My 27 weekers are now 25 months adjusted

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My 27 weekers are now 25 months adjusted

And we are so thrilled. Just a brag Wink How I would have longed to know how things would turn out when they were born ....

They know their colors, shapes, and can count to 10. They are great little pretenders. They can run, kick, climb, and jump. James has a huge vocabulary and is speaking in 2-4 word sentences. Eric also has a large vocabulary, and is speaking in 2 word sentences.

I would have given my left arm to hear this in November of 2009 when they were born at 2.5 pounds each.

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That's so awesome! Sometimes it would be nice to know in advance how some things will work out just to ease the worry a bit. YaY for 25 mths! Smile

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That's so great!! Smile

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Very happy for you Smile

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That is great!

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Brag away, they are doing amazing. Yahoo

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It really does seem amazing. They are such grown up little boys, and there were many days when I couldn't even imagine that was possible.

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They are doing great! My boys are almost 27 months and know color names but cannot identify them, can count to 2, and a few shapes. Smile One speaks really well, and the other not so much, but he is catching up. Smile

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How awesome!!!