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Registry Help (xp)

Now that I'm 20 weeks (tomorrow) and know the genders, you will be hearing from me a lot.
I need all the help I can get.

My shower has been scheduled for Dec 17. I know that sounds early, but we thought Jan. would be too late with bed rest likely on the horizon at some point (I'll be about 29 weeks on New Years).

I went to Babies-R-Us last week to start registering. They were absolutely NO help. It's like they have never seen a twin mom before - couldn't even collapse the twin stroller. I had to figure it out myself. And they couldn't help me figure out what I needed.

So BTDT moms and soon-to-be-moms, what do I need on my registry. More importantly, how much of everything do I need? Double what a singleton would need?

I'm going this weekend to register, so any advice is most welcomed!!!!!!!

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I think you will get a different response from everyone.

We required two swings, and at least two bouncy seats (it's not a bad idea to have more than two, for different levels of your house). Two high chairs, a playpen.

We got a double snap n go stroller for when the boys were still in their infant car seats, and a Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller for when they were out of their infant car seats (which was very early, as hauling around two seats and babies wasn't feasible for long).

Lots of zipper sleepers (snaps were too much with two babies to constantly change day and night), receiving blankets (to swaddle, use as burp clothes, wipe up spills).

I didn't ever even get my babies out of their sleepers until they were several months old. Couldn't be bothered, and was too busy anyway.

We set the playpen up in the living room and that is where both boys napped for the first several months. We had a crib in our master bedroom, and they sleep together in there for the first couple months. Then we split them up, and had one sleep in their bedroom in a crib, and kept one in our bedroom in a crib. They didn't move into the same bedroom until they were over a year old.

Have fun registering, and good luck! Twins are a lot of fun.

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We needed double bottles, onesies, bibs, burp cloths, receiving blankets, sleepers or gowns, nuks, two swings, two bouncers (one was actually an infant chair that vibrated that converted to a toddler rocking chair), two high chairs, two car seats, two cribs, and two play yards that connected together to make one gigantic play area.

We only needed one walker, one jumparoo, one floor mat, one baby bjorn (for DH because my back couldn't handle it), one infant bath tub, and one double stroller that allowed both infant car seats as well as when they outgrew the infant car seats. We also used a wagon very early on. The toys never needed doubling on and they slept together in one pack n play in our room for the first three months before moving to their cribs, sharing a room with their sister who's 12 mths older.

And yes, unless people were coming over or we were going out, they spent the majority of their home time in sleepers... as did we for that matter, haha!

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Highchair wise... I would use the bouncer chairs until they can sit well, and then get the chair type high chairs, like these

We had two big high chairs, and not a huge kitchen, and I felt like they were always in the way. This summer we got these chairs, and they are so nice! I love them. The tray inserts are dishwasher safe, and since they are an insert, if it gets set in the sink, but not washed (as happens with twins lol), then the regular tray is clean. lol. They sit on a chair, and they travel easily as well... we just put them on the floor at families homes and the boys like their little chairs. Waaaaaay easier to clean than the high chairs full of grooves and whatnot.

and I have to laugh, because I read lots fo reviews before buying these and the ppl that rated it low said that it was too small for their 1yr old, and well.. as soon as we got them I had my small sized 8yr old try it out, and my tall 6yr old, and they can both fit in them, not uber comfortably, but they can fit...

Of course Wyatt thinks he is too big for it, but he would probably think that even if we had regular highchairs. Smile

And I know most twins are not sharing a bed at almost 2yrs, but mine are. Smile