Pain in my incision

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Pain in my incision

For the past few days I have been having a lot of pain in my incision, resembling the pain felt from the first few days prior to the c-section. It hurts getting up and down and its sore to the touch. I think maybe my uterus is finally down there and maybe putting pressure on the incision but I'm not sure. Anyone else experience this?

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Is it just a sore feeling or is it a sharp pain? Does the incision feel hot to the touch or look really red?

With both of my c-sections, I continued to have minor discomfort for a long while. My girls are almost 2 and I still get twinges. Although, this time around has been much less painful. I think it is because my MFM is an excellent doctor and whatever he did with the incision made all the difference. Now, I still have issues with lower ab exercises. My lower abs are not at all happy with being stretched out twice for c-sections. I have been trying pilates to strengthen everything, but I have not been consistent enough. Sad

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Unfortunately it is somewhat normal. I know my doc said that even 20yrs later he still has pain in an abdominal incision, and that it typically stems from overdoing it. Especially this fresh out of your c/s. As my doc said, slow down and take it easy. I still have pain in my incision occasionally, and oft times after exercising or some sort of physical exertion, and did with my ds c/s as well, even years later.