Twin Updates??

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Twin Updates??

Its getting so slow around here... I'd love to hear what your twins are up to these days. Smile

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Abram and Wyatt will be 19mo next week, and keeping me busy. My older kids have been in idaho this week with my inlaws, so I have had a taste of what it will be like when my older kids start school this week. My son starts first grade, so this is my first year with both kids gone all day. Sad Anyhow, the boys are starting to play so well together, its getting more fun (but not much less work lol). Smile This week they have been running around screaming, literally. lol

Speech is coming along. Abram is more of a talker, he says, "bubble, ball, Blue (as in Blue's clues, his fave!), momma, dadda, tucktuck (on rare occasions), nurse, and a few others I cannot remember. Smile Wyatt says Momma. Smile However, Wyatt is a signing fool! Smile He signs regularly: eat, drink, pear, cat, dog, book, sleep, milk, clean, car, dad, mom, water, baby (his fave sign), ball, bird, chicken, more, and maybe a few others. and can also sign, though usually only when asked: rain, sun, grass, tree, leaf, stop, go, wait, bug, friend, hot, and probably a few more. He of course does not sign them all exactly correct, but it is so adorable. Smile Abram can sign also, but when you ask him he will vigorously shake his head no, for probably 1 minute straight, he does this to lots of things, he really enjoys saying no. lol But he loves our signing time videos and will sign "sign" when he wants to watch them, so cute! He is starting to imitate more signs, his regulars are dog, eat, drink, and car. Smile

They still are not quite sleeping through the night, but since we cut out their first nap they wake up once or not at all, so much better! They love to play outside, and Abram loves to test the limits. Our yard is not fully fenced and he loves to run to the front yard or neighbors back yard, so I've started bringing him inside after two warnings, he hates that. And boy can he throw a tantrum, throwing things, rolling around on the floor, kicking screaming, etc. He is very spirited about everything though, really a very happy little boy who is very curious and always smiling or giggling. Wyatt is my clingy boy who wants me right in his sight at all times and often comfortable to just sit in my lap, he is scared of any yelling at all (even just raising my voice to call the kids upstairs, etc), and will start crying and clinging to my leg. He likes to be carried everywhere and Bram wants to walk. Smile

My house is sure never clean still, and I still feel so tired almost every single day, so much laundry with two messy boys and two other kids, I can say I finally feel like my head is above water, that first year I did not, but I wish I could say a little more than that. lol

a few pics:

partners in crime. Every time I open the fridge they take a seat, every single time. I feel like I have to sneak in there and quickly close it. lol.
(Abram on left, Wyatt on right, in both pics)

and the two boys hanging out during my older ds's track meet

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Good idea! Maybe lots of us are on summer vacation. It is a bit slow here indeed. I am late in finishing a translation so I can't add much of an update on my pinklets just now. I'll try to get to it soon. Your boys are adorable. I'm amazed at all the signs they know. My niece and nephew, who are the same age as your twins, still only sign a couple of things, most often "more". I love the fridge photo. What cuties!

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haha! They both started signing a lot this past week! "Bear" is Spark's new favourite, and she growls when she does it lol But her "bear" "bunny" and "butterfly" all look almost the same. :vibes:

They are 15 months now.... can't believe it. We finally got them to sleep in the same room, and Spark almost always sleeps through Silas' screams. He's screaming less and less though (thank goodness for mine and robb's ears!)

Spark is always intent on climbing out of the play area now. I can't keep her in. The problem is, we're 3 days from moving and our place is a packing mess. We're trying to get it all done so we can just let them run around, but it is taking forever. I can't keep her in the play area long enough to pack/clean!

What else.... Oh, they're intent on not eating meat, our little vegetarians lol They LOVE fruit and so that's mostly what they eat. They like tofu, too, though plain tofu has to be mixed with fruit, but they like the dessert tofu on its own.

I'm a little worried, speech-wise. Not worried really... just, I know they are behind. They like to babble a lot, but no real words, except for Spark's "kee!" which is kitty. Silas could say "hat" and another one or two words, but he doesn't even say those anymore. I guess we'll just see how it goes :vibes:

That's about it. :vibes: Next up is the 6 day trip to Dawson City.... wish us luck!

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I still don't have time to actually think about/write down a thorough update but I'll give it a quick shot.
We're leaving for the mountains tomorrow for our first vacation since the kids were born. I hope we'll manage OK. I'm really excited!
They're having a great summer at my parents' house and learning so much. I never got around to baby sign language, though I meant to. We're trying to use the "Minority Language at Home" method and they are almost always with me so they don't say anything in French yet. They do say a lot of words in English, especially A, my blabbermouth, and they understand so much more. They also love to shake hands, kiss each other, feed each other bits of regurgitated stuff from their own mouths (though they are still absolutely terrible solid-eaters; I'll post elsewhere about that later), climb every ladder or piece of furniture or staircase they encounter, chase the dogs and cats and cover them with kisses and yank their tails... It's rough work keeping them out of trouble. Anyway, I've got this list I've been keeping of the words that the kids say with their initials next to the words each of them uses and I can copy and paste it here.


up AJ
down AJ
uh-oh (when something falls or before they throw it) AJ
ball AJ
hat A
ashes (from "Ring Around the Rosy") A
book AJ
cat AJ
dog AJ
duck AJ
ocean A
brush A
peekaboo A
eyes A
hi AJ
bye-bye AJ
belly button J
bubble AJ
one two A
mwa (= kiss) A
apple AJ
yay AJ
fish J
teeth J
dada AJ
bath A
octopus A
dance A
achoo A
bless you A
meow A
ruff ruff AJ
moo AJ
Celeste (= their cousin, used for every little girl she sees) A
papa (= grandpa) AJ

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holly molly, sarah, that is a lot of words for 15-months old kiddos! wow. my twins said 4 words at 17 months, 2 in english and 2 in hungarian, and that was considered barely behind per early intervention! you are doing really good then!

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wow Sarah! I am amazed at all they say! That is tons more than my 19mo old say, together. lol. My first, dd, did speak a ton at that age, but with twins, I'm amazed! Smile So what does the "minority language at home" stress/teach? I'm glad you have had a nice vacation with family and good luck with the next vacation as well! Where are the photos? Smile

and Kim, glad the babes are sleeping in the same room, and best of luck with the huge move! Sounds like your littles are doing great! and again, where are the pics? Smile

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Good idea!

It's crazy around here. Everyone tells me the first year is the hardest with twins, but I don't see how anything magical is going to happen in 2.5 months. Wink

Brian is crawling everywhere, getting into everything. He's starting to pull up a little, but I'm not exactly encouraging that. He loves to find the tiniest bits of crap on the floor (I really do sweep at least once or twice a day) to put in his mouth. He is starting to enjoy books now and babbles all the time. He has some kind of commentary about everything. Smile He has two teeth just starting to poke through. My kids have all been late teethers. My DD didn't get her first tooth until she was almost a year old!

Micah is a little behind Brian (I guess someone has to be). He isn't as energetic as Brian - his personality is a lot more like my DD's. He's happy just sitting and playing with whatever is around him. But I caught him doing a modified pulling up on a toy he was playing with yesterday. He rotates well when he's on his hands and knees, and he goes backwards great. lol He's just not crawling yet, but he pretty much gets where he wants to be. He has 4 teeth.

Both boys are rotten sleepers, especially Brian. Micah will almost STTN every few nights - he usually gets up once to nurse, and it's often closer to morning, like 5 or 6am. Brian rarely sleeps longer than 3-4 hours without wanting to nurse. I still have yet to sleep even 6 hours uninterrupted since they were born (and I've only hit the 5 hour mark maybe twice). Sometimes I'm not sure how I function! I need to do some sleep training, but I have all three kids in the same room for most of the night (I eventually move the boys to pack n plays in our room as it gets closer to morning so they don't wake my DD too early - otherwise, she sleeps really well through some crying), so it's tricky. I guess I keep hoping they'll just start to sleep well, but this is all uncharted territory for me, since my DD was a great sleeper and we never had to do any kind of 'sleep training' for her. Oh well. We'll all sleep eventually. Smile

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Sounds like those boys are keeping you busy Ruth! I hope the boys start sleeping better for you soon... mine too. lol.

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Love the updates! they are all growing so fast! Smile Sarah, I hope your vacation went well. Kim, I hope the move went well.

Aiden and Alaina are now 7 months. I'm still shocked at how quickly they grow! Smile Let's see... Aiden is my crawler. He hasn't learned to put his weight on his knees yet, but he has the belly crawl down pat. I can put him in the floor and he can get to any place he wants. He rolls front to back and back to front, like it's the funnest thing ever. Alaina is content to lay wherever you put her on the floor. She has rolled back to front only 2 or 3 times, but onto her side often. She really doesn't like to be on her tummy. When I get her into the sitting position she's excellent at staying up. She will even reach for toys and rock herself back and forth without falling over. And she stands great while holding on to something. Aiden can sit too, but still stays in the tripod position most of the time. Oh, he likes to pull up on things now-- mainly the bouncies because he wants the toys. :rolleyes: Oh, and yes. Aiden was my mover in my belly too. Smile

They are both eating solid foods twice a day now, though only purees. Alaina is a slow eater but will eat anything. Aiden eats fast, but let's you know when he's not a fan of something. Still nursing both BTW. Smile

We have decided that Alaina has her daddy's mind. He's a computer person with a mind like an engineer. She loves to figure out how toys work. Aiden likes toys too, but would must rather be held by someone-- more like me as a child. Smile

ETA Pics. These are from last Friday when they turned 7 mo.

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Hey guys, just lurking from the twin pregnancy board and I wanted to say that your stories and especially the photos are so encouraging! I love it! Biggrin

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Back from a great trip to the mountains. I'll get pics soon. We drove at night and they slept so the long drives weren't so bad and the kids loved playing in streams and digging in the mud and collecting pebbles.

I love the photos, Danielle! Gorgeous. And Ruth, people kept telling me that everything would be magically easy as soon as they turned 1 but my kids are 15 months and still nurse several times every night. They do seem happier and less frustrated since they started walking and talking, though.

BTW, for those of you who are still bfing or who nursed their twins for a long time, I've been wondering about when/if AF returned for you. Still no sign for me.

They've had a language explosion in the past few weeks. Their list of active vocabulary words has tripled since the version I posted last time! They're also repeating everything they hear and singing snatches of their favorite songs. They pretend to read books all the time, tracing the text and mostly making up the words, as in when looking at a picture of a cow they say "bla bla bla cow bla moo bla bla". They love the alphabet and I think they can recognize a few letters. They'll still be considered way behind when they start preschool and that worries me a bit. To answer Rachel's question, we're running an all-English household (speaking to them and each other, books, TV, everything in English) instead of having one parent speak French, the dominant language where we live 9-10 months of the year. I think Esther is using a different bilingualism method, "One parent, one language", so her kids are already bilingual. I may try to find a few hours of daycare for them in fall just to give them more regular exposure to French. They'll repeat a few words in French the way they repeat everything but I don't think they understand much. I'm torn between wanting them to be really solid in English and worrying about their level in French. I know they'll catch up fast once they're in school and French will eventually be their main language, so I'll need to work hard on English with them, but that means I have no control over the quality of the French they'll end up learning... grammar stickler and general control freak mama that I am.

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Danielle, Aiden and Alaina are sooo sooo darling! I love the pic of him pulling off her headband, such a twin picture. Wink Glad they are doing well!

Sarah, amazing that they are learning so much so quickly! Why will they be considered behind? At what age will they start preschool? As to language... I am sure they will pick it up quickly when it is time, and maybe daycare a few times a week or so would help with more french, but honestly they sound very advanced to me!

We have had more language leaps here too. Wyatt is finally talking more, but that consists of momma, dadda, more, and uh-oh, which we rarely rarely heard before last week. lol. Abram is starting to copy me more and say lots. Its fun. Wink It is funny to me also, that when I ask them to repeat a word I have said to them, Wyatt will often make up his own sign for it. lol

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Hi girls! My goodness, all of these twins are so cute!! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well.

All is good here, just extremely busy all.the.time. as I'm sure you understand.

David & Rachel are just about to turn 18 months old. They are such cuddly kids and very happy most days. Their molars have been causing issues, and Rachel had an allergic reaction to something awhile back that we never could pinpoint, but otherwise they are healthy as can be for preemies.

They are starting to say some words too! It definitely takes a 'mommy ear' to understand them and sometimes I still can't, but they are great at babbling to each other. David is OBSESSED with clocks, and will yell it every time he sees one out in public...which sounds like (clock without the L). lol. We also have a slide that he plays on constantly, he can't get enough.

Rachel will say a few words, but she's not as open about it as David. She has this extremely high pitched scream that she does when happy. As cute as it is, I think I'm going deaf. She also adores her teddy bear.

They have started fighting for my attention lately, a lot. They both run at me at the same time and get angry when the other pushes through. If I try to hold them both, then they both get mad. I sure love the cuddles but wish they wouldn't fuss over it.

Anyone have book/website suggestions for disciplining twins? I think I need a head start before we get too far into tantrum territory! Thanks.

I'm always stopping by, just have a very hard time getting a few minutes to myself to post.

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Hannah, they are so cute! Glad they are doing so well! We have some jealousy here too sometimes, its frustrating.

Sarah.. I forgot to say... on the af front, I always get af back 6wks after starting solids, started my singles on solids at 4.5mo and 6mo, and got af 6wks later. I was hoping with twins I could keep her at bay longer, but started them at 6mos 1wk, and 8wks later she was back. Sad So no help there for ya on when she may come back for you. Smile

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Hi there! Sorry I have been MIA. I do not get on my home computer often at home and I am now back at work after the summer. I am not sure what I can even update about there is so much. Let me try...

Keira now weighs 22 pounds and is my spirited one. She is slowly trying to become a climber and I found her in the middle of our kitchen table yesterday. She figured out how to get on the chair and climb onto the table. Whew, she gives me a run for my money most days. I am not sure how many words she has because we have some articulation issues that might need to be addressed. I have been working with her some at home. Sometimes, she is perfectly clear and at other times she says gibberish. For example, she can say"bubble," "I want that" or "I don't know" clearly, but blanket is "dankda." She does have many multiple word phrases and sentences though. I just have to really listen to her to catch it. I talked to her ped about it at her 18 month checkup, but he wasn't ready to refer her just yet. I am just not really sure how normal or abnormal it is given the wide spectrum of "normal" for speech development. Keira is also a real spitfire. Talk about terrible two tantrums. Yowza. She will take it to almost vomiting when she is really mad. It creates many moments where I have to walk away and completely ignore her for both of our sakes. One, she needs to completely extinguish this behavior, so I must not reinforce it. Two, I need to get away to calm myself down. Yikes!

Sarafina weighs 19 pounds. She is my petite one. She is also my little gentle soul. She is sensitive and caring. She is my worrier as well. Where Keira plunges ahead and tackles new things head on, Sarafina panics. It took us two months to get her to go down the stairs on her belly by herself, she must hold our hand in the baby pool, and any loud noise will cause her to cry and cling to me or someone else. She does not really have any desire to be independent. If she could get someone to carry her and feed her all day, she would be in heaven. She begs my friends to pick her up and carry her around. She attempts to get people to feed her a sippy cup like a bottle. So, I often have to really be aware of what she is doing and encourage independence. She is also extremely stubborn and will dig in her heels if she doesn't want to do something. She is my car seat, booster seat fighter if she doesn't want to be in them. Thankfully, that is not often. As for vocabulary, Sarafina is much more articulate than Keira. I say she probably has 20-50 words and many multiple word phrases. Those are not as clear, but I tend to understand what she is trying to say. Her favorite phrase is "thank you."

Both of my girls know almost all animal sounds and like to sign. I have not taught them many signs, but they do know the following: more, eat, drink, milk, shoes, socks, bird, fish, frog, and flower. There may be a few more, but I cannot remember right now.

The girls love playing with each other, when they are not fighting over toys. Our new game is a version of tag. They chase each other laughing all over. Too cute.

We are working with the girls on fine motor skills. Keira is more advanced than Sarafina. Sarafina is a lefty and is trying to figure out how that works in a house full of rightys! Biggrin We are planning to buy an easel (mostly for Sarafina) to encourage coloring and fine motor skills. Keira can already feed herself with a fork and a spoon and hold a crayon with a tripod grasp instead of a full fist. Sarafina struggles with utensils and is so delicate with her crayons that sometimes she cannot press hard enough to get color on the page. She holds it way up high with three fingers. She tries a palmar grasp, but struggles with that since she is left-handed and I can never figure out how to help her! Sad I might be requesting another OT eval if I cannot help her figure this out.

I think that is it for now.

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Mel, it sounds like the girls are doing well... and similar to mine. Except for my tiny one is the spirited one, and the slightly larger one is the do everything for me boy. lol. My 6yr old is a lefty, but he was completely ambidextrous (and still is for drawing and sports) until he started school, so I didn't worry about it too much. I've been trying to watch the boys to see hand preference, but it doesn't show too much yet. Our boys have started the tag game too, I love watching it. I watch my cousin's daughter (she turned 2 in April) about once a week or so, and it is hilarious when all three run around screaming and giggling. Smile

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Oh boy, where to begin? It has been so busy that it's very hard to keep up! My girls have just recently had birthdays, first Journi who turned 3 at the end of July and then the twins who turned 2 on the 4th. We had all three of their family and friend bday parties together, and what the chaos! But they all loved it, so it was well worth it!

Kiri is our quiet, spirited child. She is so full of energy and beats to her own drum for sure. If she doesn't want to do something, she won't do it. That simple. She is our acrobat. She is so athletic still that we are constantly amazed with her capabilities. Six months ago, she would literally be hanging from her legs between both cribs just because. The cribs could be set across the rooms, but she'd always manage to rearrange the room to her liking. She's been climbing out of the crib (well both of them started then) at 12 months, and has continued since. They were finally upgraded to toddler beds on their 2nd birthday since it really didn't matter if they were in the crib. They'd climb out whenever they didn't want to sleep and while Akira was agile enough to climb back in when she was tired, Tae was not so lucky. Kiri loves cooking. She loves conversation in the kitchen and to learn all the tips in properly preparing food. She also has a fascination for her babies. She has such empathy for them, it's amazing. She also still has a fascination with animals. She is just astounded with nature and what is surrounding her. When she draws, she uses both hands.

Tae also beats to her own drum, very different from Kiri. They both absolutely look up to their bigger sisters, especially Journi, but Tae loves to suck up to the older ones. She is also very verbal and repeats everything. I. mean. everything. Kiri repeats Tae. It can be quite colorful with having teen siblings and their friends! They're great at playing mini divas when needed! While Kiri is athletic, Tae is our reader and movie buff. She usually has a book in hand while watching a movie, so is also great at multitasking. She has zero interest in cooking in the kitchen unless it's their play kitchen but loves picking flowers, drawing, and puzzles.

They both are interested in dressing up as characters only Kiri is more into the action (firewoman) and Tae is more into princesses. Their vocabulary is through the roof, and while Tae is more verbal, I can't even begin to guess the number of words they know to say in both english and dutch. But Mickey Mouse will always be "Adda" for Kiri. They both love their Pooh crib comforters so they haven't given that up. They both absolutely love adventures and trying new things, but food - well that's a different story. While Journi loves all food, Kiri prefers breads, then veggies, fruit, and dairy before meat. Tae will eat a plate full of meat before eating anything else. But we've discovered Nasi is one dish they all seem to enjoy together, which oddly matches my older children. They are sleeping so well at night now (especially since changing their curtains where it blocks the sunset) that we're both fairly pleased with their progress at this time. They still get one afternoon nap and sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. until around 8 a.m. They are at such a fun stage, I absolutely love chatting with them because you just never know what they're thinking! They rarely fight about toys as they know it lands them either without the toy or a timeout. They are now practicing "sharing" very well. They are truly a blessing in our home!

Here's an update in what they look like and their personalities:

Kiri and Tae anticipating watching their sisters marching in a parade:

Kiri pulling Tae in the wagon:

Kiri, Tae, and Journi chilling with daddy:

Kiri smiling after looking at some ducks:

Tae smiling after looking at a peacock and chickens:

Kiri's way of going to bed: load crib up with shoes, lots of shoes and some toys:

Taelynn's version of plugging her nose... I think she found a prize:

Kiri's favorite summer toy:

Tae in reflection:

Kiri and Tae's first time swimming in a lake:

Taelynn and Akira's 2nd birthday:

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Tracey, LOVE all the pics! The girls have gotten so big! They seem so much bigger to me than my boys, even though they are only 5mo or so older. Love that they are so different and fun. All three of the girls are just gorgeous! And I especially love Kiri's crib, too funny!

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all you girls have My twins are starting 7th grade on Both are playing football again this yr.

As far as speech goes my 2 were much more verbal than any of their siblings have been. By 18 months they were speaking in complete sentences adn at 20 months knew their ABCs, could count to 10, and could recite simple songs. I attribute it to the daycare they went to.

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James and Eric are 21 months (18 months adjusted). They are busy, busy, busy. Especially James. They both climb on everything, and for a while James' favorite activity was to climb onto the kitchen table, stand up and shake the chandelier! Ack!

They are both saying many words (though not many of them correctly), and know the few signs I've taught them. They didn't say much until ... oh, 18 months or so though (so 15 months corrected). Now they say more "words" than I can count.

They are sharing a room (we made that change 3 or 4 months ago), and doing great! They are both good sleepers now - bedtime at 8pm, wake at 6:30am, nap for 2.5 hours during the day. Yeah! Such a change from my oldest.

I am waiting eagerly for James to become a little more manageable. Our house is on lock down at all times, and he still manages to be a terror. He is spirited, funny, outgoing, and loves to laugh. Eric is reserved, sweet, empathetic, and kind. With a mean temper. LOL!

My sweet, sweet boys. They have come so far from little 2.5 pound 27 weekers. Smile

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Amanda... 7th grade huh? Are they any more alike or different now that they are older? How similar are their interests and such? Will they have many classes together?

Tania, wow, they have grown from such tiny preemies! We are getting to the lock down phase here, with them finding interest in more and more things. lol. Thankfully they cannot open doors yet, but not for lack of trying. Smile