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Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a huge improvement in Kaylees reflux. She still spits up after feeds but the amount has been reduced and it is no longer projectile. I feel its more spit up from over feeding now instead of reflux. I have also noticed a weight gain in that she actually has a little belly roll and a small rolls oneach of her legs (so cute!). I no longer have to wear a bib on her 24/7 to save her outfit. I hope it stays this way Smile

On a side note, she LOVES her feet! Every time we change her diaper, she holds her feet for me and as soon as I undress her, those toes are in her mouth. Its so cute, I wish they could stay this small for ever (minus the sleeping habits!)

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Awww! I remember those days. I do love some of the baby moments. I will admit that I love the preschool years the most though. Biggrin

Yay for less spit up. I know Keira did great once she could sit up on her own. She was also an overfeeder, and still is a lot of the time.

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Yea to less reflux! Smile

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Definitely yay to less reflux! Hope it stays that way. I love babies chewing and holding their feet, so darned cute!