Off the subject but DD is finally potty trained!!!!

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Off the subject but DD is finally potty trained!!!!

I just had to say it somewhere. I am thrilled. Yahoo

One major milestone off my list of things to do. Biggrin

We have been working on potty training since just before the boys were born. However, this week it was just like a switch. Instead of asking her to not go potty in her pants I switched the phrasing to "stay dry." We now celebrate dry pants. Ever since then she has stayed dry!!!! All week no pull ups, no wet pants, not even a wet bed.

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YAY!!! So happy for you Yahoo now you'll just have to do it x2 in 2 yrs Wink

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Yay! And also I bet that is completely ON topic since I can't imagine how much stress that frees up for transfer to twin care! Wink
But a dry bed ... that's SUPER impressive!

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Fantastic! I am so excited for you. I pray we get there soon. We are working on it. Smile

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That is awesome! She is not that much older than my boys, but I don't see them making vast improvements any time soon. Smile Go momma, and go Izzie!!