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Thread: more and more sleep issues

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    Here's what I 4.5 months...they were driving me nuts...I would swaddle them, they would come unswaddled , wake 4 times a night! So, I put them on their stomachs (they could both hold their heads up no problem) And voila! Slept thru the night...The whole night! Now that one of them rolls over, I have to go in once or twice a night for paci retrieval, but that takes one second. Anyways, I know what they say about putting them on their stomachs, but these babies were born big & healthy & strong, and they could hold their heads up as I said. Anyways...just what worked for me.

    As a postscript, we had started putting them on stomachs for daytime naps since they were about 2 months old, and right near us. They seemed to like it better and slept better.

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    Sarah is rolling over onto her tummy to sleep! Is that safe? Should I wake her and flip her over? She's happy there. What to do?

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    I was told by my ped that once they roll over on their own, it is safe to leave them there. Otherwise you would have to watch them all night and flip them every time they rolled over - which would keep you and her up all night! Sean was always a stomach sleeper. It was the only way I could get him to STTN!!!

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    I have 19.5 month twin boys. J sleeps like a charm. G will sleep through the night maybe twice a week. J has been sleeping through the night since about six months with very little issues. I have tried sleep training G several times. He does pretty well for about two weeks and then it's back to square one.

    They are routinely put to bed in their cribs at 8pm, and they will talk to each other until they fall asleep. G will wake up anywhere from one hour to four hours later. I will typically get him from his crib bring him into bed with us, so that he doesn't wake up J. DH will take him back to his crib where he will more often than not stay asleep for the rest of the night.

    It's definitely not a hunger issue at this point. For G it's a comfort issue as he was breastfed the longest and he loves to cuddle whenever possible.

    I'm not too sure what else to do. It makes for an uncomfortable sleep for us, but at least it's some sleep.

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    Just a piece of advice we learned from the doctors and nurses here:

    If your baby is crying so much that you cannot console them, they are VERY very likely in pain, and suffering and that is the reason they want comfort. Infant Tylenol and Advil Pediatric Drops can be found at most drug stores and have seen us through many a crying baby! Please do not ignore your baby and let them cry.

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