Sleeping situation with twins

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Sleeping situation with twins

So my boys arent home so we are still working on their nursery....
we have my DS old crib were thinking of using that, but we are needing to get a 2nd crib as we cant have them cosleep...

we were thinking of just getting a 2nd crib, or getting rid of my DS's crib and getting two mini cribs. my concern with that is if they will outgrow them before they are ready for a toddler bed.

any one have experience with mini cribs...or any suggestions?


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I don't have any experience with mini-cribs. We put our girls in their own cribs at 2.5 or 3 weeks old. They did not sleep well together and I was not getting sleep because I was worried about them. They have always slept in separate cribs. Having two cribs has been wonderful.

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We had them sleeping together in a pnp for their first 3 months, then moved them into one crib until they were close to 10 months. They then each had their own crib until we moved them into toddler beds on their 2nd birthday. If you needed two right away, I'd either use pnp's until you were ready for larger cribs or go for the larger cribs right away. If they're going to be anything like my girls, they're major movers in their sleep and are off the charts for height so the extra space kept them in the cribs longer. We then just moved the crib mattresses to the toddler beds when they transitioned, so it would be cheaper in the long run anyway if you are going to use toddler beds - especially if you get convertible cribs.

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Right now I have them co-sleeping because they actually sleep better together (its comforting for them to have each other).They are in a pnp in our room right now, but they have slept in the crib in their room. I moved them to our room due to night feeds.

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I don't think I'd go with a mini-crib. I think you'll end up having to replace them very quickly.

My boys slept in the same crib for the first 2-3 months they were home from the NICU. We then put them in separate rooms because James was consistently sleeping longer stretches at night - my husband slept in one room with one boy, and I slept in the other room with the other boy. We kept that up for almost a year, which although wasn't ideal, did get us the most sleep possible.

I agree that if you want two smaller cribs, two pack n plays is the way to go. You can continue to use those long after the babies stop sleeping in them - as a safe place to play when you need to get something done i.e. shower, etc.

My boys are now almost 2 years old (20 months adjusted) and don't really have enough room to stretch out and sleep in a pack n play. We do it in a pinch (traveling, etc) but they are definitely more comfortable in their full sized cribs. And they are no where near ready to move to a toddler or real bed, so will be in their cribs for quite a while longer.

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Thanks ladies, we are just going to go with 2 fullsize cribs....

Probably right that we would end up getting full size cribs sense in spending $ on mini cribs... now to find a 2nd crib

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When first home we had all three in the co-sleeper (the one that is supposed to attach to the bed - actual co-sleeper brand). It's essentially a pnp w/o anything fancy for us because we don't have it attached to the bed, but the weight limit is 30lbs versus 15lbs for the bassinet part. We started moving them one by one into their nursery (right next door to our room) and cribs as they started waking each other up/bopping each other on the head. We now have two in their own cribs and one still in our room in the co-sleeper. When I take them upstairs that is. Blum 3 They will all be in their own cribs once we find room for all the stuff in the third crib.

I'm hoping one bonus of this is making the transition when they are so young will help them and us as they get older. There should be no issue with them sleeping in their cribs b/c they have been doing it for so long. I'm actually more worried that we will never be able to get them to sleep flat since we have their mattresses elevated. lol :rolleyes:

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I would just go with full size cribs. Smile We had the boys in a cosleeper for at least 3 mo, and then moved them to a crib in their room. They are 21mo and still sharing a crib. Its funny, when I lay one of them down he always rolls in to the side, its comforting to him, I guess. Smile It is getting tight, but they are moving to toddler beds at Christmas time. My older two were in toddler beds until the twins needed their rooms, and the toddler beds would not fit in their new room (big plastic little tikes toddler beds). But they were 7 and 5 then. Smile