My baby got a burn. :(

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My baby got a burn. :(

Abram touched the burner as I was cooking tonight. I took him to an instant care place, just because I was not sure. It was not terrible, but didn't look good either. They just put some neosporin type stuff on it, and bandaids, and told us what to watch for, but for the $20 copay, it was worth the piece of mind.

Poor baby though. He cried so much, and he is a tough kid. And then I left dh home with the other kids, and he cried most of the way for Wyatt to go bye-bye too. So sad, and of course Wyatt was screaming as I left.

Now little Bram keeps saying, "buwn huwt" Its just his pointer finger on his right hand, and then two smaller , less serious burns on his ring and middle finger. So grateful it was not worse, but makes you feel like crap, and I was right there when he did it. Sad He was so tough at the doctors, no crying at all. On a positive note, he weighed 24lbs on their scale, thats huge for him, he was not quite 20lbs (less than 5%) at his 18mo checkup, so to gain 4lbs in 6mo, pretty awesome! Smile

Also, feeling so blessed, with four kids and over 9yrs, this is the first accident that has required medical attention, and even it was not very serious!

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This is my worst nightmare! I am so glad that he is okay and it wasn't serious. :bigarmhug: I cook on the back burners when I can because my girls scare me. I am so afraid they will put their fingers in the flame or something. However, I cannot always do that and I sometimes I have to use a very stern voice and say, "HOT!" The girls now chant "Hot" over and over again when I open the oven. HA! There is something about twins that makes cooking an extreme health hazard. Don't feel horribly guilty. Accidents happen. You can be right there, but those babies move FAST! Sometimes, we can just not react fast enough.

To share mommy guilt, Keira tumbled down our stairs right around Thanksgiving. She decided to go on her own. DH was not with her. My parents were in the kitchen with me. Apparently, no one thought to go check on her since I was occupied with the other two kids, and she tripped over one of her feet and rolled down the stairs. It was about 6 stairs and then she rolled right onto the concrete at the bottom. Thankfully, she didn't even really bump her head, but I felt horrible and I was pretty pissed at everyone else too. Since that incident, Sarafina won't attempt our stairs at all. She will not crawl up or down, and forget about walking while holding someone's hand. Sad Keira just keeps going. That girl is one tough cookie. She wants to do everything herself though, so she is a danger most of the time. I have to constantly watch her.

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Stair tumbles are awful! Thankfully my twins have not had as many stair tumbles as Tuck... he was always fallin, poor kid. But the boys have had more than a few. Sad

and yeah, the stove... I say hot even when it is not on, and they both sign and say it, so I don't know why he reached for it, but I don't think he will do that again. I have to scrub his blistered fingers today.. not looking forward to it. Sad

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Well, I'm glad that it's not serious and that he is okay!! I have been lucky with my kids - no major burns yet. However, my biggest fear is that now that they are getting older and more independent, my girls will try to use the stove themselves. Gabby has already started using sharp knives without supervision and without us knowing :eek: and both of the constantly want to help cook - which is great, don't get me wrong! But I am so scared that one of them will lean in and catch their clothes on fire on the flame, or something like that. Yikes. This young "tween" thing is tough in it's own way!!

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:bighug:So sorry that that happened. I'm so scared of DD1 burning herself. She always want to help cook but I won't let because I don't want her near the stove. I'll give her something to stir instead to keep her happy. Hope his finger heals quick:bighug:

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Poor fella! Izzy is my trouble maker! She burned her finger on my flat iron a couple months ago and got a big blister. I always tell them HOT etc, but she doesnt often listen. After 2 boys she is going to be the 1 that sends us to the ER! I hope he heals quickly!