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girls, for those of you that already have kids in preschool or even higher:

what are the changes/developments in your child/children did you notice during the first year of preschool?

just curious...we are starting pre-k3 in september...same class as there are no options to separate them just yet plus i am not sure if they are ready to be separated yet..our public kindergarden, though, separates twins...(which may be just fine by then, i think)...anyways, just wonder what the bigger changes are that may occur with the boys once they start preschool (they will be the youngest in the class, too)...


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hmmm..... not really qualified to answer, but, we did a co-op preschool (with neighborhood moms, so I taught every 4-6 wks, and the other moms taught the other weeks) for the 5 yrs my older kids did preschool. So it was a different setting, but I guess I did notice longer attention span, better able to sit for a longer time period, and speech improvements as well. I hope the boys do well, I am sure they will!

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My twins started when they were 3, at a public preschool at a High School lab program.

Some things I noticed, were them talking much more, doing/saying things for the first time that I didn't teach them (which was strange!), definitely longer attention span, just being more independant!

As for Kindergarten, what state do you live in? Many states have recently adapted laws making it the parents choice to separate or not. Many schools, of course, do not share this information if parents are not aware of it! Worth looking into if you'd like to keep them together!

P.S. They were the youngest in their 3 year old class, were not the youngest in their 4 year old classes (separated), and were once again the Youngest in Kindergarten (the whole school actually).

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On top of the good things the other girls have mentioned, I would add that poor behaviors are also often picked up once kids begin in that sort of a social setting...

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Kodey and Kaleb are going in to 7th grade this fall..........they started Headstart when they were 3.5 and have ALWAYS been in seperate classes...