Things are looking up!

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Things are looking up!

On Sat. night Kaylee slept 8 hrs. and then last night Brad did the same. Only thing that sucks is that they didnt do it together. Sat Brad woke up 3 times and last night Kaylee woke up twice. But looking on the bright side of things, they both proved they can slept an extended amount of time. Hoping that tonight they'll both sleep 8 hrs together. Cross your fingers everyone Smile

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I hope you get 8 hours of sleep!!!!

I am still waiting for that night to come.

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Awesome! I'm hopeful you'll get the magical double baby sleep through the night!

We also had a remarkably good night here. My tiny girly suddenly started eating 30+ oz last week (the minute she started rolling over) so I was going through hell trying to pump enough because she won't take formula ... well today my boobs got the hint and I woke up to pump 14 oz. Gross! Her belly capacity suddenly increased, too, so she is still asleep and has been for nearly six hours!

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yay for more sleep!