Over the summer...

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Over the summer...

I had a mother of identical twin boys make a remark about how she felt so bad for the girl in a boy/girl twin set. At the time I just laughed and didn't think much of it because at the time the babes were only 10 months. I COMPLETLEY understand what she meant now. My poor baby girl is my sons punching bag. He hits her, takes all toys from her, steal snacks and drinks from her, all well having a big smile on his face. The only plus side...hes not biting her...yet Wink

How do you deal with this???!!!!

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Oh gosh, not looking forward to those days... Bad enough my older boys fight like mad that I feel like I'm some ring master, haha.

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Mine are the total opposite - Emma has always been the more dominant one. She constantly used to take away his toys and push him around. And she is still the boss at 6 years old Smile

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The most I think you can do is just tell him no, talk to him about what he did wrong, etc. Most of what they do is impulse driven and they can't control it at this age, so constant reenforcement is key.

We are the other way around as well. Silas is so sweet most of the time, and Spark will be the one pushing him out of the way or scratching him when she's angry. After nearly 2 years of telling her that it's mean, that it hurts Silas, etc. I think she's kind of getting the point, but she's still too young to really understand fully, so I'm not expecting much more from her.

I know it's said to death but, this will pass!

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I agree with Jen. Tough its never really physical with my two, my daughter is definitely the boss and always has been.

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Oh wow, what a difference a few months can make! Tables have competely turned in our household. Kay is the brute, pulling Brads hair and taking everything stating loudly "that mine"! She must of learned from Brad!