We did it! We're moved!

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We did it! We're moved!

We are now officially residents of Dawson City!

And boy, I am SO glad we decided to do it in 6 days instead of 5. The shorter days made all the difference with the twins. Also, my idea of bringing a laptop that we could play movies for them on made a big difference too! The trip was awesome... so much wildlife as you get further north... bears, bison, sheep, moose, caribou... all on the side, or in the MIDDLE of the road! haha

We're all set up.... bank accounts at the new bank, have a PO box... all the good stuff. :vibes: It is such a cute little town, and everyone is so friendly. Everyone knows everyone, it's so great. The sun sets at something like 11:09 (and it's light for much later) and rises at 4 or so.... it's only down for a couple hours! (Steph, I'm sure you know what it's like!) And opposite in the winter, I'm sure.

We're having a bit of trouble (and not much hope) finding a place. We are staying in a hotel for now. It's a huge room with a full-sized stove and fridge, a good sized bathroom and even a private balcony. It's a little more than we want to spend, but it's definitely working for now. It's just one room, so when the twins go to bed at 5:30, we have to creep around... but they are getting into a rhythm and we're glad for that!

I am secretly hoping that we can somehow find money for a down payment on a cute little house I found for sale. I don't think it's likely, but keep your fingers crossed!! :vibes:

UPDATE - Pics! :vibes:

Helping pack the kitties!

Spark helping pack her toys.

Spark was having a hard time sleeping at one of the hotels. I took her and she fell asleep almost immediately. She never sleeps with us or in our arms so this was a little treat :vibes: So sweet!

Spark in our new "home", trying to put on her pants by herself. Smile

I realized I didn't have many of Silas for some reason... then I knew why. He doesn't sit still long enough. Here he is throwing around his shirt (the blue blur). :vibes:

Our new "home", with the twins in bed for the night. The sheets over their cribs are so they don't crawl/fall out.

From the other side... don't mind the mess Sad

View from our balcony, mostly RV park.

View from our door. That road is the famous Klondike Highway. Smile

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congrats on making the trip, I've been wondering! Smile I hope you can find a nice place to stay as well. Your babes go to bed at 5:30? Wow! What time do they wake up in the morning? Smile

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Yeah for you and the great move! Absolutely you need to relish the sunshine/light as much as possible, it makes the dark in winter more bearable. There is light, you just need to make sure to try and get out during the "day time". One also tends to become a homebody more in winter and stay up/out like crazy in the summer.

I will totally be praying for you to get the house! It is such a cute town with some great little homes. One time we stayed at a campground right outside of town, the other time we stayed at Kate's in a small cabin. Literally a twin bed, nightstand, twin bed, hallway to bathroom was how big it was and DH and I shared it with our dog and a buddy of his. LOL

Next summer you need to cross the border and even if you don't come too far into AK, get to the border crossing at the "top of the world" (yes, it is literally call the top of the world border crossing) it is some beautiful scenery! I will definitely keep you posted on the next time we visit. It may be next year, who knows. I really want to go further into Canada and see the wildlife you experienced on the drive. We see quite a bit where we live, but I've seen people's pictures and it's just beautiful on the highways around there.

Again, glad you made it safe and thanks for letting me ramble. Smile

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I'm so glad you all made it there safe and sane! Can you post some pictures of the drive or the new town when things settle down? Good luck finding a house. I hope that even if you end up settling for something short-term you'll get a little dream house within a few years and Silas and Spark will have lots of wonderful memories of growing up in it. I hope you'll get a big garden, too. I've heard that you can do some amazing veggie gardening in the far north in sun-season, like 100-lb pumpkins and 3-ft-long cucumbers and things.

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Glad to hear you survived the trip and all seems to be going well. Fingers crossed on finding a place to stay.

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I updated the original post, but couldn't find where to edit the title to say that I'd updated it! So there are pics up there now! :vibes:

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Congrats on the move...I'm an infrequent visitor over here anymore, but wanted to chime in. I'm in Girdwood, AK, so can totally understand the light/darkness stuff. Our kids always have trouble adjusting to the fall when it starts getting dark earlier/at bedtime.

Hope you find a home of your own very soon!

Julie (whose siggy picture is woefully out of date)

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Love the pics! The kids are are so cute. Smile

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Glad you made it in one piece! They have gotten so big. Smile

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I am so glad the move went well. Moving is a big stress. I really hope you find a place to stay soon.