & Jocelyn's Birth Story *~*

DH & I went in for our last U/S on Tuesday November 2nd. Everything looked great - the girls were growing & were both still head down! After we were finished and were in the waiting area waiting for the tech to bring us our picture CD (which we always can't wait to look at again & again). She came out and sat down in the chair across from us - which I thought kinda strange since she never did that before) - we have requested to have her as our tech the entire pregnancy, she is such a wonderful woman. Anyway, she started talking about how my fluid was low - which I honestly didn't really understand at first. She said it's supposed to be at a level 10 and mine was at a level 7. She suggested to call our doctor and we both agreed, so she went in the back to make the call.... about 5 minutes later (ours doc are amazing and return calls very quickly), our doc calls back and asks us if we have our bag in the car (it was at home still)... she said to go get it & come to the hospital. She really didn't say on the phone if she was going to induce or not, but DH & I were thinking yes. So, we raced home, called basically everyone we know, and told our moms to meet us at the hospitaal. We stopped home, did a few quick things, and grabbed our bag & left for the hospital. epidural

When we finally got to L&D, the doc talked to us for a few & explained what would happen. She started the induction process around 8:30 PM that Tuesday night (Nov 2)..... at some point (I can't recall times) she gave me some Stadol for pain relief. It made me really sleepy and I fell asleep. I woke up about 2 hours later and at some point (once again, can't recall times) I said I was ready for the epidural ---- I made it to a 5.5. The doctor said it was the perfect timing for it. (My MIL says I'm her hero because she couldn't make it pasta 4!)

Once I reached a dilation of 10, the doc and nurse came in and helped me to "Labor Down". It was so starnge beause nothing really "hurt" just a strong pressure. Once the baby's head was in good position, they wheeled my bed into the OR (they said twin births always take place in the OR in case something bad happens, I would already be in place to open me up.

Time seemed to fly from this point. DH started up by my head, holding it up during contractions... the doctor asked him if he wanted to watch delievery and of course he said yes. So he moved to the side and helped hold up my left leg when I pushed. There were student nurses there watching and one volunteered to take pics w our camera... I am SOOOO happy she did!! they are amazing pictures!!

Once again, nothing really "hurt" just INTENSE pressure of the baby's head. It was a hard thing to do, but I pushed Baby A out at 7:21 AM Nov 3rd..... no complications Smile Because of the stress on Baby B, I was given a little Oxygen. Baby B's heart rate started to drop a little so the doctor said she would have to vaccuum her out to help her out.... which I was so worried about. It worked well through and Baby B came at 7:32 AM!!! The only side effect of the vaccuum was a little black & blue mark on the top of her ehad.... which was gone about 4 days later.

We stayed @ the hospital for 2 days. I asked to go home the 1st day (I felt great!!!) but we decided to stay so the girls could be monitored. We were afraid Baby B had a slight case of jaundice..... which cleared up fast! (with no treatment)
The doctor said I was the best "pusher" they had ever seen and all my family members couldn't believe I was smiling and up walking around ready to go home. I will admit the day after the girls were born my stiches hurt bad (I didn't rip that much but the few I got hurt after I had been sitting for a while).

Now the girls are home and they are AMAZING!!!! They are such good girls!! They actually slep thru the night last night (DH and I found a routine their prediatricial told us about --- wake them every 2 hours during the day) It worked for last night so we are trying it again today! I am SO in love with them. They had their 1st doc appt yesterday. They are healthy and so beautiful!!!!!!

Stats on Jillian:
Born: 11-3-10 @ 7:21 AM
5.8 lbs and 19 1/2 in.
Left the hospital at: 5.5 lbs
At first doc. visit: Weighed 5.9

Stats on Jocelyn:
Born: 11-3-10 @ 7:32 AM
5.11 lbs and 19 in.
Left the hospital at: 5.9
At first doc. visit: Weighed 5.13

:::::::: Here are some pictures of our girls ::::::::

This is Jillian

This is Jocelyn

Some other pictures of them

Jilly at her 1st doc. visit!

Jocey at her 1st doc. visit!

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I'm getting this thread going again!!!! Smile

The twins were actually a wedding gift to ourselves. We got married on the 7th on Jan in the Dominican Republic. We concieved on the 8th (not intentally, it turns out its very easy for me to get pregnant). I had a pretty uneventfull pregnancy. Found out @ 9 weeks and 5 days but already had my suspicions. Had morning sickness (or all day sickness I should say)bad and was died tried. Everything was ok until my 3 trimester when I developed cholestasis and I began itching like crazy. I was put on meds. but they did nothing so my doc decided to induce me @ 36 weeks and 3 days( a week early then planned).

Delivery day:

Firstly, I arrived at the hospital at 2pm and found out I got a private room which was a bonus. I also found out I was strep B positive so I had to have the anitbodies, bummer. So around 5 the doctor came and explained what was going to happen. She inserted the cervidil @ 5:30 and by 6 I was having contration every 2-3 minutes but they were manageable. By about 9 I was in enormous amounts of pain and the contractions were on top of each other. The doctor came in and checked me and said that I was 2 centimeters but my cervix was still thick. They asked if I wanted to have a shot of morphin/gravel to ease the pain. I held off as much as I could but after another hr. I couldn't take it any longer. I had the morphin shot, it took the edge off and I was able to sleep through the contraction. A little while later, the doctor checked me again, I was 3 centimeters and a little thinner so she took out the cervidil. Not much after that, the contractions went away and I was able to sleep through the night.

The next morning, the L&D resident came to my room and said that they were going to start the induction shortly but they had some c- sections to do first. That was @ 7am, they didnt call me down to L&D till about 3pm. Got there, was checked and I was still 3 centimeters but I had thinned some more So, around 3:30 they broke my water, and there was a lot (I never got to feel my water break with my daughter because I had already had the epidural), and they started me on oxytocin.

The contractions started right away but they were manageable and I was breathing through them well. About an 1hr later and 4 more increase of oxytocin they were getting very hard to breathe through so I asked for the epidural. 1/2 hr later the anesthesiologist walked and started the process. 1 hr, 4 attempts and a ton of very painful contractions later, she FINALLY got the epidural in (I guess I have a boney back making it hard to insert the needle).So, I lay down to let the epidural take affect well they try to put the monitors back on and test with ice for freezing and almost immediately I start to feel pressure. It was still faint but I told the nurse and she checked me and I was 6 centimeters.

So they had a shift change and my doctor was on call (thank god) and we got a new nurse that had twin boys! It didn't take long for the pressure to start becoming uncomfortable. So she checked me again and I was only 7 centimeter I had only progressed 1 centimeter in an hours. So we sat and talked but the pressure started building and got so painfully I started crying and literally screaming through the contactions (which were now on top of each other). she gave me another drug through my epidural (not sure what the name of it was) to ease the pain the pressure but it did nothing. So she decided to checked me and sure enough I was fully dialted and ready to push (less than an hr after being checked and only being 7).

I started pushing with the next contractions and she called the doctor in for delivery. About 4 contractions later, Bradley was born screaming and healthy. So I waited 5 mintues for the contractions to start again well they checked with ultrasound to see the position of the baby. She had turned herself around and was now sideways. The doctor explained I had to push her into the channel so they could break my water. I pushed her down enough and they broke my water. They tried moving her in the womb (which was extremely painful) and he shoved his hand up there to try to grab her and turn her(which was just as painful) The problem now was that she was going to be born with her arm first which can't happen. So they let me try pushing her again and finally my doctor said if after this contraction I can't get her out we were going for a c-section...and that exactly where we headed.

The next 10 minutes were a blur. People were flying everywhere preping for the section and I was rushed to the OR. Well in there I could feel them pinching my stomach (the epidural had not taken fully) so I was gased and was not awake for my daughters birth. Everything happen so fast that they didn't even get my husband and he missed the birth as well.

I awoke about an hr later in recovery with my son in the room with me and some family members to fill me in on what had just happened. Bradley was doing well, but Kaylee had a bruised arm, had had some trouble breathing and her sugars were low but was doing better now.

They wheeled me down to the NICU with Bradley to see Kaylee, which is were I finally settled on her name, and I got to hold them both for the first time. Unfortunately, we only had Bradley for short time because his sugars dropped as well. They were born Sept 6,2011 Bradley born @ 8:51 weighing 5lbs 12oz and Kaylee @ 9:52 weighing 5lbs 1oz. I ended having a blood transfusion the next day because my hemoglobins were in the 50 which I guess isn't good. They were both in the NICU for 5 days.