Sharing a room during nap time...

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Sharing a room during nap time...


My two three year olds share a room, and they sleep well and go to sleep well at night, but nap time is a nightmare!

I put them down and they talk and talk and talk... once I put one into their sister's room, then they both crash. Any suggestions??



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At 3 years old they are reasonably close to dropping their nap, I would guess, so I would just continually put one down in another room for nap time only. That should fix your problem.

My boys (2 years old) also share a room, and occasionally I have one of them sleep in our room at nap time (if one of them is sick and coughing a lot, protesting naps a lot, etc).

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They are probably close to dropping their nap. Most kids do around three, though all kiddos are different. One of my twins will still nap on occasion while my other hasn't for months. My 2 1/2 year old gave up naps almost completely before she was two.

I'd say play it by ear over the next few weeks. Perhaps you can move up bed time an hour or so when they drop the nap.

My kiddos sleep 10-12 hours starting ~7:00-7:30 pm and don't nap as the general rule.

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I was having a very similar problem, but mine would destroy their room every nap time, but bedtime they would go down fine. So I started sitting in their room until they doze off. I just bring in a book or my phone and the first day it took about 40 minutes and 20 times of putting them back into bed, but now its btw 5-15min, which it worth it for them to nap for 1.52hrs. Mine are a little over 2. I know they still need the nap, because when they do nap, they sleep better at night as well. Smile