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Thread: more and more sleep issues

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    Default more and more sleep issues

    Hey ladies, it is 2 AM and I am up watching the goodnight show on sprout with my girls. I am such a bad mommy. The last 3 nights the girls have been waking my in the middle of the night. I do my best to get them the paci and put them back down immediately. But it doesn't seem to be working. DH works till midnight, and although he gets up to help - I try to send him back to bed so he can at least get a few hours of sleep. BUt that leaves me dealing with two wide awake babies who won't go back down - and start screaming if I leave them in their cribs. Then, it is just crazy, because neither one can fall back asleep because the other is keeping them awake.

    And this is where I start major major bad habits. I don't know what else to do besides get them up and let them play till they are exausted. I keep it dark, turn on a slow TV show or music and let them play till I put them down.

    While contemplating what has changed this week:

    I have been feeding them rice cereal about an hour before bedtime. I don't think I am going to do that anymore. Maybe it is cause digestive issues????

    Teething has been runing rampant. Olivia had a tooth break through today.

    Can't think of anything else. Has anyone been though this and lived? LOL Am I teaching my girls habits that are irreversible? What shoudl I do, suggestions please!!!!

    Thanks for your help ladies... I love this board!!

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    I know Sean was like that when he was teething. The only thing that worked was bringing out into the living room and holding him in the recliner until he fell back asleep. Sometimes I would have to sleep with him on the couch because everytime I would lay him down, asleep or not, he would scream. As soon as his 3 teeth broke thru at once, he was fine.

    I seriously am no expert at all, but maybe they are used to playing now at night? My babies are definitely creatures of habit and learn quickly how to get me to jump! I know you do whatever you can when you are desperate for sleep and it's really hard to listen to them cry. I know I have a really hard time now trying to get Sean to nap because he would rather be playing. So I just put a few toys in his crib and he plays until he falls asleep. Or if it's possible, maybe put them in separate rooms at night to try to cut down on waking each other up?

    I jut want to tell you that you are not a bad Mommy. I think you are doing a great job and can't even imagine the exhaustion you're feeling. I wish I had some useful advice or tips, but my babies seem to have their Daddy's sleeping genes. I think I am up more than them at night!

    I hope someone has some better insight and things get better for you guys!


    Sean and Emma 10/24/06

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    that would have been 1 my time, and guess what...I WAS FREAKIN' UP TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    My girls are sick though, so I kinda know what their deal was. I still feel sorry for you. Poor Mommy. I don't want to blame it all on teething, but it does effect alot. When the girls are like that, I try to give them their paci back and add orajel at the same time. I know you don't really want them to CIO, but are you almost to that point? Just ship them to me for a week! They'll be like"that Kelly lady is mean mom, we want to come home to you! We promise we'll sleep better!!!"
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    My Cassie gets like this when she is teething (which seems to be always...uggh). She wants to be wide awake at ridiculous hours. I found there is NOTHING I could do with her aside from letting her cry. I'd rock her, sit with her next to the crib without getting her out, nurse her numerous times, take her to my bed...nothing worked! I ended up having to let her cry several times. And this kid cries and cries and cries. I'd go in periodically, but it just made her madder. I wanted to take her out and let her play, but never did do it, for fear of getting her in the habit. I really don't know what you are "supposed" to do, but I do know that you will live through it (just the last three nights she has actually slept through the night...for the first time ever).

    I actually think some of the waking was attributed to being seems that baby food just wasn't cutting it for her, and caused her to wake up a lot. Maybe you could try more finger foods/solids for them, but a little earlier than you're currently giving them the rice cereal? I know that has helped with Cassie (I truly have no idea how I survived it w/ the twins...I don't remember! That's the good thing about sleep deprivation...when you're out of it, you barely remember what it was like).

    Good luck to you! It WILL get better...just may take a little while!
    Jenny, mom to
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    We are still having this same problem when teething rears its ugly head. They will not sleep. However, no matter what soothing methods we employ to get them through the night, they go right back to their regular routine as soon as the teething pain is over. I know it is draining for you, but I wouldn't worry about long term effects.

    We always watch the Cosby show at night. We were up with both Ian and Maddie two nights ago. The Cosby show was still showing at its regular 3AM timeslot!

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    Man, those girls give you more sleep troubles.......
    You are not a bad mommy, you are a tired mommy!

    We were doing this for about 2 months. Every night at around 3 am, they would wake up, eat, and then want to play or cry until about five. I don't blame it on teething because Abby doesn't have any teeth
    When they would get up, I wouldn't take them out because I didn't want to get them revved up to play or used to playing in the night (that and I was WAY to tired to even contemplate playing). I would just sit in their room and turn on their whinnie the pooh lights. They would cry, but I was sitting there talking/singing/touching them so I didn't feel so bad. Sometimes I would fall asleep in the glider, they would fall asleep too
    Now, I know that by saying this, I'm going to jinx myself, but I'm doing this for you so I hope you appreciate this....
    For about 2-3 weeks, they have just been getting up to eat, then going back to sleep right away .What changed? I don't know exactly but there were a lot of things.
    1. we weaned completely (this isn't why we weaned, they just weaned themselves)
    2. we started with the ocean sounds cd, it's on pretty loud. Okay, really loud
    3. We started keeping them up later. A short nap around 4 or 5 then bed at 7 or 8 (I think this may be the main reason, because if they go to bed at 6 like before, they are up and ready to play at 3 again)

    I know there were other things but I can't remember them now. If I do, I'll add them
    Hang in there! I hope they let you sleep soon!
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    Hugs hugs!
    Mommy to DD (9 years) and DS (9 years)

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    ok, my kids were perfect sleeping angels until a few months before they turned 2. Then my peaceful well-rested world crashed and burned. Everyone talks about the sleeping trouble newborns have. No one tells you that sleep issues will pop up over and over again throughout childhood.

    The kids went through a series of colds (one on top of the next) for about 6 weeks. They weren't sleeping well and I was often going into their room in the middle of the night. Fine, they were sick, I had no problem doing this. I would get them calmed down, give meds if needed, they would go right back to sleep. After the colds were finally gone, they were still waking up and crying for me. I didn't know how I was supposed to handle it, so I kept going in their room. From there, it went from bad to worse. (little background - we did CIO when they were about 7-8 months old which worked beautifully and never had another issue until this) We tried on and off to do CIO, but it wasn't working. Our problem was not being consistant - hindsight is always lovely. It got to the point that Tyler would scream and cry if he couldn't see me and Erin would cry if she could see me. I ended up sleeping in the hallway outside their door (Ty could see me, Erin couldn't). We tried everything we could think of to get them to sleep. We resorted to driving them around in the middle of the night. First, Tyler was ok with me just being outside the door. Then he would scream if I wasn't sitting up. It just kept getting worse and worse. I ended up going about a month on 1.5 hours of sleep a night. Kid weren't napping during the day, refusing to eat almost everything except cheerios and crackers. I reached my breaking point a week before the kids turned 2 and ended up sobbing in the ped's office. I seriously was thinking about who I could give the kids to because I just couldn't do it anymore. She recommended that we give them benedryl at bedtime to get them used to that sleepy feeling. She also told me to stay in their room until they fell asleep at night (by this time Erin also wanted me in their room), but after they were asleep, I was not to go into their room again until morning. If we heard a cry that was something really wrong, dh was supposed to go in. Otherwise, it was cio. It worked fairly quickly for them to start sleeping through the night again. It did take months before I could stop sitting in their room while they initially fell asleep, but it was something I was willing to do. Since then, there have been other sleep problems that have popped up, but I nip them in the bud immediately. I have occasionally had to go back to sitting outside their rooms while they fall asleep (they are now in separate rooms). Heck, its good reading time. LOL

    My point in that long rambling story is not to scare you. :P First, I want you to know that you are not alone. Sleep issues are very common. I didn't know this and I think that's why it took us so long to nip it - it was so unexpected. Secondly, don't wait for it to get worse. Nip it as quickly as you can. If needed, call your ped to ask for suggestions. Otherwise, pick what has worked in the past to get your kids to sleep and stick with it. btw, I'm not suggesting that what worked for us is a good solution for everyone. Its just what we had to do. Sleep is so so so important.

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    man I don't know.. I was up too.. that's funny.. I'm waiting for it to pass like all the other phases have too. I don't know what else to do though because if I don't let her get up she screams and wakes up the whole house.

    Anyway you've gotten lots of advice so good luck deciding what to do. You do have my utmost sympathy though
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    My girlies were STTN at 4mo (I'll duck & hide in a min) but around 9mo they started getting up a lot. My rule on waking was that if you cry I give you a paci, if you're crying again within 1/2hr I'll give you a bottle. Well about 9mo the girls all started getting up for bottles 1st at midnight (the time daddy used to get home from work) & then again at 4am (the time daddy was currently getting up for work). Bottles were sometimes taken but mostly rejected & 99% of the time it was all 3 at once- since I don't have that many hands I would put them in their swings to eat their bottles. I would lay on the couch in complete darkness with the swings going, if someone cried in the swing I'd lay with them on the couch with my eyes closed. If they tried to babble/play with me I would lay them back in their cribs or put them back in the swing. Once they fell asleep in the swing I'd wait 5min then move them to their crib. Of course at that point in time the only way to get the girlies to sleep was to put them in their swings until they passed out. I didn't attempt any CIO type techniques until 12mo & swings worked faster than cuddling. I also would bring a crying baby into our bed if it was just one of them, G spent the last few hours of many nights sleeping with me.
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