Need your tips and tricks!!

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Need your tips and tricks!!

I dont actually have multiples but I'm getting ready to be in a similar situation. Im a nanny and a new mom and the family I have been working for for 3.5 years is moving away. I just got a new job and I'll be caring for a little boy who is only 10 days younger than my son. So they will both be about 4 months old when I start the job. I have cared for multiple children (up to 4 infants) but haven't every really done it where they are this close in age and for so many hours. I'm not even sure how it'll work exactly. I need any help you guys can give me. I know they like to keep their son on a schedule and have been reading baby wise... I have no idea how to take them to the park or library time, etc. I'm trying to find an inexpensive double stroller or something so I can manage them easier. :eek:

Please tell me how you ladies do it!!

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I kept my two on the same schedule for my sanity. It was just much easier to have them eat/nap at the same time so I could have small breaks throughout the day. Didn't always work Smile but I tried! It will be challenging at first, but I think once you get into a routine it will be ok.

Definitely get a double stroller! You won't be taking them to the park or anything at that age, but just getting out of the house is good. You'll find once they can both sit upmthey can entertain each other. I used to be able to put them both down in the living room with a few toys and they would be content for quite some time because they had the other ones company.

Good luck! It's hard having two the same age, and even harder when they both aren't yours since they may be on different schedules. But I found it was all about getting a routine and the days went much smoother.

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I totally agree with Jen....same schedule if possible. Bc life does get BUSY with 2 the same age.

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Yup, same schedule is super helpful, so hopefully your son adjusts well to the other baby's. Smile A double stroller, definitely, walks and getting out helps your own sanity some days. Smile It will be hard, but also like Jen said, they entertain each other which is helpful as well. Maybe some books at the library about infant twins or something would have some ideas too. Smile

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Hey Caitlyn! Good too see you around. Your little boy is so adorable! Smile

Same schedule and doubler stroller are a must. Im not sure what kind of car seats the two of you have, but something like the might help until they sit up on their own better.

It's rough in the beginning, but it does get easier. Good luck. Smile

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Ditto to what everone else says! Routine keeps the sanity! I think the hardest thing about going out was getting ready to go. The more preplanning you can do before you actually want to leave helps. Otherwise you get frusterated and tired by the time you are ready to leave you don't want to go anymore! So, getting clothes out the night before, or getting bottles ready...diaper bag ready. Stuff like that helped me.

We did lots of mall walking in the early months. Can go rain or shine, get some excercise and maybe buy some goodies!

You can also recruit a friend! I did that when my DH was working. It was nice to have an extra set of hands.

Good luck!

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Definitely getting the double stroller will help a lot!

Unlike the other ladies, I did not have my twins on the same schedule. I liked it since it allowed each baby to follow their natural schedule. It also allowed me to spend quality time with each baby. You might like that since it would give you time with your own child, while the other baby sleeps, and vice versa. However, its less down time for you, less time to clean, etc.

Good Luck!